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From billblo...@apache.org
Subject [xalan-c] branch GSoC-2012 created (now 2d78adf)
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2019 15:18:23 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

billblough pushed a change to branch GSoC-2012
in repository https://gitbox.apache.org/repos/asf/xalan-c.git.

      at 2d78adf  XALANC-736 Assertion failure in debug mode

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new ef0f91e  New repository initialized by cvs2svn.
     new eaf5b59  Initial check-in of Xalan/C++
     new 9161dd8  corrected error in library settings
     new 438383f  Rob's PGN public key to verify signing
     new e9f6fdd  New entry for Xalan C++
     new 2eda058  Editorial updates
     new 04c35b4  Corrected Xalan C++ version number
     new a332885  Added link to C++ API doc (generated by Doc++)
     new b46bac2  Add runtime check of Win32 platform so we can fallback correctly on Win95/98 where wide-character paths are not supported.
     new 00a97a6  Better error handling.  We now cleanly propogate exceptions thrown by the parsers.
     new c0948fb  Changes to support the Intel C/C++ Compiler Version 4.0. <robert_weir@lotus.com>
     new 8d6f2a3  get Xalan to compile with recent Xerces changes:
     new 07563f0  Removed files no longer needed and revised xml source files so they can use StyleBook.
     new 18e434e  Initial revision.
     new 93f7160  New source files.
     new 77c2923  New source files.
     new 2da90a2  Changes that allow multiple threads to execute the same XPath.
     new ff4de1b  Initial revision.
     new 96c965d  Added check for empty string.
     new 8a46f44  Fixed memory leak.
     new bad0ca8  Initial revision.
     new 08ff90c  New dependency.
     new 1d160ff  New source files.
     new 8bc9f70  Optimized for writing const XMLCh* from offset 0.
     new 559d988  Collapsed code into new base class.
     new 17158a6  New static string initialization.
     new 91e56e8  Change for new Xerces signature.
     new f3a16d0  Changes for new static initialization.
     new 9d26254  Commented out unused formal parameter.
     new aa70eaf  New static string initialization.
     new e0e1f28  Removed old Xerces-specific code.
     new d454c88  Changes to allow execution of stylesheets in multiple threads among multiple processors.
     new d120641  Initial revision.
     new d7db8f6  Removed duplicate definition.
     new 54d914e  Changes for new Xerces and for new multithread, multiprocessor stylesheets.
     new 34bafd1  Changes for new XPath execution interface.
     new 3782ec2  Removed obsolete source files.
     new 4f5c811  New source file.
     new b9f49f9  Fixed static strings.
     new 082725a  Made Constants a class rather than a namespace.
     new 67b4443  Initial revision.
     new 8393ad1  Removed duplicate static string.
     new ee98bbe  Removed use of C++ namespaces.
     new edde2db  Added initialization of Xerces.
     new 141d0cd  Removed obsolete project.
     new 05a2a8d  Changed item() to new Xerces signature.
     new ec45d02  Fixed bug in XPath::execute().
     new a8566ae  Preliminary based on Xerces
     new fde63c7  Preliminary based on Xerces
     new 47f8d43  no message
     new 2845fe0  Preliminary based on Xerces
     new 413aae8  Linux changes
     new d1cd453  Linux changes
     new 5c18e50  Linux changes
     new 21fabbb  Fixed strstream calls -- added null at end
     new 589880d  Linux changes PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 735e6d7  Changes to compile with Xerces changes
     new ae6f8ec  Moved static initialization to static function
     new d69ea35  Aded call to XSLTEngineImpl::Initialize
     new 61adc2c  Initialize statics in Initialize
     new 2e9ffa4  Fixed typo
     new 5a1965d  Fixed static initializers
     new 18b16e9  Added make for dependencies
     new 03983a0  Make dependencies file
     new a8baa99  Rearranged code, allow multiple input xml files
     new 9b0e8aa  no message
     new 9781133  Added switch to test multithreading
     new 32bd896  Fixed bug with multiple copies of the context node list.
     new 14199f2  New source file.
     new 981ba3d  Replace data with c_str
     new f420446  New build options.
     new 0cb00ff  Changes for Linux build.
     new 2da8a54  Changes for Linux build, and to match latest Xerces DOM signatures.
     new 8b93e06  Removed commented out code
     new 7661c59  Initial revision.
     new 17e2681  Fixed bug when giving no command line args.  Fixed issues with C++ namespaces.
     new 36acf6c  Changed code to use ostrstream instead of sprintf().
     new 850602c  Removed extraneous using declarations.
     new 1ad9ed5  Added #ifdefs for compilers that don't support namespaces.
     new 5a7be5b  Linux changes
     new ef2c532  Redundant
     new 0401048  Added javadoc comments
     new ba3444e  Added javadoc comments
     new cf9e49e  Added javadoc comments
     new 31b4167  Added javadoc comments
     new e138bb4  Added javadoc comments
     new 26f190a  Added javadoc comments
     new 96c555d  Added javadoc comments
     new d270b5f  Conditional use of namespaces.
     new 44816a7  Update for new Xerces signature.
     new 4ac189a  Removed unnecessary #define.
     new c176a48  Fixed signed/unsigned mismatch.
     new 8dba579  Commented out unused parameter.
     new 3cbd722  Updated Xerces include file name and fixed some signed/unsigned mismatch issues.
     new 10a30c9  Changes for new Factory interface.
     new 776e8c1  Removed/commented out unused formal parameters.
     new 7b80d0e  Fixed some bugs with variable scoping and const on newer versions of gcc..
     new 094fd96  Fixes for Xerces interface change.
     new e556481  Fixed error with size should be sizd()
     new 5fc5340  Delay initializatoin of m_includeBase
     new 65c2194  Fixed bug in processAttribute
     new dd2be0f  Removed unused key table code
     new b52d406  Added prefix resolver agrument to getNodeSetByKey call
     new 15e4ca1  Removed unused key table code
     new a386a9b  Changes for linux
     new 374d758  Fixed javadoc comments
     new 6bb244a  Removed unused key table code
     new d714088  Use set for collection type or error
     new e407caa  Fixed javadoc comment
     new d1d60a4  Changes for linux
     new 700634d  Backed out recent changes to be compatible with Xerces release Xerces-C-src_1_1_0
     new 9a9bfdc  Added asserts for casting
     new 5c06ac0  Removed comments
     new 4a536cb  Delete objects pointed to in elemstack vector in destructor
     new 367b7ba  Don't delete m_pTemplate
     new 8f7f082  Fixed parsing problem causing crash in test lre06
     new 26aa0b8  Fixed problem ignoring use-attribute-sets
     new e5cabc7  Bug fixes -- sync up with java code
     new d928069  Removed comments
     new 388f1b6  Fixed problem in addNodeInDocOrder
     new 4ca995e  Workaround for problem with single character strings
     new 1bec8e9  Added code missing from java version
     new e637755  Fixed ordering of namespace attributes
     new e392fd0  Sync up with java code
     new 0563030  Fixed problems with tokenizing format string
     new ab52929  Fixed problems with tokenizing format string
     new 13562af  Sync up with java on unescaped text handling
     new 226795d  Fixed memory leak with ostrstream
     new 33cd273  Added startDocument method
     new e2f3c8d  Minor cleanup
     new 4e8870a  Removed filename part of base uri
     new 672a5f3  Various fixes for Xerces interface changes.
     new 808a1f5  Added parseXML method
     new 4ee0036  Added "document" to function table
     new 7a9a1b3  Looks for \ in filenames for Win32
     new 8a307ae  Minor fix
     new 2c54a2c  Assertion for function name not null, was causing stack overflow
     new a8edf8a  Workaround for problem with substring when starting index is 0
     new 0fb9e04  Changed arguments to findPrecedingOrAncestorOrSelf, name of list
     new bd11c23  Set source tree dynamically as in java code
     new fb66a87  Implemented omit-xml-declaration
     new 3d354ba  Fixed problem with document map
     new 27b0f93  Removed Windows specific code
     new 111a84c  Changes to remove absolute path to shared library when linking executable.
     new 9296b51  Initial revision.
     new 16e5c36  Initial revision.
     new ce2df37  Fixed merge conflicts.
     new 8844cfd  Changes for new Xalan DOM.
     new e13599c  Intial revision.
     new 73a331e  Changes for new Xalan DOM.
     new f46ecc4  Removed obsolete source files.
     new c33c895  Intial revision.
     new 2460d4b  New sources files for Xalan DOM bridge.
     new 962650c  Added missing source file.
     new 5f91cb5  Updated source files.
     new 043df33  New projects and dependencies.
     new 0b6bdb2  Removed experimental projects.
     new 1ac2210  Removed unused files.
     new e2606ce  Fixed case-sensitivity problems.
     new 3df75f9  Fixed problems with no wide string support.
     new 0f19409  Fixed Linux build problems.
     new 8bf4332  Removed bogus test code.
     new 1bd7371  Added new #define.
     new 7f25cf3  Removed incorrect #define.
     new 474c76d  Fixed problem with include path.
     new 3879a87  Fixed bug with passing source tree.
     new 369aa97  Fixed bug with determining base path.
     new 8af4265  Fixed for() scoping problem.
     new 1c12a12  no message
     new 401ad3d  Initial revision.
     new 51a3b6e  Added XALAN_STATIC_UCODE_STRING wrappers
     new 8850887  Eliminated saved_pLastPopped
     new 7c1c31b  Removed debugging code
     new 3426ce1  New source files.
     new f9dcb33  Removed extraneous debug code.
     new f9d6db2  Fixed handling of ElemTextLiteral.
     new b45befb  Fixed == should be !=
     new adfd0c6  Fixed misalignment of try block
     new af94722  Xalan-C updated from version 0_19_0 to 0_30_0.
     new c2689d5  Fixed indexOf misuse
     new 66e4ff3  Commented out delete of newed stack params
     new 5f95ae4  Looking at wrong string
     new e2fea3e  Made int unsigned
     new b5b423d  Changed tag to ELEMNAME_WITHPARAM
     new e3d4e07  Commented out asserts
     new 341363b  Support for extension elements.
     new e6e945c  Fixed some issues with debugging code.
     new 84c9ccb  Added a member function to create a wrapper document for a Xerces DOM_Document.  Fixed namespace issues with some code.
     new 8d1410f  Changed the way default string arguments are handled.
     new 5c266f5  Fixed assert.
     new ec904a4  Removed redundant typedef.
     new 320af58  Removed spurious DOM_Node forward declaration.
     new b4f74c5  Removed redundant typedef and fixed merge conflict.
     new ed61d9c  Replaced literal string with existing constant.
     new 95b49b1  Replaced with version derived from newer java source
     new 7c6f44a  Fixed bug where existing attributes were not updated.
     new 7a848a8  Fixed bug in addNodeInDocumentOrder()
     new 67426a7  Fixed bug where '..' was being processed as '.'
     new 074d451  Added accessor for element name.
     new d74307e  DOMServices::getNodeData() no longer strips whitespace nodes.
     new 0ff41ff  Change for new DOMServices::getNodeData() signature.
     new 12be7c2  Removed extraneous consts
     new ef98514  Added temporary support for Greek letter numbering
     new a1932ff  Fixed missing blank entry in theHTMLSymbols
     new 5b209ef  Type constant was wrong
     new 3da9b93  Added some special code to deal with NaN and infinity values.
     new 922179c  Handle special values (NaN, etc.), and some other special cases correctly.
     new 64e4987  Fixed default argument code and updated code for certain types of nodes.
     new f15d21e  Removed Cloneable as a base class.
     new 074b259  Fixed casting issues.
     new d69b94c  Fixed casting issues, and problem with conversion to string.
     new 127716e  Fixed namespace problems.
     new 4ec00e5  Added new #define.
     new 7a982b8  Fixed namespace problems, and made some string helpers work like Java.
     new 52bdcd7  Fixed namespace problems and problems with mutable.
     new bf77259  Fixed namespace problems.
     new 3d033ea  Changes for XSLTProcesso API.
     new e01db39  Changes for XSLTProcessor API, namespace problems, cast problems, and new StylesheetExecutionContext derivation.
     new 9bdcd95  Changes for namespace problems.
     new e2d16f7  Check for null result
     new 04f17e0  Removed obsolete constants
     new 56dc352  Added functions to compare according to collation sequence.
     new 1aea7c1  Compare strings according to collation sequence.
     new 6259568  Initial revision.
     new 68f8384  Added support for attribute and child axes in match patterns.
     new f2a724b  Protect against empty base identifier.
     new e117bcc  Initial revision.
     new 523a488  New source files.
     new 1d7c0c8  Changes for Xerces class that disappeared.
     new f12db18  Added context push/pop objects so we no longer need try blocks.
     new 9d6ae63  Changes to hide the creation of PrintWriters.  Changes to make StylesheetConstructionContext responsible for the lifetime of stylesheets.  Implemented other input source options in XSLTInputSource and other output source options in XSLTResultTarget.
     new 781d3be  Removed some extraneous code.
     new 64b1e72  Added missing source file.
     new e9c5eb8  Changed clear() function because of the way Xerces handles deleting data.
     new e533ad7  Moved doc source tree to xdocs and new files for Doxygen
     new 438fdf9  Obsolete...
     new 0b9f3a9  Updated source files to work with Xalan code changes, changed project to build in standard build area, removed Windows-specific code, and added some basic sanity-checking.
     new bd1cb19  More efficient implementation of clear().
     new a0b1b93  Made names of state set/restore objects consistent.
     new d144c79  Removed obsolete constant.
     new 0c0740b  Removed deprecated CSS support, and created objects to safely set and restore execution state.
     new 8fa8eed  Initial revision.
     new c5d236d  Fixed link libraries.
     new eb415dd  Initial revision.
     new 1d05de3  Removed file protocol from refs to input files (assumed to be in the current directory).
     new 966c3ee  XML input for XPathWrapper
     new 7232868  Initial revision.
     new eb178ea  A few new typedefs for Linux.
     new 6777252  Change for Linux.
     new 157ee24  Temporary work-around for what I believe is a Xerces bug.
     new 7729177  Fixed a bug in calling external functions, and added better support for installing external functions.
     new b2c14ec  Added better support for installing external functions, and fixed a few inconsistencies with the XSLT namespace URI.
     new 96244bf  Fixed compile issues with GCC.
     new 986be21  Made FunctionID re-entrant.
     new 446ff54  Fixed problem with non-const iterators.
     new 503fab6  Simplified some code, and added some const stuff.
     new d749b09  Fixed the system-property() function to return a number for xsl:version.
     new 453d0e6  XML document and stylesheet organized around the square-root, cube, and Asctime extension functions.
     new ed03d61  Made constructor explicit.
     new d93a3a8  Rearranged code to work around an MSVC code-generation bug.
     new 42d5e5c  Fixed bug where temporary navigator was being used to construct a member object, rather than the existing navigator.
     new e960dc7  Lowered buffer size to 512.
     new 535c207  Removed spurious assert.
     new a3a1dbb  Initialize variable.
     new 50fc19a  New functors and support functions for comparison.
     new 4692a61  New XObject comparison implementation.  Fixed some stuff in XPathProcessorImpl and SimpleNodeLocator for namespaces.
     new b7a6a2f  Added call to XalanDocument::getElementById().
     new 8624132  Fixed logic bug.
     new 8f054e4  Added space as default delimiter character.
     new 575a367  Removed spurious include.
     new 1508501  Changed incorrect assert.
     new d9f2792  Added cast to quiet compiler.
     new 96b0f3a  More support for floating point operations.
     new a0844ef  Made GetElementById() more efficient when the element does not exist.
     new d6e5cf5  Fixed logic bugs in comparisons.
     new d9b1a20  Integrated new DoubleSupport functionality.
     new 05f27c4  Fixed problem with length of eFROM_NAMESPACE op code.
     new d70fc14  Changed MutableNodeRefList::addNodeInDocOrder() so that there is no longer a default for the test parameter.
     new 60bc835  Changed XSLTResultTarget so that it requires a FormatterListener, not a DocumentHandler.
     new 8b629a3  Modified CompileStylesheet to process 10 input files, using the XSLTEngineImpl process() method.
     new 4ad6c91  Replaced DOMString with XalanDOMString.
     new 108da5d  set the processor Stylesheet property, and reset processor and execution context.
     new 3db0049  UseStylesheetParam -- build executable that takes two params, a param key (name) and a string expression.
     new e584155  Initial revision.
     new 1cc72d2  Prepended Xalan to classes with the same names as those in the ICU.  These are replacements for DecimalFormat.*, DecimalFormatSymbols.*, and NumberFormat.*
     new d78b53c  Added conversions from strings to unsigned longs.
     new 6799d64  New interface to get the Xerces DOM_Document instance.
     new 4e7dbbb  Fixed some asserts and removed some old code that was not compiled in.
     new 620c202  Added a workaround so DOMString will still have a valid buffer if the length is 0.
     new 2f74329  Changes for new XalanDecimalFormatSymbols class.
     new 1e36466  Changes for ICU integration and fixes for import/include and relative URIs.
     new 648bb26  Changes for ICU integration.
     new f23feb6  Changed source file names.
     new a08fdfc  Initial revision.
     new 8eb2bf6  Changes Visual Studio insisted on saving...
     new 2b91a10  New project.
     new d7688c9  Preliminary and partial draft for Xalan-C 1.0.0.
     new 71763b1  Fixed bug with top-level variables not being defined.
     new 13570df  Doc updates. Still rough draft.
     new e8f953c  Readme to be placed in root of distribution files.
     new c5f2dd6  First draft of xalan-c doc source files.
     new aa13833  Support files for building xalan-c doc
     new 3896dad  Updated version to 1.0.0
     new c20a29f  Changed link libraries to *.lib, rather than specifying individual libraries.
     new 2ef93d3  Rearranged some ifdefs.
     new 9ed64e9  Added conditional compile option for platforms missing the file iosfwd.
     new 0b11d77  Cleaned up some unused code and added typename keyword to some templates.
     new bc009ba  Cleaned up some code for compatibility.
     new e9330df  Added conditional compile for platorms that do not supply iosfwd.
     new 386ac00  Code cleanup for compatibility.
     new 901f65e  Conditional compilation for platforms which do not supply iosfwd.
     new add2599  Fixed bug where an exception was being thrown when encountering higher XSLT version numbers.
     new 9245144  Fixed incorrect initialization of output version data member, and fixed comments to reflect the correct return result of output-related functions.
     new ca1613d  Conditional compilation for platforms that do not supply iosfwd.
     new 1cf34ce  More URI parsing features.
     new ad7ac09  New header and footer for apidoc and brief explanation of class diagrams extreacted from doxygen manual.
     new 77ac159  Removed spurious assert and added re-throw of exception.
     new e6aca69  Added some special-case code for URL handling.
     new e35c8a8  Removed bogus code that was changed the URL of the document.
     new c583a26  Added code to allow document nodes in cloneToResultTree().
     new b792248  Fixed bug where whitespace strings were being added as tokens.
     new b5069c7  Updated list of source directories containing header files to be included: added ICUBridge and removed TestXPath.
     new 2b97b2f  Added new numeric test.
     new 29d8a38  Initial revision.
     new c8df0e3  New source files.
     new e3cdd34  Moved all URI/URL support code into PlatformSupport.
     new f37c6a4  Trim leading and trailing space before attempting conversion from string to double.
     new 48004ef  Fixed some dependencies.
     new 94b3c1b  Fixed bug in geNodeData() for document fragments.
     new d13d476  Fixed signed/unsigned mismatch.
     new 6ad6370  Added cast to quiet warning.
     new 64a8fff  Fixed bug in special character processing.  Made attribute preparation more efficient.
     new 409734e  Fixed bug in nodeset comparisons.
     new c34fe21  Fixed bugs in source node stripping.
     new ee884f3  Added optimization for "." select.
     new b85f92d  Commented out unused formal parameters.
     new a44f5fd  Fixed bugs in variable handling and source node stripping.
     new e689091  Added a few more convenience functions.  Fixed bug where vector was not null-terminated.  Added more error checking to DOMStringToDouble().
     new 2bde973  Competely re-worked FormatterToHTML and FormatterToXML.  Made some changes to support switching formatters "on-the-fly"
     new ba373e7  Made some changes to support switching formatters "on-the-fly", and for re-worked FormatterListeners.
     new 697a8d0  Changes for re-worked FormatterListeners.
     new 2945fbd  Added some safety to indexOf().
     new 447d9c8  Write numeric character references as decimal instead of hex.
     new 21e233c  Fix for normalizing PI data.
     new e31f718  Initial revision.
     new ca14e27  Flush buffer during destructor.
     new bd10e22  Fixed problem where the second operand of a union that was not a location path would not execute.  Implemented function-available() for built-in functions.  Made parameter names more consistent.
     new 2f7e4f9  New constant for HTML element name.
     new 0ff7e9d  Initial revision.
     new 9626530  Removed trace listeners from the stylesheet root.  Added default implementation for trace listener.  Fixed bugs in several stylesheet elements.
     new 8a47da1  Implemented trace options.
     new 9afae50  Updated for new XSLTEngineImpl interface.
     new 500c063  New source files.
     new 61a2b99  Further fixes for delaying output of document header.
     new 1f64a39  Fixed bug where the node set contained the context node, not the current node.  Duh...
     new 89bf9bc  Change variable from int to enum for easier debugging.
     new 4ffae47  Initial revision.
     new 9e534fa  Added option to build all bridge nodes in constructor.  Necessary for thread-save sharing of the document.
     new 388bf9c  New source files.
     new bbe8ff5  Make sure trying to run a undefined external function raises an error.
     new 34e6595  Fixed memory leak.
     new 57b674c  Added support for xsl:fallback and fixed bug where an unknown extension namespace would raise an error.
     new ce3341f  Send errors, warnings, and message to the processor.
     new 543fab2  Functionality for ElemFallback.
     new 639cc24  Initial revision.
     new 3a053a7  General cleanup.
     new 39ae156  New source files.
     new 27d1caa  Removed multithreading option, removed call to obsolete XSLTEngineImpl member function, and fixed a problem with an auto_ptr.
     new d37051b  New dependency.
     new 50e443d  Obsolete file.
     new d8c754e  Added debugging code to check for duplicate nodes.  Added some code to prevent some reallocations, and to prevent duplicates from being added.
     new 82bfe37  Added array_auto_ptr to protect dynamic allocation.
     new abc7510  Fixed a bug where an empty context string would cause a crash.
     new d9b5353  Made assignment operators exception-safe.
     new c0b5452  Added a string for the base identifier to fix the document() function.  Created some objects to automatically handle the stack frame index.
     new 0d20af9  Remove XSLTProcessor reference, since maintaining this is not thread-safe.
     new ab17f4f  Initial revision.
     new 5793222  New source files.
     new 73a5958  Fixed bug where source document would be parsed multiple times.
     new 5224b50  Added support for marking an element's stack frame.
     new dc4af9d  Change for new derived class.
     new 6799bd1  New code for getting current include file base identifier.
     new fc76462  Removed dependency on XSLTEngineImpl.
     new 02554d5  Created objects to help maintain execution state.  Implemented new element stack frame marker.
     new c548618  Fixed bug where PI would cause text to be preserved. (ntst07).
     new 3534b58  Fixed problem in match pattern with relative location path following id() or key(). (idky03)
     new 2ec7f3b  Oops, fixed regression with appropriate eMATCH_ANY_ANCESTOR opcode.
     new 5efb072  Removed extraneous const.
     new 8fce4fa  Removed extraneous #define of XALAN_NO_IOSFWD.
     new 8808868  Fixed bug with determining local name.
     new c9c628e  Added missing const.
     new dfc8446  New #define.
     new 68d634c  Removed use of typename, which was confusing gcc.
     new 3e23f65  Added assert.
     new 8be0300  Updated code so that an empty prefix isn't an error.
     new 0ab78fc  Added function to get the XSLT name of a node.  Fixed bug in namespace code.
     new 1d8792e  Added support for DOMServices::getNameOfNode().  Fixes conformance test pos76.
     new 7cf4576  Added support for DOMServices::getNameOfNode().  Now using PrefixResolver during AVT evaulation, instead of element proxy.
     new 1f2da1e  Obsolete files.
     new 003680a  Tweak for Linux build.
     new 11034b8  New source directory.
     new ae7407c  Sample application using TraceListener
     new 7bbcd20  Removed processor.setFormatter -- no longer in XSLTEngineImpl
     new 977467e  Removed processor.setFormatter -- no longer in XSLTEngineImpl. Adjusted to updated XSLTEngineImpl process method.
     new 7eaf908  Doc for upcoming release of Xalan-C
     new 49d44f2  Doc for upcoming release of Xalan-C
     new 0dddeb5  Changes for new Xerces debug build naming scheme.
     new 791cfab  Fixes for Xerces DOMString changes.
     new cccc61b  Fix for bug with xsl:attribute-set (atrs07).
     new 49fa37f  Fixed minor formatting glitch.
     new 46a389e  Commented out unused formal parameters.
     new 6cf509e  Sample based on Paul's Thread Safety test. Runs multiple threads with same StylesheetRoot and XSLTInputSource objects.
     new 470af8b  Removed obsolete call.
     new ae1aedb  Changed input source global variable to a XalanNode.
     new afd301e  Updated name of Xerces library for debug build.
     new ff10ec0  Corrected links to Pawson xml faq and vocab. Added section on ThreadSafe sample.
     new e91b12a  Fixed bug where attribute nodes were matching when they shouldn't.
     new 270348f  Added function to build bridge nodes.
     new f29f66f  Removed default for constructor parameter.
     new f084625  Fixed bug in stepPattern().
     new 1318999  Raise an error when more than one named template of the same name exists in a stylesheet.  Also added code to better manage object lifetime to plug memory leaks during exceptions.
     new c3a43f4  Updated code to put new pattern on the front of the list of matching patterns. (cnfr10)
     new a21a713  Initial revision.
     new 0ec5921  New source files.
     new 08ccac2  Fixed signed/unsigned mismatch.  Moved look up of local name inside if statement.
     new db53ff1  Added fake, empty attributes to prevent crashes under certain circumstances.
     new 1aa6dec  Fixed signed/unsigned mismatch.
     new 4decfe2  Added fake, empty named node map for attributes.
     new 8800c9a  Fix for returning token separators from StringTokenizer.
     new 1c95c28  Fixes for using auto_ptrs after release.
     new 5349e8b  no message
     new 5f9e868  Renamed glbSourceDoc to glbDocSource
     new 07045b6  Added missing function return value.
     new ba60526  Add check for empty stack.
     new d62ec34  Commented out ICU bridge #define.
     new d908a0f  Fixed signed/unsigned mismatch and replace embeddedd strings with members of class Constants.
     new 706d89e  Added XALAN_STATIC_UCODE_STRING to constant.
     new bc44696  Added constructor comments.
     new 2e8d348  Updated AVT code.
     new 2c01a9d  Removed incorrect link library
     new a2c9e8f  Changes to remove dependency on Xerces implementation header classes.
     new 1561d3e  Bumped up revision numbers for new Xerces version, and for the next Xalan version.
     new e10bc12  Fixed assert.
     new 20e623a  Allow no arguments.
     new ac8af1e  Fixed problem were not supplying stylesheet would cause a crash.  Updated the version number.
     new eccde16  More error checking.
     new cd8564f  Major cleanup.
     new ed1ca5f  Fixed signed/unsigned mismatch.
     new 4e7a81c  Fixed a few embedded strings.
     new c0b0db8  Fixed default constructor problem.
     new 0e5c20c  Added assignment operator and copy constructor to array_auto_ptr.
     new 41468cd  Fixed code so base URI with no path is ignored.
     new 8cb5a71  no message
     new 5982c50  Fixed fetching stylesheet URI from PI.  General cleanup.
     new d76f4cf  Fixed fetching stylesheet URI from PI.
     new 33b1f24  Flush after println().
     new c6a24e4  Added better buffer size control and made sure that std::err is not buffered.
     new c19ab74  Added comment.
     new da4a528  Updates for next (0.40.0 I think)
     new e585953  Updates for next (0.40.0 I think)
     new 0a0ae84  Fixed newline problem on Linux.
     new f117341  Fixed sign/unsigned mismatch.
     new 177d552  Updates for next (0.40.0 I think)
     new 57d9366  Updates for 0.40.0
     new 90df36e  Fixes for attribute namespace problems -- courtesy of Joe Kesselman.
     new 211616d  Fixed bug with boolean() function and NaN.
     new 805333d  Removed flushes from character-type events.
     new 5c4bb55  Call flush() in close().
     new f81f157  Removed exception catching, and added call to flush PrintWriter in the destructor.
     new a80e2ef  Moved code to allocate buffers into constructor body so that only one of the buffers is allocated.  Decreased size of the the internal buffer, and added code to null-terminate the buffer to make writing more efficient.
     new 70ab381  Gussied up the display of options.  Added better error handling for reading argv.  Updated version number (again).
     new 6edce89  Made sorts stable.
     new a100b95  Added code to reserve space in the candidate vector.
     new 304da67  Reserve a default amount of space in the vector of attributes.
     new a5a1f03  Fixed problem where call to cdata() would cause an infinite loop.
     new 92e3cfd  Fixed bug in destroyObject().
     new 1cb0290  Updated buffer management code.
     new 59fd8a2  Made a public version of the delete functor and changed the name of the protected one.
     new 5e7810e  Changes for cleanup of temporary XObjects.  Fixed XPathExecutionContextDefault so that it no longer makes a copy of the context node list.
     new 48d1b41  Changes for cleanup of temporary XObjects.  Fixed some bugs with xsl:use-attribute-set.  Fixed problems with stable sorting.
     new aa0014a  Fixed bug with iterator.
     new 659dcbb  Removed spurious include.
     new 16868b2  Added some extra output goodies, and fixed destruction/reset order.
     new f4e78e8  Updated library name.
     new 0e83376  For Xalan-C++ 0.40.0 distribution.
     new ff13020  Simplified code to find context node in the context node list.
     new 05a39de  Delay vector allocation until necessary.
     new de75d09  Cache conversion results.
     new 4627b9b  Cache sort results.
     new 68b29e7  Modifications to use a bit map to track free blocks.
     new 64da916  New wide string to double conversion routine.  Still experimental.
     new ddcb48f  Initial revision.
     new c8a1e99  New collation function.
     new f8c52d5  Cleaned up some old test code.
     new 1bebb00  New ICU collation integration.
     new 00ef271  New source files.
     new ff099ec  Fixed compile option.
     new 88a9451  Fixed some problems and added more comments.
     new 7927375  Use statically-built masks.
     new 95e11b0  Treat U_USING_DEFAULT_ERROR as success.
     new 8c9b044  Removed asserts that were causing infinite recursion.
     new 039e345  Fixed bug where empty key value would fail. (idky27, idky28).
     new c148404  Fixed problems with namespace handling for attributes, and during xsl:include.
     new 87079da  Made destructor virtual.  Added member function to reset the allocator.
     new 7166442  Doc for Xalan-C++ 0.40.
     new d11e1a5  Added return result to DestroyObject().
     new 9660dde  Changes to allow for Linux integration.  Cleaned up interfaces.
     new 26d947e  Changed inheritance of XObjectFactory, XPathFactory, XPath, and XObject to get rid of the Factory, and FactoryObject base classes.
     new 9d4900b  Removed obsolete source files.
     new 28bffb3  Added new #define.
     new f87134a  Update for changes to XObject, XPath, XObjectFactory, and XPathFactory.
     new a604a7b  Obsolete.
     new 652d84a  Removed obsolete header.
     new 65ab9ec  Cleaned up obsolete code.  XMLParserLiaison no longer inherits from Formatter.
     new 8ff4416  Cleaned up obsolete code. XercesParserLiaison no longer derives from XMLParserLiaisonDefault.  Added accessors to get/set some Xerces parser properties.  Put creation of parsers into protected, virtual methods, so people can override them if they want.
     new 23099e1  Cleaned up obsolete code an added validation option.
     new c7f580b  Make default for expand entity refs flag false.
     new 36bd3fa  Improved performance of DoubleSupport:doDouble() and fixed whitespace errors.
     new 4468c07  Removed old WideStringToDouble() implementation.
     new f0f6a6d  Changed code to use DoubleSupport::toDouble() instead of WideStringToDouble().
     new 8d6973e  Changed default for expand entity references to false, and added an option to set it to true.
     new 476f7a0  Added void* parameter to clone to support cloning with placement new.
     new 85544b8  Removed obsolete data member.
     new 13a2314  Removed obsolete include.
     new 05069c9  Fixed problem with fallback and extension elements.
     new 1c1f7c7  Removed unnecessary includes.
     new 5ccfc52  Improved implementation of getContextNodeListPosition() and fixed signed/unsigned mismatch on return types.
     new 5301649  Fixed signed/unsigned mismatch on return types.
     new dbacd7b  Assert parameter is not 0.
     new 4bc86cd  Added missing parens.
     new 8e195be  Fixed bug in tracking current element, and added some accessor functions.
     new 68bf493  Got rid of old code that was not compiled in.
     new 6b2452f  Fixed missing parameter in call to FormatterToDOM constructor.
     new 5e5bfff  For local doc builds. Not needed in repository.
     new 999ce0e  Fixed incorrect namespace for external prefix.
     new 866a61c  Added terminator function calls.
     new e40d7b1  Added terminator function calls, and reset call on the parser liaison.
     new 75b3fb6  Added terminator function calls, and simplified the code that creates the TraceListener.
     new 334479e  Added terminator function calls.
     new f065864  Fixed incorrect cast.
     new 5536b6f  Added an option to get the nearby nodes from the node being visited.
     new 2409d60  Reset counter in clear().
     new c667645  Added helper function to create document.
     new 5064afc  Experimental changes to cache nodes for increased performance.
     new af18fbc  Cleaned things up a bit.
     new bde1716  Initial revision.
     new 9afe863  Performance tuning work.
     new 96bc59a  Added option to format to DOM.
     new af1b8aa  Added new source files and removed old ones.
     new 9bbb67a  Obsolete.
     new 725c68a  Experimental DOM level 2 code (not active.)
     new b6ad9b4  Added some code to work around DOMString issues.
     new ff87b0f  Compare using null-terminated arrays instead of strings, if possible.
     new c99be65  Added code to write const char* directly to the stream, rather than transcoding to UTF-16.
     new 35facde  Reduced default buffer size.
     new 8cfbaf0  Added delete functor.
     new 06bb639  Enhancements to XObjectGuard.
     new 12eb224  Restructured code so that node lists are not copied unnecessarily.
     new 9f4c29f  Removed invariant from within while loop.  Simplified comparison.
     new 55dc1fb  Removed unnecessary member variables.
     new fed4469  Removed obsolete data member.
     new 15ce5c5  Removed obsolete data members and functions.  Fixed code that looks for stylesheet PIs.
     new fd189e1  Hold a pointer to QName instead of an instance in a stack entry.  Re-arranged data members to make things clearer.
     new 9ecdf2a  Added caching if match patterns created at runtime.
     new a603b3c  Fixed incorrect cast.
     new 76d3eb2  Cleaned up #if defines.
     new 04cb9d5  Added functionality to set nodes to null and remove them in-place.
     new 09f67a1  Cache number and string conversion values.
     new e98ad29  Changes so that functions are called by number, not by name.
     new 1e732d3  Fixed incorrect arguments.
     new 9082cd0  Linux fixes.
     new 3770391  Added functionality.
     new 1ffaa4b  Interface changes.
     new 4760136  Changes for reducing dynamic allocations.
     new 12e0a62  Reset factories in reset().
     new 72bba28  Removed some unused extension handler code.
     new c9b4d95  Moved code that sets up the FormatterListener to a separate function, and inlined some functions.
     new 208275a  Made template name a value member rather than a pointer.
     new 82413ea  Fixed leaks.
     new 43d05b0  Uninstall custom function is destructor.
     new c02b830  Fixed bug with src attribute of frame element.
     new 5f8d3c2  Encode number of arguments for function in the op map.  Added a facility to uninstall a function from the function table.
     new fdada8a  Fixed problem with wrong == operators being called.
     new c77ceb3  Fixes for AIX compiler issues.
     new 366d132  Fixes for AIX compiler.
     new 3f6e228  Fixes so that XSLTInputSource and a standard istream will work for a stylesheet.
     new e407b12  Broke up code into separate functions.  Fixed problems with isNodeAfter().
     new c49be1a  Initial revision.
     new f4d918e  Improved implementations which do fewer dynamic memory allocations.
     new b2d695b  New XSLT-specific interfaces.
     new 9278b72  Updated for XPath interface changes.
     new d43d1b4  Made interfaces more const-correct.  Reduced size of XObjects and removed dynamically allocted XObjects from XPaths.  Made some changes for new document-ordering interfaces on XalanNode to improve performance.
     new a47f3a5  Initial revision.
     new 17fdc69  Obsolete files.
     new 4e54bbf  Added document order indexing.  By default, now build the entire structure and keeps pointers to navigate rather than rely on mapping nodes.  Added experimental block allocaters, which, by default, are not enabled.
     new 5cb4031  Changes for new and changed XalanNode and XPath interfaces.
     new 71a5261  Change for new interfaces.
     new 2b31439  New sources files.
     new 205b02c  LIB file changes.
     new b32af27  Fixed dependencies.
     new cf2a137  Changes for new interfaces.
     new 6803fa3  Removed obsolete source file.
     new dbb9ad3  Fixed bug with temporary passed as context node list.
     new de5b67f  New functions.
     new 4a48574  New functions.
     new 8f6bd5f  Changes for new URISupport functions.
     new b501117  Added NSInfo.hpp to sources.
     new f1583e3  Changes for reusing node lists.
     new af2590d  Use equals() instead of compare().
     new e2aea48  Fixes for thread-safety problem with storing priority in MatchPattern2.
     new 49e1446  Fixes for thread-safety problem with initializing keys.
     new 58ba085  Set context node list before sorting.
     new ed1695f  Removed use of mutable keyword.
     new 2f2deb4  Changed #define.
     new 048eb79  Changes for AIX.
     new 8a829e3  Changes for new XPath interfaces.
     new 7f3e814  More efficient creation of result namespace.
     new ac696c9  Changes for AIX.
     new 3471645  Obsolete files.
     new 8e3ec45  Updated #defines.
     new 8fdf3f2  Changes for AIX port and integration of block allocators for XObjects.
     new 7f6d6ae  Initial revision.
     new 0eae602  Changes for AIX port.
     new 9076917  New source files.
     new a64560d  Hoist std::less.
     new 2feeb41  Removed ICUBridge as a dependency for  TestXSLT.
     new fdf4dcc  Removed assert so Linux build of testXPath doesn't core dump.
     new f14b1b6  Fixed problems related to XPathExecutionContextDefault.reset().
     new 9a16f44  Track elements that have already been parented, so that they are not doubly-deleted.
     new 5f62431  Added less<> to set definitions.
     new 2cb55e1  Added defines for STLPort.
     new aa36d9d  Added define for AIX port.
     new 8ebf1b9  Removed member function call to filter for AIX port.
     new 0b6b782  Added support for AIX and ICU support for Linux and AIX.
     new f8b4c7c  Fixed import/export stuff for non-Windows platforms.
     new 4f9d8f3  Added support for building samples.
     new 3216b97  Modified to support for building TestXPath on AIX.
     new d63808b  Fixed a bug where the stylesheet, instead of the stylesheet root was used to apply use-attribute-sets. (attribset37, attribset38)
     new 56000b1  Make sure strings are always null-terminated.
     new c281fbc  Filter out certain types of nodes.
     new 892aa9e  Removed unused member.  Add set accessors.
     new 7f0850a  Return references to strings, instead of copies.
     new c2db2cb  New result tree namespaces implementation.
     new af7a8df  New source files.
     new 488c934  Made some minor changes to support UNIX platforms.
     new a86546a  Made some minor changes to support UNIX platforms.
     new abac3d4  Made some minor changes to support UNIX platforms.
     new 415ee66  Made some minor changes to support UNIX platforms.
     new bd791cb  Fixes bug where stylesheet was entered in the source documents table.  (mdocs12, mdocs13)
     new 9f29447  Made some minor changes to support UNIX platforms.
     new 92ac758  Updated comment.
     new ae35483  Updates for version 1
     new 6693751  Made a minor change to support UNIX platforms.
     new 7853f41  Fixed problem with map::erase() on more modern STL implementations.
     new 95da627  Made a minor change to support UNIX platforms.
     new 53a8fd9  Changes for static initialize/terminate and memory leak detection.
     new 5a20de9  Changes for static initialize/terminate and memory leak detection.
     new 6af8ddc  Updated Xerces library version number.
     new e25a810  Changes for static initialize/terminate and memory leak detection.
     new b9cec61  Fixed #ifdef.
     new d809225  Fixed problem with xsl:attribute. (attribset16)
     new fbf51d0  Updates for Xalan-C 1.0
     new 62f25a3  New source file.
     new 9a91d4d  Replaced embedded character constants with Unicode symbolic constants.  Replaced many dynamically transcoded string with statically transcoded ones.
     new 7edf688  Editorial updates
     new 4efc896  Draft of big fixes and to-do list for Xalan-C++ 1.0.
     new 64f8919  Disable ICU integration.
     new c6cea2c  Fixed bug with getting data from comment and pi nodes. (conflictres22 and 23)
     new aba1155  Fixed bug with calling NamespacesHandler::postConstruction(). (lre15)
     new 5162ce2  Updater per 1.0 review.
     new dfdcc3d  Updater per 1.0 review.
     new 70433ab  Made protected typedef public.
     new 488fb51  Use our own default XalanDecimalFormatSymbols to get proper XSLT-default number formatting.
     new 3e7172d  Changes for AIX port and for output transcoding.
     new c91e0ef  Changes for AIX port and for output transcoding.
     new 96a8e70  Reduced the size of library and executables on AIX by explicitly instantiating templates.
     new 82ac6e5  Changed call to vector.insert - Linux.
     new 3678bfa  Fixed problem on Linux.
     new 8a9aa64  No longer using string class...
     new 532b96d  Added missing >
     new 29a0204  Resolve scope for AIX.
     new 1a7fded  Resolve scope for AIX.
     new 4ea17b2  Resolve scope for AIX.
     new 64cc7f2  Resolve scope for AIX.
     new 76dc709  More explicit instantiations for AIX.
     new 8f4c69e  Resolve scope for AIX.
     new 0d060ce  Clean up code formatting.
     new 3cbcebc  Resolve scope for AIX.
     new 10162d0  Clean up.
     new a0bfd9e  Resolve issue for AIX.
     new d6c4bd8  Resolve issues for AIX and removed depencency on <string>.
     new caeffc5  Resolve issues for AIX .
     new da1fd47  Clean up.
     new 66ac2bc  Resolve NaN issues for AIX .
     new 014eedd  Output transcoding support.
     new a9c165c  Output transcoding support.
     new e2ba0a4  Corrected error in platform detection.
     new 213ddb4  Removed erroneous "using" declaration.
     new d0cf143  Obsolete.
     new 386a0c9  Code to default to UTF-8 if the requested output encoding is not supported.
     new 791b81a  Directory and file being included was removed.
     new f4d2dd7  Fixed problem with writing file prolog.
     new 4cc4d1d  Added ifdef for old-style cast.
     new eeacc2e  Removed XercesPlatformSupport.lib and other lib from link line
     new ad93fe4  Removed XercesPlatformSupport.lib and other lib from link line
     new 2249da1  Removed special NaN definition.
     new afa7e38  More AIX template instantiations.
     new 7fef276  Removed ICUBridge dependency.
     new a3ea78a  More AIX template instantiations.
     new e8f8920  Updates mainly per decision not to include a separate ICUBridge library for Linux/AIX.
     new a02051d  Fix bug with buffer overwrite.
     new fd070a0  Clean up.
     new f919389  Enable CR/LF for platforms that use it.
     new ef1d5cb  Enable CR/LF for platforms that use it.
     new f3b31bd  Removed obsolete #define.
     new f3e7d59  Editorial updates per my own reivew.
     new a56205d  Added Solaris GCC support to makefile. This update was provided by Sean MacRoibeaird.
     new 54f0b57  Fixed arg vector stack bug.
     new a811cee  Removed obsolete #if defined().
     new 17377cc  Better handling of encodings.  Avoid output transcoding with certain encodings.
     new 3893100  More AIX template instantiations.
     new 0af91d6  Always escape < and > in attribute values.
     new 9b4bad4  Write strings more efficiently.
     new 5ccc242  Fixed enum comparison.
     new 965b66f  Added Xerces include to the include path.
     new 7e3d384  Fixed bug with generating attributes with empty values.
     new 12b4a5c  Fixed type in error message.
     new 793fff8  Fixed bug where variable name was an NCName rather than a QName.
     new 610bdc6  Replaced embedded string with Unicode character constants.
     new 4f1fd74  Corrected error message and variable names to reduce confusion.
     new 0f260df  Make sure we fail correctly when we cannot transcode to the local code page.
     new 2c8e396  Updated refs to build notes and added note on STLPort.
     new 1a67878  Make sure NaN resolves to 0.
     new d9f774e  Do LF to CR/LF translation on platforms that need it.
     new e6c7e70  Fixed bugs with trying to access an empty vector.
     new 8fbc020  Used replace character instead of throwing an exception when unable to transcode a character.
     new 8bf8998  Fixed some problems with child-to-parent navigation.  Fixed issues with preceeding and following axes when the context node is an attribute.
     new e3e4530  Updated url.
     new ea769f6  Fixed bug trying to write a strings without null-termination.
     new 5ee3a44  Updated names...
     new d9b99f2  Update version number.
     new 863ee20  Don't escape < and > in HTML attribute values.
     new 0dfe850  Moved some transcoding-related code to here from FormatterToXML.
     new 3d4580c  Added transcoding support to FormatterToText. Moved some transcoding-related code from FormatterToXML to PlatformSupport/XalanTranscodingServices.
     new 5c55d45  Changes for transcoding support in FormatterToText.
     new f05893b  Switched order of pushing top-level variables to fix import precedence bug.
     new bef4088  Final versions for Xalan-C 1.0
     new 82dc6e9  Update version number.
     new eee92fe  Added list of open bugs.
     new be9b614  Initial check in of thread tests
     new 3c6db3d  Initial check in of older version thread tests
     new e6ae764  Initial check in of memory stress test.
     new cadafe4  XSL,  XML files for test.
     new ae503f0  Changed implementation of isDigit, isLetterOrDigit, and isWhitespace to use a charater class table.
     new 0a7ad93  Reordered members and added -Wall as recommended by Nile Geisinger.
     new ce63e35  Reordered members.
     new ed0c8be  Reordered members.
     new 839a25f  Reordered members.
     new 62e273b  Reordered members.
     new 72aabac  MaximumCharacterValueMapType moved.
     new f599abf  Added files to project.
     new f7aa300  Integrated block allocator support for XNumber, XNodeSet, XString and XResultTreeFrag.
     new 1187cfa  Removed obsolete XObjectFactoryDefault stuff.
     new 5054ab6  Added explicit constructor parameter.
     new 9556e4a  Initialize vector to 0 (required for AIX).
     new 228b49d  More explicit template instantiation.
     new 7484419  Added explicit initialization of vectors.
     new d7834f9  Added explicit initialization of vectors.
     new 79ebf39  New dependencies.
     new e251de4  Obsolete.
     new 99ec25c  Moved to Include directory
     new 847213c  New file.
     new 07919dc  Moved to here from PlatformSupport.
     new 74d900c  New source files.
     new ac350ee  Major performance overhaul of string handling.
     new 509c87f  Fixed some string-related problems on Unix platforms.  Fixed AIX build problems.
     new 686c9a7  Fixed bug with displaying duration.
     new cf7a8cb  Fixed call to charAt so it would be compatible with XercesDOMString.
     new 3e6af4e  Moved assert from assignment operator to append.
     new a0f4ade  Changed how trailing whitespace is handled.
     new db9a827  Initial Checkin
     new d904ded  Fixed bug where data member was not being reset to 0.
     new 087390d  Modified XSLT Functions so they are called with a specific number of arguments.
     new 4c7f7c6  Modified XSLT Functions so they are called with a specific number of arguments.
     new b38d155  Implementation files for XPath Functions so they are called with a specific number of arguments.
     new 4f72e96  Renamed so it is consistant with class and function name.
     new 7d248ec  Added implementation files for XPath Functions so they are called with a specific number of arguments.
     new 7a257bc  Merged string class changes from hpp to cpp.
     new 6f0bed3  Merged string class changes from hpp to cpp.
     new dc75889  Merged string class changes from hpp to cpp.
     new 20d97f4  Renamed so it is consistant with class and function name.
     new ec4b199  Merged string class changes from hpp to cpp.
     new 1d04616  Merged string class changes from hpp to cpp.
     new e921a1b  Merged string class changes from hpp to cpp.
     new 88fc114  Merged string class changes from hpp to cpp.
     new c0919e3  Changed the way variable arguments are handled.
     new 624d65b  Removed obsolete class PushPopArgVector. This is no longer needed since it was only used to handle  variable arguments.
     new 5c95bf8  Removed obsolete class PushPopArgVector. This is no longer needed since it was only used to handle  variable arguments.
     new 5386f81  Fixed so Debug build would build
     new 26ac223  Removed second instance of processor,  and did alot of cleanup.
     new 02fd385  Explicit initialization of static strings.
     new d65f61d  Explicit initialization of static strings.
     new 37f8517  Explicit initialization of static strings.
     new 27dd7b6  Added cast  to unicode string.
     new 431723b  Removed obsolete class. This is no longer needed since it was only used to handle  variable arguments.
     new 22d5a5a  Added cast  to unicode string.
     new adfc3cc  Harness code used by tests to output results in a manner similar to Java harness
     new e7e1cb1  Minor updates
     new 03069bb  Added properties for more HTML elements.
     new 5041635  Added option to bypass CR/LF normalization.
     new 954574a  Removed code that was commented out.
     new 3d3c945  Removed leftover code.
     new a8023cb  Added special Visual Quantify code.
     new 7fe8c3a  New functionality.
     new 4050eea  Moved code to separate source file.
     new 83d7bb8  Obsolete file.
     new 7f833a2  Initial revision.
     new 76784fe  Fixed problem with release runtime library.
     new 240cd50  New source files.
     new 7a4230e  Performance enhancements.
     new b966fea  Updated to make it work.
     new d69f96b  Major overhaul.  Don't compile all the stylesheets beforehand. Now just do one at a time.
     new cf9773f  Updates to get compilations to work
     new 5e54bc4  Shut up GCC warning...
     new 660c4f1  Removed bogus file.
     new c40200e  New source file.
     new cdff90d  Fixed bug with Xerces DOMString as string class.
     new 2852c77  New reference-counted XObject implementation!
     new 830149b  Fixed return statement.
     new a9cdfec  Fixed return statement and removed unnecessary XObjectPtr.
     new 6fd983e  Removed unused variable.
     new 38c59b0  Fixed return statement.
     new ae0ea10  Fixed return statements.
     new e502b51  Removed extraneous const.
     new eb3c102  Updates for AIX needed for the refcount xobject changes.
     new d21e497  Update to use XObjectPtr instead of XObject* and fixed a string error.
     new 718136f  Fixed extention function added directly to XPath.
     new 2cac6c5  New source files.
     new ebbc868  Made QName an abstract class, and provided two different implementations.
     new 92afa1a  Changed code that required that vector iterators be implemented as pointers.
     new 9be90fd  Update sample for latest changes.
     new a85f756  Update sample for latest changes.
     new 6e387d0  Fixed typos in asserts.
     new 33d2b44  Various performance enhancements.
     new 23fd120  Update sample for latest changes.
     new b3d5b72  Update sample for latest changes.
     new 0878fe6  HP port based on work from Trevor Smigiel .
     new ed12d81  HP port based on work from Trevor Smigiel .
     new d1dd926  Updated config files that support more plaforms/hardware.
     new 169aaee  HP port based on work from Trevor Smigiel and Troy Heber.
     new 9302ce3  Initial revision.
     new 7d8bf51  HP port based on work from Trevor Smigiel and Troy Heber.
     new e68505c  HP port based on work from Trevor Smigiel and Troy Heber.
     new 4c64252  HP port based on work from Trevor Smigiel and Troy Heber.
     new d04b023  HP port based on work from Trevor Smigiel and Troy Heber.
     new b5f212d  HP port based on work from Trevor Smigiel and Troy Heber.
     new 22a2e25  HP port based on work from Trevor Smigiel and Troy Heber.
     new a5961e2  HP port based on work from Trevor Smigiel and Troy Heber.
     new da11ce7  HP port based on work from Trevor Smigiel and Troy Heber.
     new 1a98692  HP port based on work from Trevor Smigiel and Troy Heber.
     new 0b046e4  HP port based on work from Trevor Smigiel and Troy Heber.
     new ad3018c  HP port based on work from Trevor Smigiel and Troy Heber.
     new 307e2a6  HP port based on work from Trevor Smigiel and Troy Heber.
     new 97b58be  HP port based on work from Trevor Smigiel and Troy Heber.
     new b737ffe  Wrong class name.
     new fc39a09  HP port based on work from Trevor Smigiel and Troy Heber.
     new 8451d5d  HP port based on work from Trevor Smigiel and Troy Heber.
     new 80baf89  HP port based on work from Trevor Smigiel and Troy Heber.
     new aa7586e  HP port based on work from Trevor Smigiel and Troy Heber.
     new ea99556  Set system ID on the input sources.
     new 868d0ea  HP port based on work from Trevor Smigiel and Troy Heber.
     new 7eed55e  HP port based on work from Trevor Smigiel and Troy Heber.
     new 53929b1  Make sure we push something onto the include stack.
     new ad653de  Check for null systemID before assigning.
     new 262e83d  Special support code for positive and negative infinity.
     new f1f5671  New constants.
     new f3d841b  Changed default indent to 0.
     new aa43a18  Add check to see if normalization is required.
     new 0cef090  Convert directly into data member.
     new f208b39  Added new typedef.
     new 54b6b21  Changes for vector iterator issues.
     new 034b975  Replace .length() with length().
     new 721c647  Code cleanup and new number/string conversion routines.
     new 9710e61  Changes for vector iterator issues.
     new 173f198  Removed unused clone() function.
     new 581ea50  Performance tweaks and fix for lazy evaluation of top-level variables and params.
     new 0d1d9bd  Make sure local stuff is reset before resetting the embedded execution context.
     new 928b3b2  Added some safety assert.
     new c22e8aa  Changed default indent level to 0.
     new 328134a  Changed default indent level to 0.
     new 706c368  Fixed template.
     new 68cd442  Removed multiple inheritance.
     new 371201f  Fixed problem with overflow.
     new c978ac0  Fixed problem with default namespace.
     new cf0b99d  Fixed problem with handling ignorable whitespace.
     new 4255648  Overloaded all version of execute to avoid warnings on some platforms.
     new 8abf073  Better HTML formatting.
     new c208df0  Removed duplicate template definition.
     new 5e03b66  Overloaded all version of execute to avoid warnings on some platforms.
     new 97cb98d  Changed interface to allow for creation of string from non-null-terminated string.
     new 32a0660  Made XercesDocumentBridge thread-safe again.
     new b83985d  Added XercesLiaisonXalanDOMStringPool to project.
     new 4049c54  Implemented ability to use non-null-terminated strings.
     new 58eca67  Added #ifdefs for casts.
     new 43d791a  Made documents not thread-safe by default.  Added code to clear the document's string pool when the bridge is destroyed.
     new bbaa491  Added call to parser liaison to request thread-safe documents.
     new 142f1f8  For building doc and apidocs.
     new f795188  For building doc and apidocs.
     new 545d459  Corrected typos.
     new 73d3aee  Cleaned up some const stuff.
     new 04d38c6  Fixed bug where stylesheet text nodes were incorrectly preserved.
     new fd7be98  Updated version number and removed include used for debug.
     new ca2cb84  Fixed bug where illegal characters were allowed in names.
     new 0af0a2b  Updates in progress for Xalan-C 1.1
     new ff2201f  Updates in progress for Xalan-C 1.1
     new 5b43609  Updates in progress for Xalan-C 1.1
     new 4878ad2  Updates in progress for Xalan-C 1.1
     new 94b8870  Updates in progress for Xalan-C 1.1
     new f695d21  Added meta tag to html head output.
     new 349c5af  Updates in progress for Xalan-C 1.1
     new 64aa7b2  Added missing include.
     new a1e80df  Removed bogus assert.
     new c016bee  Use hex numbers for generating IDs.
     new 87afbec  Initial revision.
     new fda067e  Call base class copy constructor.
     new bdefba5  Fixed problem with enum and added const specification.
     new a2b4a35  Initial revision.
     new f55db6c  Added new project.
     new 96c14ea  New source files.
     new 8f554c9  Initial revision.
     new 32bce07  Changes to integrate new Xalan source tree.
     new 5833c5a  Added explicit &.
     new f9b0ebb  Made reference count unsigned.
     new 7eba22d  Removed obsolete files.
     new 98e40a7  Fixed problem with writing entities in comments and PIs.
     new b1a96c9  Removed obsolete source file.
     new ea30148  Removed obsolete source files.
     new 7aa900a  Removed obsolete files and tweaked for performance.  Added code to support SAX2's LexicalHandler.
     new 8f52f00  Removed obsolete file.
     new fa3cd9e  Conditional compile for setting LexicalHandler.
     new 68d8125  Return type differnet in cpp and hpp for function cloneNode. Error on HP.
     new bc84657  Return type required for non-void functions. Warning on HP.
     new 7caab85  Change XalanDOMCharVectorType to XalanDOMString.
     new 9312304  Removed casting template function.
     new 90bc2d0  Check for indexed document and use indices if available.
     new 61cc1b1  Moved code from ElemNumber.hpp and ElemNumber.cpp to new files.
     new 00205a0  Removed spurious assert.
     new 39c672a  Reserve an extra space for the terminating byte.
     new e308c86  Initial revision.
     new 498d947  Added new targets for building release version with symbols, for better profiling.
     new 5a72d37  Added some special-case checks for null for better performance under Win32.
     new 0da42e8  Added some new helpers and straightened out a few problems.
     new a6cb4a0  Added options not to cache all text node data.
     new c4802b6  Moved code into new base class.
     new 2305519  Disabled ensureAllocation() for now, since it actually seems to harm performance.
     new 2fab6c5  Use new cached string implementation.
     new 185ee78  Made converting constructor from base class explicit.
     new 7e5217b  Changed references to pointers to allow assignment.
     new 545cf70  Changes for new XString subclasses.
     new 42b2bea  Added copy constructor for GetAndReleaseCachedString.
     new dcab0c8  Fixed bug where counts were not cached.  Moved Counter and CountersTable to CountersTable.hpp/cpp.
     new 9b3ae0d  Removed copy of string.
     new 83c8e75  Used string reference instead of value.
     new c7430c4  Fixed problem with cached counts for ElemNumber.  Changed some functions to reduce string copies.  Added code to use more cached strings.
     new 3c68028  Change return value from 0 to XObjectPtr(). Error on HP.
     new 677171b  Don't flush pending output unless we're copying an element node.  Removed unnecessary copies of element name.
     new 326175c  Better fix than the previous revision -- call flushPending() unless it's an attribute node.
     new c9c595c  Updates for latest Xerces code.
     new c398b72  Removed unused functions for expanding element and attribute names.
     new 610c69b  Removed extraneous code.
     new 7e27b65  Accumulate character buffer to create contiguous character data where possible.
     new 065d908  Changed compiler option to allow inlining of any suitable function.
     new 382d682  Made some functions inline.
     new e52457f  Make the XalanSourceTree the default for transforms, with an option to use the Xerces DOM.
     new a5799cc  Added optional DTDHandler and LexicalHandler parameters to a ParseXMLStream() overload.
     new e2227a2  Performance tweaks requiring that XObject comparison functions be passed an XPathExecutionContext instance.  Made some DOMServices static functions inline, and removed the virtual calls into the support objects.
     new ed06eea  Added: define XALAN_XALANDOMCHAR_USHORT_MISMATCH
     new a98c5cf  Added switches to generate debug info
     new c3f2e32  AIX changes.
     new 102173f  Changes for AIX.
     new 688b91e  Changes for AIX.
     new 9e05507  Changes for AIX.
     new 030682a  Changed code since XMLCh and XalanDOMChar are always an unsigned short.
     new 92f2704  Added new source files.
     new 4335ca7  Initial revision.
     new b1e6c5e  Removed obsolete source files.
     new c4c328b  Made some functions inline.  Added new functions to DOMSupport.
     new 1868710  Removed support for Xerces' DOMString.
     new 7e15533  New #define to compensate for Microsoft's old std::string implementation.
     new 198fe56  Remove call to clone().
     new 051ad29  Changed XMLCh to XalanDOMChar.
     new be49a03  Removed use of XalanDOMCharVectorType.
     new 26ff018  Changed XMLCh to XalanDOMChar, and XMLByte to XalanXMLByte.
     new 484db94  Cleaned up and normalized code.
     new b093492  Removed references to XPathSupport and XPathSupportDefault.
     new 46a51d5  Removed references to XPathSupport and XPathSupportDefault.  Added support for formatting to the source tree.  Added include for Visual Quantify (not enabled).
     new 62339ba  Removed support for Xerces' DOMString.  Cleaned up some functions.
     new 6b2cc3c  Reduced the size of nodes by not supporting getChildNodes().  Added code to throw an exception fi getChildNodes() is called.  typedef'ed an integral for use with the size of the attribute array that is given to XalanSourceTreeElement.
     new 339f68a  Removed support for Xerces' DOMString.
     new 857efa6  Implemented new functionality required by DOMSupport.
     new 35aee66  Cleaned up some unused code and moved common code into a function.
     new 9e6a6bb  Used better variable scoping.
     new 8487b6d  Removed support for processing without namespaces.  Removed references to XPathSupport.  Better scoping of variables in nodeTest().
     new be894bf  XPathSupport and XPathSupportDefault have been removed.
     new 834da67  XPathSupport and XPathSupportDefault have been removed.  Removed support for Xerces' DOMString.
     new bae85f6  Made compile switches consistent.
     new 30e4cdc  Fixed problem with incorrect run-time library.
     new 28be705  Changes for latest API changes.
     new ce320b9  Minor updates
     new 251068f  Updates that use the harness code to output xml data
     new 075b3cd  Various updates
     new 37333eb  Added a more complete table of entity reference (borrowed from Xalan-J)..
     new 56c57f2  Initial revision.
     new 617f5e3  New workspace.  Fixed problems with link libraries.  Fixed lots of code problems.  Removed obsolete workspace files.
     new 0f68b85  Fixed bug where m_countersTable was not reset.
     new a82d0ce  Fixed member initialization order.
     new f460a84  Changes to allowing keeping the size of the string as a member variable.
     new 923a1ba  Updates due to Performance meeting.
     new 4edf215  Added functions to enable re-use of ResultTreeFragment instances.
     new 4c492fe  Changes to allow re-use of ResultTreeFragments.
     new 6f46afd  Moved XToken to a separate file.  Made changes to allow adapters for XTokens, which reduces creation of XStrings and XNumbers.
     new 095e597  Reduced copying of XObjectPtr instances.
     new 8daa335  New dependency on XalanSourceTree.
     new f39d821  Option to use either XalanSourceTree or Xerces DOM for result tree fragments.
     new 0870804  Added validation function for converting string to double.
     new 97f75f0  Removed bogus #define.
     new 09fc8ce  Allow block size to be changed dynamically.
     new 10cce7c  Added code to output PI for raw text nodes.
     new 7aa2ba0  Added option to destoy a document.
     new 2096ab6  Added some functions to get/set members.  Buffer text to prevent excessive memory allocations.
     new 7442385  Changes to allow a document to be explicitely destroyed.
     new 6e2cd7a  Moved creation of result tree fragments to the execution context.
     new cd2fa81  Don't use Win32 wide character support because the performance is terrible.
     new ace5fff  Cache last node appended to fix major performance degradation with broad documents.
     new 98db6d5  New source files.
     new ecb026a  New dependency.
     new 84e9289  Changed return a reference to a string instead of a copy.
     new 5bc43e5  Enable caching and re-use of XNodeSet instances.
     new 4437bdd  Remove setting of empty context node list.  Fixes sort21.
     new f52817b  Removed bogus code.
     new 3f8792f  Fixed bug in LocationPathPattern().  Changed intialization of args vector.
     new e3da649  Fixed broken #ifdefs.
     new bd66af0  Added dummy return values.
     new 7425944  Added new #define.
     new 33f03f0  Added dummy return values.
     new f9bc346  Removed unused function.
     new 82779b1  Bumped up Xerces library number.
     new 250d92e  Changed return type to void.
     new a1bc1a4  Fixed cast for this to a StylesheetExecutionContextDefault*.
     new bd71173  AIX changes.
     new 1972dcb  Cast to (wchar_t*) for AIX.
     new 1a332ff  Added ifdef for other platforms which U_SIZEOF_WCHAR_T!=2.
     new ec89e73  Fixed bug where growing vector would invalidate strings already present.  Fixed by removing cached strings altogether, as we no longer need to cache them.
     new 75d7275  Set new XPath flag to indicate that they are embedded in a compiled stylesheet.
     new fed9648  Added flag to indicate that the instance is embedded in a compiled stylesheet.
     new ecafee1  Fixed problems involving namespace nodes.
     new cdf7ab1  Fixed bugs with finding namespace nodes.
     new 24e9ed9  New header file for Solaris.
     new 98e115f  Changes for Solaris port.  Changed enumerators to accept a specific search specification.
     new f407057  Changes to remove dependencies on Xerces internal header files.
     new a8e753b  Removed bogus CR/LF normalization code.  (Fixes whitespace tests 14 and 16).
     new 42cde0a  Fixed bug with proper output of CDATA sections.  Fixed problem with crash when m_stylesheetRoot was null.
     new ad2d3af  Don't generate text nodes when handling processing instructions and comments.  We may have to revisit this.
     new 61fe701  Merged two #defines.
     new ca56db9  Changes for new DirectoryEnumerator.
     new cc2a1a9  Changes for Solaris port.
     new 915c1fb  Fixed problems with HTML formatting.
     new 995103a  Change for Solaris port.
     new c33e6ef  Removed old defines and added new source files.
     new ebb5d86  Removed spaces from include directive for solaris.
     new 5f4402c  Removed spurious file.
     new f268afb  Put #include back in.
     new 739cf65  Added functions to dump to std::ostream.
     new 3365da9  New implementation of getNamespaceOfNode().
     new fde59ce  Fixed bug with getting namespace URIs.
     new 78a388d  Moved code into DOMServices::getNamespaceOfNode().
     new 8ca3a87  Fixed bug with using NCName with the namespace axis.
     new 903093a  New constant.
     new 77db2e3  Added size() member function.
     new b38c7c6  Removed obsolete argument in call.
     new 26e2479  Implemented traditional Greek numbering.
     new 36a1f1d  Fixed bug with matching attributes with namespace prefixes.
     new c6e3d95  Fixed const issues.
     new 2c1115f  Cleaned up some unused stuff and separated a function into two different ones.
     new d2f5ef5  Fixed const issues with collation.
     new fdd83a0  Removed unused variables.
     new 14a27cc  Fixed problem with including <ostream>.
     new 5e61c17  Use insert() instead of [], for gcc.
     new 0ad9040  OK, really fixed it for GCC this time.
     new abf8505  Re-order initializer list.
     new 4c1b666  Incorporated changes for Solaris with Sun Workshop 4.2.
     new c63d7b4  Fixed bug in call to write() with XALAN_OLD_STYLE_CASTS.
     new 6e46302  Fix to ignore anything inside an extension element.
     new 6db47f0  Clear out transient objects in endDocument().  This closes any files that may have been opened.
     new 76f7024  Fixed header file problem.
     new e8d64ff  Fixed bug where namespace declaration was added to parent instead of the element being generated.  Fixes impincl09 and namespace02.
     new fb188c5  We should no longer generate prefixes.
     new 0ed4bd3  Fix for NCNames that start with  '_'.
     new 2193e65  Removed extraneous comment.
     new a2717c5  Make sure we get the node name from DOMServices::getNameOfNode().  Also, we c_wstr() instead of toCharArray().
     new a98103d  Make sure we add any static namespaces before running AVTs.
     new 8074835  Added ability to ingore namespace aliases and removed bogus asserts.
     new c7d73f2  Added accessor to check for mapping of prefix.
     new aef15c4  Added flag to prevent overwriting prefix mapping that already exists.
     new 7e4cf44  Disabled namespace aliases in NamespacesHandler.  Improved warnings.  Added new member function to skip execution of xsl:attribute children.
     new 23e0546  New source files.
     new 1aaca33  Removed source files.
     new 9b240b5  Moved here from XPath.
     new 099680e  Support for namespace-aware processing.
     new 9e42d21  Changes necessary for moving PrefixResolver.cpp and PrefixResolver.hpp to DOMSupport.
     new 7cdbe8f  Fixed memory leak during exception throw with invalid child.  Make sure to check for a default namespace declaration when checking for an HTML literal result element as the stylesheet.
     new 456063b  Changes necessary for moving PrefixResolver.cpp and PrefixResolver.hpp to DOMSupport.  Changes to implement namespace-aware processing with HTML output.
     new d657700  Moved to DOMSupport.
     new 868eb99  New file used to implement a simple C++ interfaces for some common usage patterns.
     new 7e74658  New file used to implement a simple C++ interface for some common usage patterns.
     new a5e166b  New file used to implement simple C interface for the class XalanTransformer.
     new 035698b  New file used to implement a class for output to a user define (callback) function.
     new 0f7e891  Project file for XalanTransformer.
     new 0d02038  Added project file for XalanTransformer to workspace.
     new 2235903  Changing directory name to proper case.
     new 21be108  LIB_PATH to LIBPATH (for AIX and HP)
     new bd9ee34  no message
     new bc18388  Deleted by mistake!
     new 491960a  Oops! Still SHLIB_PATH for HP
     new 1ce7b70  Added #ifdef XALAN_NO_NAMESPACES.
     new 3af7e3c  Use unsigned long instead of size_t.
     new 7aa450a  Renamed directory.
     new 646ed5c  New sample which demonstrates how to use Xalan in Apache to perform dynamic transformations.
     new f5dd34f  Added XalanTranfomer class to library and added ApacheModuleXSLT sample to makefile.
     new 2f422ce  Moved rounding function from XPath/FunctionRound to here.
     new 3a5f60f  Moved rounding function to PlatformSupport/DoubleSupport.
     new ba6ce4f  Fixed bug where number value was truncated, rather than rounded.
     new 77466a4  Support xml:space appropriately.
     new ee50d5c  Clean up for HP.
     new 4f6983d  Changed object output directory for sample ApacheModuleXSLT.
     new 91f26b3  Removed assignment of XalanHandle to NULL or 0 and change cast to be more consistant with other files.
     new 877001e  No longer passing the address of the XalanHandle to DeleteXalanTransformer.
     new a65eb48  Updated to run with new XalanSourceTreeDomSupport and other minor changes.
     new 7832438  Updated to run with new XalanSourceTreeDomSupport and other minor changes.
     new 8cdfa2a  Fixed up problems with using lots of threads.
     new 7709381  Avoid synchronizing getCounter().
     new a30dbc4  Added call to set execution context.
     new ecc4b74  Added call to setExecutionContext and getExecutionContext.
     new 23e93de  Set stylesheet root to 0 during reset.
     new d6a4a6b  New error handling scheme.
     new 04a8022  New get/set ExecutionContext.
     new 70d3c4d  Forward calls to XSLTEngineImpl.
     new 981bb17  Added better exception handling and error reporting.
     new 77cab0c  Changed check for empty name to assert.
     new e58c989  Fixed bug with xsl:with-param with no matching xsl:param in the called template.  Fixes variable26.
     new 336e1ba  Added code to filter out the parent, self and CVS directories, i.e. ".", "..", "CVS".
     new bf9da94  Use stack-based buffers when possible.
     new 9c92efe  Fix for bug with patterns of the form IdkeyPattern//RelativePathPattern
     new 0fb9d72  Fix for bug with constructor when length is -1.  Supplied by Frank.Emser@nortel-dasa.de
     new bdbd338  New sample XalanTransformer. Demonstrates how to use the (simple C++ interface) class XalanTransformer.
     new 9c956df  Checked in wrong file (html->xsl).
     new e92d83a  Checked in wrong file (html->xsl).
     new 80ab4fa  Added new sample XalanTransform and removed revision history.
     new 6d4491e  Changes for HP (old header files).
     new 12acd90  Changes for HP (future error can not call delete on a void pointer).
     new c67bf63  Removed bogus assert.
     new d9ffb02  Returned getName back to XalanDOMChar*
     new 70d6bb8  Revamped with new directory iteration to locate test files
     new 0f524fa  Reverted to old code
     new 582d891  Problem with charater types on AIX.
     new e1b229c  Added (optional) flush callback.
     new e7f73dd  Added print.docs target
     new a4cbce3  Avoid use of sbk: protocol for the print.docs target. Fixed 5 bad links found by print.docs.
     new 1afb943  Recursively delete all object files and directories for solaris.
     new bfb867f  Editorial pass on comments.
     new fd11abc  Moved raw formatting PI strings into FormatterListener.
     new fe58347  Editorial pass on comments.
     new 959e39b  Added options to exclude "." and ".." from directory enumeration.
     new 97d8340  Cleaned up some strings.  Changed some DOMStringHelper functions to do the right thing.
     new 180f843  Removed support for using std::string.  Changed clear() so that it does not delete the underlying memory.
     new 5b9ba51  Use releaseMemory() instead of clear().
     new d931f0c  Cleaned up some critical code paths.  Disabled use of custom locators since we never use them.
     new a783df9  Fixed problem with allowing attribute with unknown prefix.  Use provided prefix whenever possible.
     new 01f4dea  Improved error handling for invalid stylesheet structure.
     new 40340f4  Fixed settings for release with symbols build.
     new 3160f81  Added missing 0 byte.
     new e08abc7  Removed unused typedef.
     new 163dbeb  Removed obsolete typedef and added assert.
     new 45ed26b  preliminary updates for xalan-c 1.2
     new 9632230  Changed version number to 1_1.
     new 07dbc0a  Changed calls from clear to releaseMemory.
     new 2d2ba88  Changed calls from clear to releaseMemory.
     new d0fae78  Changed calls from clear to releaseMemory.
     new b484e6c  Added more transforms overloads.
     new e750c48  Split up some large functions that gcc's optimizer was barfing on.
     new 28da7bd  Fixed bug where namespace declaration was not being added.
     new c166ceb  Reverted new ICU library names.
     new 084d5e2  Added new string.
     new bda21a3  Fixed bug where xml namespace was being added to the result tree.
     new 738f63f  Changed code to use newer interface.  Removed code to work around Xerces DOMString problem.
     new b02a976  Fixed some problems with namespace and xsl:element (namespace39 and namespace 42).
     new 509486a  Don't store element names in ElemTemplateElement.
     new 68187ae  Removed extra parenthesis from expression.
     new 4ae03d7  xml/xsl file pairs used by the sample Apache module.
     new 54c1b33  Added calls to function-available().
     new af82f7d  Changed error message.
     new a4d2c05  Make sure to check the global function table as well as the local one.
     new 9cf27be  Make sure that pushed locators are popped when handling exceptions.
     new 638e761  Re-ordered member variables.
     new 110b36f  Removed extraneous code.
     new b501960  Fixed error detection.
     new f686776  Updates in progress for Xalan-C 1.1.
     new f3772e7  Updates in progress for Xalan-C 1.1.
     new 9ba1936  Fixed bug in initialization of constant.
     new 0b95d22  Moved NamespacesHandler into base class.
     new c1320d5  Broke up startElement() into smaller functions to work around gcc internal compiler error.
     new 12d2700  Major overhaul.  Now reads in parameters and will exclude certain files if specified by "-s"
     new 2f72869  Updates in progress for Xalan-C 1.1.
     new 9a2b692  Added explicit scoping to please AIX.
     new a2efff1  Removed reference to XalanFreeData (CAPI only).
     new 875cace  Make sure the default namespace is re-declared when necessary.  Fixes namespace36.
     new cb5c719  Updated version numbers.
     new 76f675b  Utility used to accesses all the test files
     new a1e9ce8  Added XalanTransformer. Removed XercesPlatformSupport
     new ecf4bb7  Changed project name from Xalan-C to "Xalan-C++"
     new fcd93b3  Added processing for <source> elements, i.e., code.
     new cb58c2d  Added info on using XalanTransformer to process XML documents that contain a stylesheet PI.
     new ef910f6  Fixed typo.
     new 99edd3a  Changed output directory for samples to the bin directory and add StreamTransform to makefile.
     new b1cb665  Incoroprated info from Paul on bug fixes.
     new 26f9533  Fixed targets.
     new 129c257  Fixed problems with build on HP-UX.
     new f8b3dc5  Removed extraneous using directive.
     new 89361f0  Catch XMLExceptions when trying to resolve the base identifier to a full URL.. This is to accomodate stream input sources.
     new 78ece46  Get URI from base class, rather than constructing it again.
     new 2fbdeb9  Fixed clean of obj directory for Solaris.
     new 74ec664  Fixed bug with xlC on AIX.
     new e96595b  New #define for this most lame of compilers.
     new 3226418  Added fix for transforming streams on UNIX platforms.
     new 6ed62bd  Commented out call to XMLPlatformUtils::Terminate().
     new d0635e5  Updates per comments from Steve and Paul.
     new d467885  no message
     new af861a4  Moved xerces intialization and terminate out of XalanTransformer class.
     new f556725  Added XalanSourceTree.dll to list of Windows dlls.
     new c0ff941  Updates per review by Dave Bertoni.
     new b8ee459  Added pack.apidocs target for transfer to website.
     new 0a8829e  For Xalan-C 1.1
     new d17825c  revised table so print.docs can process it.
     new d191702  Bumped up default stack size.
     new 9eaf42b  Changed pack.apidocs target to use zip.
     new b6f00d8  Added link to Testing. Added FAQ from Xerces on untarring on Solaris. Added warning to index on untarring Solaris distribution.
     new 3d73c5d  Fixed bug with index in pattern when matching root.
     new 563d5af  Cleaned up entry from xerces about Solaris tar problems.
     new 1eda9b1  Changes necessary for upgrade to harness utilities
     new 2cd7223  Initial upgrade to use harness utilities
     new 4f0bc21  Dave's rewrite on thread safety.
     new b92a112  For Xalan-C 1.1
     new 9311ca8  Added newline at the end of the file.
     new b59a30a  Removed individual workspaces and added one for all of the samples.
     new 9061ae6  minor edit.
     new a400039  Removed extraneous #defines.
     new 4bc7ece  Updated info on rebuilding samples under Windows.
     new 1a7e056  Fixed up dependencies
     new 333b8a6  Fixed project options.
     new 8f68a9c  One more tweak...
     new c1beb44  Corrected typo found by Dave Marston.
     new e1923ae  Removed extraneous code.
     new 1eab0e3  New way of determining -0.0, to work around xlC's optimizer.
     new debad5f  Guard against memory leak when an exception is thrown.
     new dfa051f  Only use modf to determine -0 on AIX.
     new c054a8c  Textual and link fixes per Dave Marston.
     new 9e32e99  Fixed build settings.
     new 5230633  Added info on untarring Solaris distribution and building on Windows.
     new e2620ae  Added info on what was used to build each distribution file.
     new f2d631d  Added doCleanup() to destructor.
     new 60bf060  Removed debug option.
     new e3eb7e7  Removed pdb option.
     new 6064faa  Added XMLPlatformUtils::Terminate;  always look for exclusions and commented out writing to ReportLog. ReportLogging will be added later.
     new 7a2dff3  Updated to build with Harness
     new 575a67c  Added Harness dependency
     new fb29bf6  Corrected AddHandler settings in Location element
     new 53fff51  CorrectedUNIX LoadModule setting
     new 1c6b23c  Corected sytnax errors in # 3 and 4.
     new 618b90b  Added new #define for POSIX.
     new 6b8d025  Added support for pthreads.
     new ba9b4b5  Fixed project options.
     new fd7a9ad  General clean-up.
     new 523941e  Added ThreadTest to makefile.
     new 8712b72  New XMLFileLogger method for C++ version: logElement() base on work by Shane Curcuru.
     new 29a74d6  Updates for HP.
     new 267baf3  HP has posix thread support.
     new b2f065f  Ignore % in URI to avoid escaping. Bug fix reported by Holger Floerke.
     new df70dde  Solaris has posix thread support.
     new 12d68b4  Basic cleanup
     new cf96c71  Added error message in catch(...).
     new e789af4  Added accessor for reference count.
     new 6c37317  Moved fire of selection event into if().
     new 670facc  Made static global XBooleans into instance members to solve thread-safety issues.
     new d0cb168  Removed extraneous ;
     new a741c28  Changed UNKNOWN to UNKNOWN_ERR to avoid conflicts with UNKNOWN.
     new 7cfa3e4  Removed code that was commented out.
     new 1fe5e86  Updated ElemSort to use AVT's.
     new 2ec2570  Clean up left over comments.
     new 457c751  Added #ifdef for old-style casts.
     new 9e20738  Cleaned up some options.
     new ee3b911  Fixed bug where one too many characters was read.
     new b289fae  Initial revision.
     new 7826a41  Use vector instead of set for holding instances.
     new eef3ec1  Removed evaluateAttrVal.
     new 026cc44  Updates to use new FileReporter logElement()
     new 457ef3a  Corrected Usage message
     new 6ae87a3  Fixed bug where we were looking for the wrong qname separator character..
     new 3a2d12f  Fix memory leak bug.
     new bb91069  Removed the sourceTree paramater from most element execution functions.
     new 934ab1f  Moved part of function into base class.
     new 8f549cf  New source files.
     new 5549d33  Added PrefixResolver support.
     new a3ec159  Integrated new XPathFactory implementation and new PrefixResolver functionality.
     new 1cb8609  New options.
     new eca43a9  Use new XPathFactory for stylesheets.
     new 59cb8fc  Allow extender and combining characters in NCNames.
     new 55767f2  Fixed compiler error when iterator is not a pointer.
     new 11590e9  Fixed compiler error when iterator is not a pointer, and iterator bug in operator=().
     new 13df712  New constructor for PrefixResolverSetAndRestore() whenthe old resolver is already known.
     new b3859b8  Better variable scope.
     new 81ab155  Replaced embedded string, and changed toCharArray() to c_wstr().
     new d220aba  Added another inline function to calculate average times. Added another loop for computing avg of eToe transforms.
     new 6b3b3fc  Increased Stack size
     new d45ffbb  Cleaned up comments
     new 4173d26  Added mode to the execution context and removed mode parameter from several functions.
     new cdfbac8  Append "D" to the debug version of the library.
     new 3b28bc5  Removed the sourceNode paramater from most element execution functions.
     new 608662c  Re-initialized additional member variables in reset function.
     new 1a64d82  No longer setting the current node in execute since it is already being done.
     new deb3e93  I guess not!
     new 8ef1d12  Added #ifdef.
     new fbdbffb  Updates to match Java test output
     new 5cefb86  Removed bogus assert and changed default allocation sizes.
     new a7f2a48  Fixed bug with recursive execution of pushParams().
     new 17300ed  Changed XalanDOMString parameter to pass by const reference, rather than by value.
     new 6ba2591  Changes for AIX.
     new b846be5  Turn off xml decl nodes.
     new 12cdce2  Add -D NDEBUG to release builds to disable assertions.
     new 4cbc168  Added method to generate UniqRunid.
     new 22aed41  Renamed metric names,  other minor changes to sync with how java performance is being done.
     new 181b459  Added constructor overloades for const char * and std ostream to allow implicit conversion of these types.
     new 715a08e  Changed call back to extern "C" to fix compiler problems for some UNIX platforms.
     new 801924c  Added (c++) support for compiled stylesheets and stylesheet parameters.
     new 7c35ad2  Added (c++) support for compiled stylesheets and stylesheet parameters.
     new 0eadcda  Added (c++) support for compiled stylesheets and stylesheet parameters.
     new a05a14c  Updated to work with new FileUtility
     new 880d365  The debug build was linking against the release library (PlatformSupport).
     new 786b299  Removed XalanTransformer form link line and updated the dependencies.
     new 09441b4  Added logging.
     new bcc1b37  Removed XalanTransformer form link line and updated the dependencies.
     new 6b720e6  Added (c) support for compiled stylesheets and stylesheet parameters.
     new a152f7f  Added catch for XalanFileOutputStreamOpenException
     new 59035f6  Updates to exception handling.  Instead of creating a copy we deal with the original.
     new 2d269a4  New operator() for locale string.
     new a75bb42  Initial revision.
     new 2ab0676  Moved AttributeVectorEntry out.
     new 6a55dd3  Better implementation for TranscodeFromLocalCodePage.  Changed DOMStringToDouble to use long conversion when possible.
     new 94786c3  Keep a pointer to string in the index, instead of an iterator into to deque.
     new d7f3cf8  Enabled caching of size and fixed a few bugs related to caching.
     new ef1afb8  Set entity resolver.
     new 9775161  Fixed typo in assert().
     new c3ebe62  Initial revision.
     new fbe1b99  Better exception throwing.
     new 97d6b4c  Disabled auto-conversion to nodeset.
     new 2ec828c  Pass text string to base class.
     new 7b1faa8  Removed dead code and re-structured code a bit.
     new ee9a4ab  Removed XLocator-related interfaces.
     new 80c5f71  Allow support classe instances to be changed.
     new 0c9c265  Removed extraneous call to function.
     new ca445cd  Removed embedded string.
     new c6a58ab  Implement sort for xsl:sort lang attribute.
     new 7e5ee79  Added header file.
     new c92d153  Allow for support class instances to be changed.
     new 402c553  New source files.
     new b80b238  Added explicit scope for swap() call.
     new d74940f  Make return explicit.
     new e3d8be6  Fixed typo.
     new 9f0b9e7  Minor change to add swap to the namespace.
     new f10397d  Fixed the name of a member function.
     new 796307e  Added support for parsed xml source.
     new 1c9d206  Put header file in the correct location.
     new f9d3bf0  Fixed template parameter.
     new 858f82e  Re-arranged object creation order to fix call of reset() on a dead object.
     new a0e25f2  Removed Level attribute from logElement method
     new c17e1a4  Allow directory search w/o mandating files start with directory name
     new 23c8832  Added Transformer test harness from Steve A.
     new 931c36c  Added -category switch to program.  Outputting additonal element containing iteration count and UniqRunid
     new e9bafa9  New transformer test harness from Steve A.
     new 819a319  Updated call to getTestFileNames(confDir, dirs[j],true); to include boolean true to use target dir name for filename wildcard.
     new 9c570a9  Added support for parameters.
     new 488df4a  Fixed doc bug and added export of StackEntry for OS/390 port.
     new c70d359  Fixed export of class for OS/390 port.
     new 2ee1fdb  xsl:variable without select and empty now creates an empty string, not a result tree fragment.
     new 421491c  Initial revision.
     new d6d05fe  Changes for OS/390 port.
     new 8dbbc83  When possible, encode numbers directly into the op map.  Short-cut the normal evaluation process when such a situation is encountered during expression evalution. Changes for OS/390 port.
     new 31b1bb9  Changes for OS/390 port.
     new b0aeed8  Commented out unused parameter.
     new e17c243  Changes to allow for reusing instances.
     new 0a1ffcc  Handle ignorableWhitespace() without calling up to characters().
     new c15c9b6  Make caching of sort results a compile time option, which is not enabled by default.
     new a70fae2  Removed unused includes.
     new 5b79228  Changes to allow for caching of FormatterToText instances.
     new 6d956fc  Changes for OS/390 port.
     new 0fabc35  Commented out VQ stuff.
     new d8ec9e6  Fix build problems.
     new 89a0fcc  Added hack for platforms where it ICU uses wchar_t.
     new f6e397c  Removed use of numeric_limits.
     new 0e4cdeb  Fixed scoping issue with AttributeVector entry and included header file.
     new a336443  New source file.
     new 578c6f5  Fixed typo.
     new a1d7d18  Removed OS/390-specific code, which is no longer needed.
     new 2c28ec9  Changes for OS/390 port.
     new 6a654a6  Added back OS/390 stuff and moved initialization of Xerces.
     new 7c809b2  Fixed another type.
     new 5e200f3  Changed order of header files for OS/390 compiler bug.
     new 31288fc  Removed const qualifier from vector typedefs.  Removed use of SetParamFunctor because of problems with AIX and OS/390 builds.
     new 27cf53f  Lots more stuff.
     new e1aef79  Fixed some errors.
     new 86d821f  Changes for OS/390 port.
     new 6656a54  Removed disabled code.
     new 71ec825  Removed some agressive asserts so TestXPath works again.
     new a7ddbab  Changes for the OS/390 port.
     new 10937c9  Changes for the OS/390 port.
     new eddad35  Removed unreachable returns.
     new 877e0b9  Removed incorrect typenames.
     new da51d63  Added cast.
     new ff2d524  Fixed return/exception throw problem.
     new db3d8ad  Changes for the TRU64 port.
     new 71f888d  Error compiling on AIX.
     new 4353d4f  Better implementation for immediate numeric literals.
     new 40c051b  Changes for Tru64 port.
     new f233e58  Initial revision.
     new 1cde407  Work-around for Tru64 compiler.
     new 851f20d  New source files.
     new f0535f2  Added inline destructor and removed constructor.
     new 623eb4b  Updated to use the XalanTransformer class.
     new 2b21597  Fixes some tabs.
     new ac7f39f  Added support for external functions.
     new 74d3c9e  Updated to use the XalanTransformer class.
     new ec80718  Initial revision.
     new 07d5129  Tru64 tweaks.
     new 0a4308a  Changes for Tru64 port.
     new c3a6c38  More Tru64 tweaks.
     new 00a3202  Fixed some assertions.
     new 9cf6088  Initial revision.
     new 297f357  Fixed compiler error.
     new b4feb57  Fixed bug with reporting the file name.
     new dd7119d  Make sure attribute URIs and localNames are never null.
     new 9b2770a  Improve insertion speed of keys.
     new f45efdd  Fixed problems with creating source documents.
     new 2c5188b  Fixed problem with writing comments.
     new 31606bf  Updated to use the XalanTransformer class.
     new 57e71b2  A little clean-up.
     new df09385  Changes for new document builder.
     new 1781563  Initial revision.
     new 924e94c  Changes for new samples.
     new 97f143b  Updated test to use XalanTransformer.
     new a8b8022  Finished implementation.
     new e3a4691  Moved here from PlatformSupport.
     new d65d9c5  Removed source file.
     new 3df4851  Changes required to move STLHelper.hpp to Include.
     new 4a1b425  Changes required to move STLHelper.hpp to Include.  Use new cache template.
     new 18a49b6  Added cast for Solaris compiler.
     new 3a65819  Allow for default construction.
     new b248256  Use typedef for iterator, and improve exception safety of get().
     new b01fba5  Fixed include files.
     new d174844  Fixed include file.
     new 3455d77  New source file.
     new 0e4f897  Removed source file.
     new 66df975  New getNodeData() functions.
     new 6f66214  Removed option to use DOM for RTFs.
     new 3a8af29  Moved FormatterListener from XMLSupport to PlatformSupport.
     new 94cac86  Don't assume that vector::iterator is a pointer.
     new 118eccb  New implementation to push character data to the result tree.
     new 5edbc4f  Fixed include file.
     new 43aee6f  Updating command line arguments routine.
     new f68851a  Hopefully, a fix for bug 1149.
     new f7f3adc  Oops, this is the real fix for bug 1149.
     new f00c6ba  Fix for bug 1240 submitted by pamela.duffy@computershare.com.au.  Also, added ieee option to Tru64 compile.
     new 60cdc1f  Used cached string instead of stack-based vector.
     new ac12b2f  Removed nodeTest() overload.
     new 1492ace  Added faq on HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR.
     new 4362461  Removed unused #ifdef.
     new 368f5d9  Updated handling of command line args.
     new 5ddf2ac  Add #ifdef to avoid tracking objects.
     new 3edc7a4  Initial revision.
     new e5ea810  New hashtable and allocator implementations.
     new 2ae7eae  New source files.
     new 52c636f  Exposed new string pool constructor parameters.
     new 5c0f9fa  Changes for new XalanDOMStringPool implementation.
     new 3aa64ff  Moved getEntityResolver() into XMLParserLiaison.
     new cd37358  Allow XUnknown in comparisons.
     new 76e284b  Added operator<() so XObjectPtr can be a key in a map or a value in a set.
     new 2755595  Changes for new XalanObjectCache implementation.
     new ad04b63  Changes for caching NodeSorters.
     new dad9f1b  New and improved sort caching implementation.
     new c2bbce9  Changes to use the EntityResolver before using an internal InputSource.
     new 4ca2f87  Fix for bug 1682/1702.
     new 9555e6e  Make sure an InputSource from an EntityResolver is deleted.
     new fcdd8fb  Removed option to use Xerces DOM for RTFs.  Added new NodeSorter caching.  Return XUnknown when a variable is not found.
     new cf016a0  Changed hash to hashString since Solaris seems to have a conflicting hash() function.  The evils of global functions...
     new ad68ed3  Fixed typo.
     new a86eb33  Fixed problem with conversion of large number.
     new 70fbf51  Make sure resets happen, even if an uncaught exception is thrown.
     new b87191a  Make sure the NamespacesHandler knows which prefixes are being used, so that it emits the appropriate namespace declarations (lre10).
     new 17e2a2f  Make sure namespace declarations are searched in reverse order (namespace99).
     new 67eb944  Removed thruput-flat from excluded list,  output the results.xml file in the output directory,  and cleaned up some remaining debug code
     new de06090  Fixed type of argv.
     new b73db92  Return pointers to string instead of references for namespace-related functions, to support empty namespace URIs.
     new 02f92ea  Added newline to supress warning on HP.
     new 96da793  Fixed more namespace bugs (76 and 80).
     new d2ee25f  Added default parameters to constructor.
     new 42ad994  Fixed some several declaration in .hpp,  and added two new methods, checkDir checkAndCreateDir.
     new 1b32137  Added new class HarnessInit,  which performs XMLPlatformUtils::Initialize(); and terminate with constructor/destructor
     new 4798858  Added new file to project; HarnessInit.hpp
     new ed475ac  Updated handling of command line arguments. No more hard coded paths.
     new 553e352  Updated version to 1.2
     new b6df8a8  Updates for new templates.
     new f6a55a9  Allow for caching of XResultTreeFrag instances.
     new a9b8e47  Minor clean-up.
     new b6b3405  Removed bogus const.
     new 0331bda  Initial checkin of performance with Transformer class
     new 93201a1  Lots of changes,  move some functionality to .hpp files of harness
     new de84283  Moved FileNameVectorType typedef to .hpp files in Harness
     new 75b3c35  Added addMetricToAttrs method,  and changes lots of comments
     new 5c25985  Added addMetricToAttrs method
     new 9d53acf  Added perft
     new e908ccb  Added a bunch constants used by multiple tests here.
     new e6b4de8  Removed typedef for FileNameVectorType;
     new 289ba4e  Added new package for perft
     new 444ed3e  Fixed bug with parsed source.
     new 8c17ce4  Fixed dependency.
     new c853fe5  Added $compileroption to CXXFLAGS and CFLAGS.  Bug 1810
     new c323ce7  Report error for missing node test.  Fixes bug 1805.
     new a0e16b8  Generate a new prefix for xsl:attribute if that prefix is already mapped to a different namespace.
     new ae85fa0  Fixed problem with not destroying parsed source.  Fixed some error handling problems.
     new 598a69d  removed constant to path seperator
     new 1ad0ef9  Latest revisions to use Transformer
     new d4d7307  Reordered the output of the metrics
     new 8347a75  removed files from exclusion list.
     new 49296a2  Added new test for setparams
     new e519de2  Initial Check in of Params test
     new 1ca0dd9  Clean out old code,  minor updates,  & comments
     new acb70fd  Added single quotes to parameter values.
     new bef1703  Additional Cleanup
     new 0711bc4  Fixed bug where attributes were being ordered after other node types.
     new 41d0d13  Get parent of attribute node by calling getOwnerElement().  Deprecated findOwnerElement().
     new b3fcad1  Made pointer to parser liaison const.
     new 6f4a616  Allow for documents that persist between resets.
     new 6cf18c2  Re-vamp of interfaces.
     new 76bef55  A DOMSupport instance is no longer required.
     new 6dfccd8  Made some fixes so the bridge nodes can always be rebuilt.
     new ab83250  Removed commented out line.
     new 23b5d01  Fixed bug with certain match patterns.  Fix courtesy of mfpeng@excite.com.
     new 3f06758  Added an overload for str() that allows for string data to be appended to a buffer.
     new 6bc014d  Fixed bug were result tree cache wasn't cleared in reset().
     new 469b6ef  Removed instance count stuff.
     new 6f3c968  Replaced set with static array.
     new 692201f  Arguments to id() and key() in match patterns must be literals.
     new a86b1f9  Make sure both prefix and namespace URI are empty.
     new a046356  Do sanity check for null systemId.
     new 862cf48  Update for new typedef.
     new e5be35d  Optimization work.
     new e08fb1a  Removed EER options for controlling entity reference expansion.
     new bbb1b9a  New native Win32 file handling.
     new 60161c8  Simplified sample.
     new 97431f7  Added new configuration.
     new b136d99  Simplified sample.
     new c120876  Added header file to get appropriate definitions.
     new ab43999  Fixed header file name.
     new ec98394  Made globals pointers to const objects.
     new b9cd1da  Fixed pointers to const objects.
     new fbe6acf  Added new configurations.
     new b6e1ab5  Fixed run-time library.
     new 05b3d71  Added missing header files.
     new 14ec814  Added new configurations.
     new 7d5a001  Added missing header files.
     new 3248fb2  New source files.
     new 08ac232  Simplified sample.
     new 61c49d0  Added missing header files.
     new 9b89cb7  Cleaned up stuff.
     new 0c49c48  Include  XalanCAPI.h.
     new 6a0a41a  First pass at revising usage patterns to reflect XalanTransformer C++ and C APIs.
     new 1e73247  Added entry for DocumentBuilder sample.
     new a9400fd  Revised per XalanTransformer interfaces (assuming methods for globall installation/uninstallation of external functions which do not yet exist.
     new 1256f38  Use XalanDOMString& in setStylesheetParam args.
     new c8dfb0a  List of commits since last release. Extracted from Notes by LotusScript agent.
     new d1e7c05  Coverts commits.xml to DONE for inclusion in readme.xml.
     new dc12542  Updates for next release.
     new 2ac937f  Updates and enhancements to the transformer class.
     new 5965183  Initial revision.
     new 2719c7a  Added new sample.
     new 3284962  Initial release of Dom testing code.
     new 9f6015b  Test file for Dom2Dom.  Currently these are being found by the program in a hard-coded directory called dtod
     new 62a0592  Removed unneeded include.
     new 086947e  New nextToken() overload to tokenize directly into a string.
     new e5441e3  New substr() overload.
     new dc96c58  New substring() helper function.
     new 55dec59  New formatting overloads.
     new 57a0445  Use new StringTokenizer overload and cached string.
     new 6f1d0a4  Performance improvements and code cleanup.
     new f85cf8f  Use new StringTokenizer overload.
     new ba3ce95  Made static member function a non-member inline function.
     new 6ac8d96  Drastically improved performance.
     new 01438f4  Removed unneeded include.
     new 545bb76  Performance enhancements.
     new 08e1ea9  Use new StringTokenizer overload.
     new 281d73d  Removed member function from XPathEnvSupport and its derivatives.
     new debd77c  New initialization.
     new 9c5a0a9  Code cleanup.
     new 2cde362  Initial revision.
     new b317c57  New source files.
     new a3d98a8  New project and depedencies.
     new 8cc4bae  Change for new constructor.
     new 6fafd49  Fixed header file glitch.
     new 1fb732b  New, experimental direct output.
     new 983d5cb  no message
     new 2012de8  Made virtual functions non-virtual and in-line.
     new 26cbc5b  Tweaked experimental direct-writing code.
     new fe2fe87  Removed code that required null-terminated buffers.
     new c5c456e  Fixed header file glitch.
     new 07e9fef  Changed casts.
     new 8540477  Changes for new signature.
     new 85593b4  Added cast.
     new 2ef5f5f  Fixed argument.
     new 9368761  Update for new signature.
     new e762602  setStylesheetParams now requires XalanDOMString parameters.
     new b7637bb  Scope global for Visual C++.
     new 838f14f  New exception code for XalanDOMString.
     new 456f46e  Implemented exception throwing for transcoding errors.  Implemented new member functions for better inter-operability with narrow character strings.
     new 832de08  Fixed bug with enum.
     new d1c5527  Added explicit XalanDOMString constructors.
     new f19bf6c  Fixed but where a null systemId would cause a crash.  Make sure that namespace processing is disabled for SAXParser instances.
     new f6c5f8c  New values.
     new 32e2eef  Use stdin if no source file specified.  Changed validation default to true.  Replaced inefficient handling of string parameters.
     new e741a4c  Make sure validation is disabled for SAX parsing.
     new 021e750  Changes to setStylesheetParam
     new 2868c40  Added method to output version of Xerces
     new d457b30  Removed multiple references to suffix strings .xml & .xsl
     new eb15697  Perfdata element now included Xerces version <perfdata UniqRunid="06201123" Iterations="1" Xerces-Version="1_5_0" />
     new 8540903  Initial checkin of Input API test.
     new 7333d35  Changes for new XalanTransformer interfaces.
     new 4777a80  Added string to control validation.
     new bcd8fce  Changed interfaces to return error codes.
     new 1aed39d  Cleanup...
     new 73059a3  Updated flags for boolean attributes.
     new 76f0c32  Fixed some compilation errors due to typedef changes.
     new 9981927  Fixed bug with optimizing out element frames.
     new 99e9db4  No longer push an element frame if it hasn't already been pushed.
     new 64708f3  Updates to the C API for parsed source documents.  Return error codes consistently from functions.
     new e90f6da  Destroy stylesheet when finished.
     new 6f4b1bb  New dependency.
     new 1cdcdad  Replaced initializer.
     new 695bd61  Fixed mismatched #endif.
     new 9a5cffb  Added const to vector typedefs.
     new c830fa2  Removed try/catch block now that an exception is being thrown by getVariable().
     new 824f059  Fix for attribset42, which tests XSLT 1.0 erratum 66 regarding xsl:attribute-set instance with the same name.  Also fixed bug regarding scoping of variables within xsl:attribute-set.
     new f0be70e  New Tru64 option.
     new f10db6f  New indexOf() helper function.
     new f42ad8b  Don't manufacture a result prefix unless necessary.
     new b13fd6d  Fix sort order for NaN as described in erratum 15.
     new 9a1dee3  Generate attributes, comments, and PIs through ElemTemplateElement, to avoid unnecessary use of cached strings.
     new 6a9df5a  Added new str() overloads.  Made XToken::operator=() more efficient.
     new b8c8a46  Map node() to different pseudo-names.
     new 862b6cc  Don't try to catch an exception setting top-level params.
     new aa93d88  Better template handling.
     new 3427ac2  Added target for samples.
     new 7c2768b  Added PrefixResolver to FormatterListener.
     new bcdc566  Added accessor for count of declarations.
     new 2f97c23  Removed unused code and parameters.
     new f7b7f11  Added PrefixResolver to FormatterListener.  Moved files to PlatformSupport subsystem.
     new f71a636  New performance tweaks.
     new 1aae2c2  Removed source files.
     new 289a78f  New source files.
     new 4a4fe27  New target.
     new ff427b0  Commented out include.
     new 293c861  Initial checkin of module that contains DOM differ.
     new 7137e98  Initialize member.
     new 4984cf3  Make sure PrefixResolver is set if there's a FormatterListener.
     new ba5ed79  Added #ifdef for AIX.
     new 43b65bd  Fix for AIX and undefined symbol.  Cleaned up some unused using declarations.  Write message to cerr about reading from stdin.
     new 60ad3da  Fixed bug with incrementing loop variable.
     new 3f8f7dd  New template instantiations.
     new e2e18c4  Removed unused code.
     new 1a4cfe5  Added code to get URI for namespace nodes
     new dfefabb  Whole slew of changes I don't want to lose.
     new bfdd075  New #ifdef for AIX.
     new ce47c7b  A few minor changes...
     new 4956563  Removed unused stuff.
     new 9e366c3  Improved comments.
     new 6e4a053  Removed unused stuff.
     new ca9b0a4  More efficient map initialization.  Better output functions.
     new 29227ec  Use static table for op code lengths.
     new d137175  Removed unused functions.
     new cc34f4a  More efficient match score implementation.
     new 623181c  More efficient implementation for select="."
     new 66684ba  More efficient match score implementation.
     new 3cbba55  Removed calls to obsolete functions.
     new 49d3c13  Updated comments.
     new b30d4bf  Initial check in of compare methods.  Currently I can not like with domCompare.
     new b5cbf96  Moved domCompare methods to FileUtility in the Harness project. However,  current I can't link with it.
     new 5ebbc6d  Contains the compare project as well as some others.
     new af9171f  File cleaned up. All references to domCompare removed. They are now in FileUtility.cpp within the Harness.
     new 99c300a  Fixed linking problem.
     new 1f0d902  New template instantiation.
     new 6ac172e  New platform options.
     new f49c32e  New constructors and data members.
     new 90f5401  Implemented improved exception information.
     new 1a54411  Added missing constant.
     new 37bab73  Fixed problem with pushing top-level params and stack state.
     new 1c520d3  Implemented improved exception information.
     new 3019f9c  Implemented improved exception information.  Removed unnecessary template instantiation code.
     new 2697317  Changed the directory name of the test files.
     new 5a9d4bc  Lots of cleanup.
     new 294113c  Many changes.  New comparision methods, consolidated where all includes happen
     new 731f39a  Add code to do comparisions
     new 389c2a2  First pass at extension tests
     new 8d4a1b1  Added extension project
     new 9842c2e  Patch for other platforms.
     new f1b188e  Check for problem with stream.
     new d82abbb  Added overloads for Locators.
     new 8e527a8  Tweaked message.
     new 3566b06  Fixed problem with executing extension functions.
     new 68b6372  Fixed bug with creating elements in the default namespace.
     new 105f6f1  Don't make extra copy of the XObjectPtr returned from running and extension function.
     new 4356728  Fixed bugs with interpreting ResultTreeFrags as node-sets.
     new 638a77b  Implemented better error handling.
     new 030d652  Implemented better error handling and fixed a bug where the variables stack wasn't unwound properly.
     new e350fa5  Changes for ICU 1.8.1.
     new 4f0d384  Changed file names for release DLLs with symbols.  Updated libraries names for ICU 1.8.1.
     new f7b22be  Initial revision.
     new 5a82ea5  New source file.
     new 89fb12e  Fixed dumb bugs.
     new ce32604  Enabled Xalan-proprietary extension functions.
     new 08d679a  New dependencies.
     new 7a89c45  Updated library names for ICU 1.8.1.  Added XalanExtensions to the sources.
     new 6abf54a  Added XalanExtensions to the sources.
     new 39482cf  Removed reference to Rational pue_api.c
     new bf5bbce  Latest changes.
     new 32903ad  Removed use of std::vector<>.
     new d622ee0  Added #define.
     new 347685e  Fixed problems with casts and template parameters.
     new 98c09b1  Export all classes.
     new 545f55f  Updated library version numbers.
     new a6f111b  Additional code to check if transform result has extra sibling nodes
     new 19ba0a1  Fixed 3rd param to installExternalFunction. I was always using FunctionNodeSet. Also changed usi toxml.apache.org/xalan.  Other minor changes. External functions now work!
     new 79a4992  New Dependency's for something
     new 403b898  Major overhaul.  Now testcase based.  It now fully tests all install uninstall of external functions.
     new dd738a5  Fixed performance problems with reverse axes.
     new e75f046  Optimize when there are no children.
     new 68839f5  New template definitions.
     new cbfaf2b  Scoped call to std::reverse().
     new 9b83300  Better fix for call to std::reverse().
     new 0ed94f9  Renamed functions due to collision with XalanElement::cloneNode().
     new 18cedb5  Added more specific implementations of getNameOfNode().
     new 201a67d  Use Xalan source tree instead of Xerces DOM.
     new 94aea9f  More efficient result tree processing.
     new 360df3e  Removed unimplemented functions.
     new 57e17d8  Fixed bug in append().
     new ffa4b8b  Changes for Tru64.
     new c92b6c4  Fixed bug where default was to ignore whitespace nodes.
     new 5d7c1c5  Removed obsolete comment and redundant code.
     new 9a5a694  Implemented use of DecimalFormatSymbols in some cases.
     new 5769c2c  Removed an unnecessary cast and fixed a few code glitches.
     new 19c91b3  Fixed warning on Tru64.
     new 9325fdd  More definitions for AIX.
     new 04e2cb1  Cleaned up some code.
     new 82e6dc5  Removed non-existent file.
     new 9b5a9d2  Changes for Tru64.
     new d2684b3  Fixed glitch in static member.
     new c5ca4f7  Updated how the gold dir is derived
     new 6b38423  Updated how the gold dir is derived, and the name of test directory
     new 7f2fca3  Change for Tru64 with Compaq compiler.
     new b83bf39  Make sure whitespace is trimmed.
     new a237962  Fixed some unsigned/unsigned long issues.
     new 43b45ee  Added pure virtual to determine the instance number of the document.
     new 59f8ea7  Fixed some 64-bit issues.
     new 9a2e4e0  Implemented document instance number.
     new c4975c4  Don't use climits any more.
     new a4ca048  Implemented new NodeTester class.
     new da5afb4  Added document instance number to generated ID.
     new 4f1d097  Added document instance number to XalanSourceTreeDocument constructor.
     new e9118b2  Added new virtual function.
     new f521a05  New function.
     new 4e4c576  Added & to member functions.
     new 986539d  Fixed bug where PIs or comments before the document element would result in a document without a document element.
     new 02a993e  Special inline optimization flag for SimpleNodeLocator.cpp.
     new 91c72fc  Cleaned-up some.
     new c1c6e92  Added targets for new samples.
     new 3481e5e  Fixed order of members in initializer list.
     new 22297f7  Fixed problem with creating the input source.
     new ab0959f  Removed ThreadSafe from samples.
     new 524bfee  Removed unnecessary #defines.
     new 42340ae  Added missing header file.
     new 909c141  Added missing semicolons.
     new 2109209  Updated comments.
     new b4c8eb7  Updated Xalan and Xerces release numbers
     new 3b6b0f8  New #define for ICU.
     new d648a28  Updates for ICU changes.
     new 7adc591  Corrected typo in comment.
     new 3da7049  Preliminary updates for Xalan-C 1.2
     new 1832a49  Added link to extensions library.
     new 1afdfb2  Added XalanExtensions to Doxygen build.
     new be3ce98  Pass length to write().
     new 02835cf  Added option to disable throwing exceptions during transcoding.
     new d426853  Changed call to get text for ElemLiteralResult.
     new 923e783  Added support for gcc under AIX.
     new d902eec  Updated ICU libraries for 390.
     new 8109d64  Removed toUpperCase() and toLowerCase() functions, since we can't really support them (and don't need them).  Swapped test for positive and negative 0 in DoubleToDOMString().
     new d8e7fdc  Removed Tru64 compiler option.
     new a94a9c5  Obsolete file.
     new 7cc9d49  Added new macro for unaligned objects.
     new d60381c  Use new macro for unaligned objects.
     new 266c653  Replace toUpperCase() with toUpperCaseASCII().
     new f52e31f  Fixed assert.  Make sure target vectors are cleared when a transcoding error occurs.
     new c4333c4  Replaced toLowerCase() with toLowerCaseASCII().  Made invariant string a class member.
     new a621688  Collapsed some if statements.
     new 3ca8123  Replaced toLowerCase() with toLowerCaseASCII().
     new 9368431  Removed some code when doing output to source tree or DOM.  Set flag on error output stream to prevent transcoding exceptions from being thrown.
     new e174a65  Touched up documentation.
     new b5c2e68  Don't support case-insensitive options.
     new 13aaa80  New platform.
     new 5898e63  Removed #define.
     new db12900  Updates for 1.2
     new ff32f10  Removed obsolete dependency.
     new 03d584f  Removed old source files and added new ones.
     new 5f83bb7  Fixed QName collisions with Xerces.
     new b83d677  Make sure comments in DTDs are not passed through to the source tree.
     new 2514763  Added missing link libraries.
     new 9095088  Fixed errors compiling stylesheets.
     new 9cba127  Removed Xdom and Resultarget projects.
     new f97e79b  Added pack.docs target to tar.gz all the doc for uploading to site.
     new 6813b51  Changes from James Berry <jberry@criticalpath.com> for Mac OS X support.
     new 57c3e8a  Corrected typo in comment: will --> while.
     new bf741fa  Removed compareIgnoreCase() and equalsIgnoreCase().
     new a8b90ac  Updates for 1.2
     new 390afa8  Added Mac OS X stuff.
     new 2925c34  Removed unnecessary header files.
     new a131eec  Removed cast that was causing problems with certain versions of gcc.
     new 5d29efc  Updates for 1.2 per Dave Bertoni's review.
     new 8cc3c8e  Not shipping binary for ApacheModuleXSLT and related updates.
     new 80ebd00  Update version number.
     new 2949acb  Added missing include file.
     new 98e8cde  Removed unnecessary include files.  Made StylesheetExecutionContextDefault a pointer for better binary compatibility.
     new 42c098d  Now works with test cases that are checked into the xml-xalan/test/tests directory
     new fca6f06  Removed unnecessary code.
     new 3a3bfbf  Added ICU support to XalanTransformer.
     new 8676ff9  Updated version number
     new b93d831  Updated for latest ICU changes.
     new 8383b12  Fixed const problems for AIX.
     new cd9f38a  Updated for reference release.
     new 4056b73  no message
     new 4bec382  Fixed problem with -I directive.
     new 595565d  Fixed Solaris CC options.
     new cb79d34  Removed unnecessary link libraries.
     new 4e28916  fixed links.
     new 5e8e9fc  Changes for reference release.
     new 423e0c4  Reverted changes
     new 963cd81  Removed unnecessary include.
     new 34f8dfc  Added missing file.
     new fe7af46  Make sure documents get registered with the support object.
     new 8f92838  Make sure base identifier is always normalized and absolute when possible.
     new 035e2aa  Enable ICU.
     new d51aa7a  Obsolete.
     new c7eb1cc  More tweaks.
     new a4d8f51  Fixed include file problem.
     new 1e417c3  Fixed include file problem.
     new 79baecc  Added comments that can be turned into notes during a build.
     new 797e3ea  First pass at a stand-alone ConformanceTest
     new bd30ed4  Added missing forward declaration of StylesheetRoot.
     new fb52b87  Make sure to use the source document for resolving relative URLs in stylesheet PIs.
     new 55c03b4  Fixed dependencies.
     new 3b8a252  Fixed dependencies.
     new 86b77a0  Make sure system IDs are set on all input sources.  Load extension functions by default.
     new 5f2e3f3  Tweaked earlier fix.
     new b39bd5e  Fixed output directory.
     new dd56947  Set validation flag properly.
     new 7b0c289  Removed test project.
     new 52e5bd2  no message
     new ef9bbae  new command-line flags.
     new 629ba87  Protect URL resolution code with try/catch block.
     new caa457b  Fixed namespace for extensions.  Fixed default for validation.
     new dfbaca8  Removed #define to integrate the ICU.
     new fe9ec0e  Added dependency for extensions.
     new dce692c  Fixed bug in comments.
     new 30db7af  XalanTransformer now automaticly defines the external functions. Test now accomodates this behavior,  plus better comments.
     new d974ba7  Better logging.
     new 820ac54  Removed more anachronisms.
     new 9fb0093  Added another overload for setStylesheetParam().
     new 9c86879  Updated to use DomCompare,  new overloaded method to set params,  and to test w/ files in xml-xalan\test\tests\capi
     new e515b7c  New features.
     new 0406a52  Fix for bug 3371.
     new 2112ae8  Fix for bug 3386.
     new d4d2f8d  Updated library for Xerces.
     new ee9a833  Added new overload.  Added implementation for existing overload.
     new 75262e3  Implemented validation option.
     new 4b2d607  Interm checkin of new domcompare processing. This has modifications, but has yet to be cleaned up.  All tests compile (and run I think) with these changes.
     new 49fd946  Initial revision.
     new 160fb17  Added new project.
     new 6e31fe7  New target.
     new d1453e1  Fix for bug 3526.
     new ede7711  Fix for bug 3544.
     new cb6383b  Check for null pointer.
     new 01ebaaf  Fix for bug 3583.
     new e6800f7  Added asserts.  Use document element instead of first child for document data.
     new a5bba66  Added support for transcoding to UTF-16.
     new ab95f77  Clean-up and augmented exception handling.
     new c0bcaf4  Added error output.
     new 2e16e9b  Added set accessors.
     new 7d4bacb  Implemented improved error reporting.
     new 8a70b91  Exclude the namespace URI for the xml prefix.
     new 2ffe407  Tidy-up output.
     new 78fcad2  New initialization.
     new 7bf4950  Numerous changes,  simplified domcompare, and associated helper methods.  New methods for collecting data, and reporting errors.
     new d0167b9  Implemented improved error reporting.
     new 1b1dbce  Initial revision.
     new 785588b  Added more APIs for parsing documents and compiling stylesheets.
     new fca9ddd  Removed non-existent source file.
     new 3043fe3  New source files.
     new a807741  Changes for new signatures.
     new 62dbf9e  Changes for new Function signatures.
     new 1cce1b2  Cleaned up some error handling and strings.
     new e169481  Numerous changes.
     new 9786ccb  Better error reporting based on new methods
     new dc80525  New test to run error test cases.
     new afdc3fe  Numerous changes; provide better logging and results
     new d432e88  Numerous changes to track new methods
     new b912fa0  Added missing implementation.
     new 4fe29d7  Fixed call to append().
     new 74a0ec5  Work-around for gcc bug.
     new 7737671  Cleaned up endian-ness problems.
     new 26ddc9d  Fixed mis-spelling.
     new 2ed38d7  Fix for copy44, copy46, and copy48.
     new ee993fa  Make sure exclude-result-prefix excludes by namespace URI, not by prefix.  Exclude the xml prefix namespace URI (http://www.w3.org/XML/1998/namespace).
     new fdcf49f  Added new #ifdef for XALAN_CANNOT_DELETE_CONST.
     new a836377  Added new #ifdef for XALAN_CANNOT_DELETE_CONST.
     new 81801fe  Fixed endian-ness defines.
     new 84f8d90  One more try...
     new 7f7d667  Added variable to track missing gold files.
     new 291d966  Output number of missing gold files. Domcompare was not detecting additional child nodes in result.  Updated text comparison routine to detect missing gold files.
     new b66b55d  Fixed more error reporting problems.
     new 36ffdff  Fixed bug in file compare, it was comparing chars beyond the designated buffers.  Removed some debug spew as well.
     new 4b16230  Fixed compiler errors under msvc 7.0
     new 0ae8152  Removed and/or commented out some unused parameters.
     new 613a7da  printToFile now checks that what it prints is transcodable. If not we print out a "Error transcoding to local codepage"
     new 82ba436  Modified checkResults to output Ambiguous message if Gold is not available.
     new 360a5d6  Make sure to use the proper resolver for relative URIs.  Fixes reluri11.
     new daa1dff  Updated #defines for VS7.
     new 9fa40cc  Removed extraneous code.
     new 6f032a4  32/64-bit fixes.
     new 826814f  Futher cleanup
     new 2225615  Added logging code
     new e71f030  Additional methods to report API errors
     new fa0faf8  Additional methods to report API errors,  more cleanup
     new e927ad4  Added additional method logCheckFail that takes single hashtable
     new ecc213e  Major overhaul to use lastest harness api's
     new 2f1fa8a  New ifdef for std::allocator.
     new 5c858c0  32/64-bit fixes.
     new 168b6dc  32/64-bit fixes.
     new 24a4907  32/64-bit fixes.
     new 4d11f59  Added funtions to convert pointers to XalanDOMStrings.
     new fc5ab0b  32/64-bit fixes.
     new 3bb53c5  32/64-bit fixes.
     new daddee3  32/64-bit fixes.
     new b9b9cfe  32/64-bit fixes.
     new e2fb02d  32/64-bit fixes.
     new 685fb99  32/64-bit fixes.
     new 34f0021  32/64-bit fixes.
     new 795371f  32/64-bit fixes.
     new 9d085dd  32/64-bit fixes.
     new ccb9d88  32/64-bit fixes.
     new 58b9cea  32/64-bit fixes.
     new 5711aeb  32/64-bit fixes.
     new aa4e02a  32/64-bit fixes.
     new 0a7c896  Check for stream state before flushing.
     new 421012f  Added #define.
     new cdecf76  32/64-bit fixes.
     new 0f20976  Removed #define.
     new 96ac43e  Added header file.
     new ec28268  Fixed dumb typo.
     new 74f956c  Added #define.
     new 5137d83  32/64-bit fixes.
     new dd4699a  32/64-bit fixes.
     new a1313a2  32/64-bit fixes.
     new 321ca56  Use document element as prefix resolver.
     new de8e7c5  Fixed typedef.
     new 6a536e3  Initial revision.
     new 4f1dd0b  New project.
     new d6cdb25  Added new subsystem.
     new 1c84ec1  Initial revision.
     new d7a58ac  New sample.
     new 4645297  Fixed call to transcoder.
     new 90086f0  Fixed target.
     new 972a354  Tidied up a bit.
     new d981b2c  Make aCC happy.
     new d86a27b  Better fix for aCC problem.
     new 4ebfd76  Fixed typedef.
     new 3b31654  Make sure there's a pure C compilation macro.
     new 9be5bec  Removed C++-style comments.
     new b0e4bc3  New project.
     new 4982d34  iostream header cleanup.
     new d51ee97  iostream header cleanup.
     new f90a4e4  iostream header cleanup.
     new e49f6c9  iostream header cleanup.
     new ffa315d  iostream header cleanup.
     new 277a74b  Removed testing code.
     new 932be18  Added newline to output.
     new 9d68368  iostream header cleanup.
     new dde492d  Fixed Solaris cc options.
     new 7aa8098  Make sure comment nodes return the proper pseudo-name.
     new 0cfb7fe  Bumped version number.
     new 6a49818  Always exclude namespace by URI, not prefix.
     new 96584b3  Add xml namespace node.
     new 96d80e7  Always exclude implicit XML namespace declaration.
     new d369bf8  New strings.
     new e0e4bf5  Fixed type in comment.
     new 3ca114d  Reverted a change to trim that was preventing imbeded stylesheets from executing.
     new b06b764  Modified to run embed01 and embed02 tests as params07, 08 respectively
     new 60bb188  Updated to run with harness changes that provide better result logging.
     new 4797d94  Renamed compareDomResults to checkDOMResults and added logfile parameter. reportPassFail now takes UniqRunId as a parameter. Added 3 inline debug functions.
     new 15a77ed  Renamed compareDomResults to checkDOMResults and added logfile parameter. reportPassFail now takes UniqRunId as a parameter. Added 3 inline debug functions.  Also removed all "Error: " strings from error messages.  This is now added in reportPassFail.
     new 4304dd1  Minor changes to work with harness updates.
     new 28c6357  Fixed return code.
     new e931a8b  Stylesheet to process output of tests.
     new 18c9a4f  Added getDrive() and analyzeResults()
     new e849d81  Now link with XalanTransformer
     new cb9bcd8  Additions that now process the output and display results in html
     new c4a6d4a  Additions that now process the output and display results in html
     new eeb68f3  Adds conf, errortest, sourcetree
     new bb41d64  Got rid of hardcoded references to analysis stylesheet.
     new 53f3098  Link with XalanTransformerD.lib for Debug build
     new 0142dc2  Updated call to analyzeResults for new signature.
     new 5ad195f  Moved to test\tests\conf
     new fe7546a  Changed Generate... methods to generate...
     new 2119438  Modified logElement so that CRLF were not being added to elements, rearranged overloaded functions.
     new 00415a6  Initial revision.
     new bfd50f8  Initial changes to fix problems with RTFs.
     new f88c7f0  New source files.
     new 2a7e24c  Added #include.
     new 231932f  Fixes for new callback signatures.
     new 18ad668  Use ErrorHandler if available.  Fixes bug 3886.
     new f9b5f48  Don't use ensureAllocation() in operator=(const NodeRefListBase&).
     new 5295cf7  XPath/SimpleNodeLocator integration.
     new cf881a0  Added missing initialization for data member.
     new 81799cf  Consistently use document number in ID.
     new f84ae8e  Changed name of class and made it more auto_ptr-like.
     new dff7d3d  Initial revision.
     new b84434a  Changes for new XalanSourceTreeDocumentFragment implementation.
     new 9f8272d  Deprecated member functions.
     new 69e5328  Added accessors for indenting.
     new 4bbe729  Moved ResultTreeFrag.cpp and ResultTreeFrag.hpp to XSLT.  Removed obsolete files.
     new af44ecd  Removed unused member function.
     new b2860c0  Stop supporting ResultTreeFrag instances.
     new 1ce0cc0  Moved here from XPath.
     new f13c0d2  Fixed problems with stylesheet PI and type pseudo-attribute.
     new c63db6f  Changes for new result tree fragment implementation.  Changes to store indent amount and prefer that to the XMLParserLiaison instance.
     new 5c02a6f  Removed obsolete source files.
     new e90f415  New source files.
     new a491c03  Fix call to analyzeResults
     new 99d7f89  Changed include file.
     new b3c45ae  Fixes for XalanSourceTreeDocumentFragment implementation.
     new 3b2661c  Fix for namespace89.
     new b19fe26  Moved here from XPath.
     new 62ed8a1  Initial revision.
     new a9b4638  Moved to XSLT.
     new 7ffbb32  Changes to move XResultTreeFrag to XSLT. amd fixes for addressing RTFs as nodesets.
     new a47763a  Removed source files.
     new 6e8b04e  New source files.
     new 5e2a42a  Added new dependency.
     new 288b916  Fix for bug 4587.  Added new project and fixed up dependecies.
     new 3ac241f  Fix for bug 4586.  (Paths to the Xerces library were incorrect.)
     new 6087e65  Added include for new Xerces layout.
     new c1c9bc6  Fixed comment.
     new 136067f  Fix for bug 4586.  (Paths to the Xerces library were incorrect.)
     new 83f843a  Added option for continuous processing.
     new a8bc7fd  Fixed glitch in ignorableWhitespace() and removed variable.
     new d439a67  Re-ordered initializers.
     new a3c426b  Fixed calls to FileUtility methods
     new 68fd61a  Fixed memory leak and added memory leaking testing code.
     new 3726455  Enable the use of EntityResolvers and ErrorHandlers.
     new c787c32  Fixed-up ErrorHandler and EntityResolver usage.
     new aa5724c  Removed unnecessary code, since ElemFallback is only executed by the parent ElemExtensionCall instance.
     new 1daa0f6  Backed-out changes to fix attribset42.
     new 8941d9a  Optimize predicates with numeric literals.
     new dae5ab7  Fixed bug in DoubleToDOMString().
     new 41906f1  Revamped to use extensions directory of xml-xalan\test\tests\extensions and not capi specific directory.  Also fixed up error reporting.
     new fe877d8  Updated error reporting for API tests.
     new 2ebcd77  Initilized ErrorHandle and EntityResolver.
     new 96cf164  Throw more appropriate exceptions.
     new f2bd8b4  Check to see that a prefix has been bound to a valid namespace URI.
     new e3cfceb  Changed signature of analyzeResults and added test for  XercesDOMWrapperParsedSource
     new c551111  Changed signature of analyzeResults and output test specific result files
     new eb10c33  Changed signature of analyzeResults
     new 5509b6f  More efficient comparisons of strings.  Make sure strings are compared properly.
     new dd5924b  Don't generate an attribute in the result tree if no element is currently open.
     new 8b53200  Return parent element if already know
     new dee3a12  Fixed bug with handling of whitespace in document fragments.
     new f4876bc  Fixed test for checking if parent element is already known.
     new fdd1bc0  Cleanup the code.
     new f3d20f2  Added locator information to error message.
     new 4e0eb86  Fixed #include directive.
     new 780059c  Added operator==() and operator!=().
     new c5f3cb2  Fixed comment.
     new abb2e5a  On Windows, use CreateFile() if CreateFileW() fails.  Fix for Windows 9x.
     new 8dba0d1  Fix for bug 4765.
     new 129836e  Made constructor more flexible.
     new 1b3613d  Use QName for retrieving XalanDecimalFormat instances.
     new a795536  Better error detection.  Fixes bugs 5049 and 5093.
     new 36849a4  Removed unused constants.
     new 7659ca0  Fixed error reporting.
     new e2796a4  Fixed error reporting.  Retrieve xsl:decimal-format elements by QName.
     new 9b26837  Removed obsolete constants.
     new d73f539  Use QName for retrieving XalanDecimalFormat instances.
     new 0358692  Use QName instead of NCName for the name of an instance.  Detect duplicate instances as appropriate.
     new 80c865a  Added support for newer versions of Sun Workshop.
     new d8a4ad2  Added support for extra configuration options and removed support for unused ones.  Fixes bug 4631.
     new c17e5dd  Reverted previous changes.
     new 79e4df2  Added additional option to run the tests using XercesDOMWrapperParsedSource for the xml source.
     new 1646963  Updates to output what format is being used for the xml source file.
     new 0d3d7d2  Added member functions to traverse sub-trees.
     new cb0a3e6  Added some set accessors.
     new 9a75b91  Removed SourceTree project
     new 4eaee37  Fixed problems with non-terminated strings.
     new eecdcb1  Modified member functions for creating documents.
     new dea224d  Make sure documents are created thread-safe.
     new fa67c5d  Fixed a few glitches. Make sure the proper parser options are set.
     new 7884a5a  Throw NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR exceptions for functions that aren't implemented.  Don't add an xml namespace definition if one is already present.
     new c13de15  Added a few accessors for ordering information.
     new 5888c5c  Added node list optimizations.
     new 9cd3613  Fixed error in non-Windows case.
     new c6a16c8  Major clean-up.
     new 190ecd0  Added new deps for conformance executable.
     new e8cbfea  Fixed include directives.
     new 6d722a7  Fixed include path.
     new e3b4113  Removed unnecessary include file.
     new d9bed24  Cross-platform fixes.
     new f7f0d5e  Added new deps for conformance executable.
     new f68cae7  Make sure to reset the current directory back after changing to see if it exists.
     new 900b21f  Fixed pathSep definition.
     new 3033dbc  Removed broken assumption that all paths should be made absolute.
     new 3e6b2df  Fixed include directories.
     new 97c3ec8  Added new #define.
     new d2f9c56  Minor cleanup, added code to report failure when using -sub cmd-line option.
     new c27b6cb  Check for valid 'conformance' directory.
     new 8683f39  Initial revision.
     new 6fd56ea  Test for bad directories on cmdline,  cleanup.
     new 0d4f218  Make sure to report an error for grouping separators that are not of length 1.  Report an error if formatting a negative number as a roman numeral.
     new 118e3f1  Fixes for ICU 2.0.
     new ca8873a  Check to make sure path separator was foun.
     new bb79982  Report an error if an AVT has a '{', but no matchin '}'.
     new a8fa666  Make sure not to underun the buffer.
     new fbfc7a8  Removed include of ICUBridge.hpp.
     new 8dd8f39  Moved getParams into harness
     new 3734ed7  Moved getParams into harness,  and other updates and cleanup
     new 569211a  Fix for conformant compilers where size_t is in namespace std.
     new 2bc210a  Fixes for newer Sun Workshop compilers.
     new c61aeac  Duh!  Fixed bug in checking the length of the grouping separator.
     new f542086  Updated library version for Xerces.
     new c33f585  Fixed problem with get accessors.
     new 685733f  Updated getParams to take the expected name of the output dir, and added code to check if the source .xml file is available.
     new 0b265ed  Updated getParams to take the expected name of the output dir
     new 4b36df4  Updated call to getParams, removed local version
     new d2e4c3f  Updated call to getParams
     new a57dd50  Removed obsolute code.
     new 9c67edf  Added typename where it was missing.
     new 15db2c9  Added workaround for broken IBM compiler.
     new 4019896  Removed tests for STLPORTROOT.
     new aa86215  Added private declarations of unimplemented copy constructor and operator=().
     new 551b5db  Removed obsolete source file.
     new da90089  Removed obsolete source files.
     new 263ca43  Changes to make porting to xlC 5.02 easier.
     new f36bbd4  Added flag to getParams to check for gold dir,  and now use checkdir not checkandcreatedir.
     new 33cf0cd  Updated call to getParams,  added test for -sub dir.
     new fe3fdf2  Updated call to getParams
     new e775985  Change for xlC 5.02
     new 168d135  Fix for bug with applying imported attribute-sets. (Bugzilla 5428)
     new 2a98635  Make sure that a new namespace declaration is generated when an attribute's namespace is the default namespace. (namespace128, namespace130)
     new a856418  Make sure that an attribute's prefix is stripped if its namespace is null. (namespace118, namespace129, namespace133)
     new e00e392  Prefer the stylesheet author's prefix to the prefix that is already active. (namespace134)
     new 3a02e5f  Renamed member function for clarity.
     new a007f22  Changed for renamed XMLParserLiaison member function.
     new c19a749  Changed for renamed XMLParserLiaison member function.  Added new accessor function for document number.
     new 6867195  Fixed problem where document numbers were duplicated.
     new b446125  When generating a unique namespace prefix, check to make sure the prefix is not already in use.
     new 5c4b46f  Added Unix-specific code.
     new 2b4ff8a  Added missing dummy return statements.
     new 1f115d6  Re-order constructor list.
     new 560775d  Added default for parameter.
     new 48a884d  Fixed constructor call.
     new 79194d1  Updated to run from new directory conferr.
     new 7014924  Check for invalid base directory
     new 8450d55  Clean up to run with harness
     new 20cfeb7  New project.
     new 7261a41  Added new #define.
     new ad3b83d  Added missing semi-colon.
     new 0fd0cb3  Added private, unimplemented constructor and operator=().
     new f67b15d  Check for 0-length NCNames.
     new 8adefa5  Make sure missing local-name doesn't cause an error.
     new cdc8a79  Always save excluded result prefixes, in case we need to resolve something later.
     new daa03eb  Added text data for element nodes
     new 5224846  Removed unnecessary include
     new 5ae11ef  Added new constructor.
     new 63ab1e8  Added validation support and better error report.
     new 30855d1  Added and updated constructors.
     new fe56643  Better error checking.
     new 32147da  Moved NCName checking from here to XPath/XalanQName
     new 4ecd488  Names of keys should be QNames.
     new bd71684  Added and updated constructors.
     new c4f6e64  Bumped library version suffix.
     new b0d8bbd  Fixed typedef of map.
     new aa3a5a6  Updated version number
     new d505c13  Made copy constructor and operator=() private and unimplemented.
     new 16340c9  Don't die if a property isn't supported or is not found.
     new ad46739  Detect when a variable is circularly defined.
     new 70f80f4  Updates for release 1.3
     new 9c38a3a  Added Testing framework to this workspace.
     new a703342  Removed Excluded tests.
     new 715dadb  Removed hardcoded values of file names.
     new 81cffba  Added API test: inputsource
     new ddb46a5  Make sure unsupported properties in the XSLT namespace are fatal errors.
     new 0a465f6  Make sure namespace nodes get copied correctly.
     new d422bb7  More updates for release 1.3.
     new 8117932  For generating fo/pdf.
     new bb7ae93  Check for apply-imports as a child of xsl:for-each.
     new 08e38f2  Don't encode spaces in URI attributes.
     new ce82ee5  More updates for release 1.3.
     new 5e0280d  Updates per review by Dave Bertoni.
     new 9b00585  Chain up to XercesParserLiaison member.
     new 29fc157  Added new sample.
     new af71856  Fixed typo.
     new 2d693c7  Fixed typos.
     new ea40745  Fixed typos.
     new 530fafc  Explicit string as parameter.
     new 0f850fe  Added private declarations for non-implemented functions.
     new 1decd46  Fixed bug in call to constructor.
     new 73da08f  Added constructor for FormatterListener.
     new 7f3b72c  Added private declarations for non-implemented functions.
     new 7d63789  Added new #define.
     new 47ecbd8  Work-around for latest Solaris compiler.
     new 43d7005  Added overload of hidden virtual functon.
     new 626a5fe  Added default for DOM nodes not officially part of the XPath data model.
     new 01357fd  Obsolete files.
     new 723d23f  Changed XPathException to XalanXPathException because of a clash with a new Xerces class of the same name.
     new cbf9b6a  Changes for zOS.
     new 830f070  Name change from XPathException.
     new 2022fdc  Initial revision.
     new 025d7d3  Don't use deprecated constructor.
     new e057996  New files.
     new fe04c3f  Changes for ICU 2.0.
     new c769a5d  Added -I.
     new fb960ab  Fixed initializer-list order.
     new 8a082ae  Added include file.
     new f9e479e  Workaround for latest Solaris compiler.
     new e36fd84  Added Solaris build back for 1.3
     new 859ebc8  Fixed bogus class name.
     new fc4756e  Added explicit casts for AIX.
     new e99bb00  Option for AIX.
     new 2015455  Added another missing -I.
     new dc32857  Option for AIX.
     new e396804  Better exception handling.
     new bb4ff72  Removed static strings, etc.  Major clean-up.
     new 7ffd56e  Major clean-up.
     new 5ea4ed3  Make sure we don't try to use a null systemID.  If a FormatterListener instance already has a PrefixResolver instance, then go ahead and use that one.
     new f8769ac  Use proper namespace URI for getting xml:lang attribute.
     new e8f81f9  Major clean-up.
     new f751a70  Fixed deps.
     new 72b12ca  Removed explicit link libraries.
     new 9afc914  Obsolete.  Use Xalan.dsw for building tests.
     new 1944108  1. Workshop 4.2 -> Sun Workshop 6 update 2 2. STLPort no longer required (with current compilers) for AIX and Solaris builds.
     new 83e73c3  Make sure namespace declarations come through in the attributes of an element, rather than only through startPrefixMapping() and endPrefixMapping().
     new e7a0b33  Incorporated samples.
     new 182d1e4  Implemented TraceListener support.
     new da998fb  Removed work-around code, now that Xerces-C is fixed.  See Bugzilla bug #3111.
     new f816b9e  Fixed bug in append().  See Bugzilla bug #6270.
     new f789e31  Removed bogus destructor code.
     new d5932ca  Added explicit call to base class constructor.
     new 1865e61  Added basic support for determining if a Unicode character can be represented in the output encoding.
     new 52c1fbc  Added #include of typeinfo.
     new 67e93fc  Added new instantiation.
     new 1b23afd  Condensed code and implemented installable ProblemListener instance.
     new 00364af  Changed supported() to isSupported() to mirror actual DOM name.
     new 05b8818  Make sure attributes with empty values are copied through.  Fixes bug 6394.
     new 871fbe3  Return an index into the stack, instead of a pointer to an entry (bug 6505).
     new 8e0cd28  Changed supported() to isSupported() to mirror actual DOM name.
     new c8d1fda  Changed supported() to isSupported() to mirror actual DOM name.
     new e3d3c23  Changed supported() to isSupported() to mirror actual DOM name.
     new 34441de  Changed supported() to isSupported() to mirror actual DOM name.
     new 4535787  Changed supported() to isSupported() to mirror actual DOM name.  Fixes for Xerces "sane includes" change.
     new c4f9e55  Initial revision.
     new ede430a  Fixes for Xerces "sane includes" change.
     new 5a9b3be  New Xerces library version.
     new 4d5ab94  Re-enabled reserving stack space.
     new 74ed61e  Fixed checking of compiler version.
     new 27ed261  Fixed variable declaration.
     new e9f5417  Added version numbers to file names, and updated workspace to include all samples and tests.
     new f14c1e8  Changes for Xerces "sane includes" fix.
     new 1dc5422  Changed obsolete DOMSupport call .
     new ebef77a  Removed obsolete abstract function.
     new 0799fb2  Initial revision.
     new 64db787  New source files.
     new be1f69b  Fixed bug 6814.
     new 209c034  Removed obsolete function.
     new e16dc28  Fixed usage statement
     new 4ffb183  Fixed call to std::allocator::deallocate().  Fixes bug 6916.
     new 45b4902  Include stream header files as appropriate.  Fixes bug 6765.
     new 64266ee  Updated for -AA compiler option.
     new 85a0028  Updated HPUX options.
     new af8850b  Fixed 64-bit HP problem.
     new cfdfbb3  Better gcc compatibility.
     new 3b9f74a  Fixed index out-of-bounds error.  Fixes bug 6919.
     new cf31ddf  Updated HPUX options.
     new 56fa698  Added cast for old AIX compiler.
     new dc1ffdb  Removed any leading "//" when parsing match patterns.  Cheap fix for bug 4804.
     new aaa9030  Fix for detecting problems with "-" in comments.
     new 1a960cd  Moved some stuff into header files for xlC 3.6.6 and explicit instantiation.
     new 3315781  Moved some stuff into header files for xlC 3.6.6 and explicit instantiation.
     new d524a0a  Moved some stuff into header files for xlC 3.6.6 and explicit instantiation.
     new 5c377ce  Added version number to DLL and lib.
     new 1cf25a3  Added accessor for Xerces node instance.
     new 45075be  More fixes for STLport 4.5.3.
     new b9d8ca6  Fix for bug 3825.
     new b19c360  Added option to use the default namespace.
     new d7e16cc  Use Locator for messages.
     new 9770273  Make sure the default namespace is used for cdata-section-elements attribute of xsl:output.
     new 7a22ee1  Use local name for constructing QName.
     new eacec55  Fixed typo.
     new 855ba83  Commented out unused parameter.
     new 027f174  Fixed documentation.
     new e54c50e  Disallow top-level elements with a null namespace URI.
     new 90da4da  Cleaned-up unused map.  Improved result namespace handling.
     new b7f3bcb  Unload ICU functions and extension functions in terminate().
     new a3a9ce8  Destroy the wrapper document in the destructor.
     new 5b89e59  Put back #define.
     new e678e39  Make sure we do floating-point modulus when necessary.
     new ea36cb6  Added default error formatting.
     new ef5dd8a  Upated instantiation.
     new 9b8df82  Added accessor.
     new 6dbade9  Added call to allow for default execution without applying attribute sets.
     new be7f996  Added new overloads for more efficiency.
     new 607de88  Better implementations of assign.  Added new iterator accessors.
     new 6c9ff88  New static validation functions.
     new a8a7610  Fixed bug with checking for valid name.
     new 2cbd786  Used new URISupport functions.
     new 5d67275  Initial revision.
     new ac4b9ad  Added new implementation for reporting messages and warnings.
     new 9facae2  New source files.
     new 5f1dcfe  New things to clean.
     new 5fc2213  Fixed bug 6924.
     new 646537d  Fixed potential leak on 390.
     new aa1a6b1  Moved XObjectFactory in XPathExecution context as a data member.
     new aca5624  Experimental implementation that encodes information about position predicates in match patterns.
     new abe3140  Moved XObjectFactory in XPathExecution context as a data member.
     new 824191b  Cleaned up a bit.
     new dfbed59  Changes for ProblemListenerDefault.
     new 728f6ba  OS/390 memory clean-up.
     new cea06f7  Made error formatting member function static for general use.
     new 3e93690  Old STLport version work-around.
     new a0e22a3  Bumped version number.
     new cccc936  Added more for clean target.
     new a24d014  Make sure _REENTRANT is defined for STLport builds.
     new 2d54603  Added new header for message classification.
     new e0c1213  Added new call for cleaning up the ICU.
     new 8729930  New source files.
     new 8b0ddec  Changed constructor to accept InputSource instead of XSLTInputSource.
     new 2389b80  Added new ICU cleanup call.
     new a7da0be  Removed unused functor and fixed bad cast.
     new f481b39  Don't use MapValueDeleteFunctor on certain platforms.
     new d8e0ecc  Removed unnecessary instantiations.
     new 54535fa  More efficient xsl:strip-space and xsl:preserve-space processing.
     new 84c2493  Removed broken document numbering code.
     new 6c9ecdb  Update for 390.
     new e6ceeb6  Changes to use std::numeric_limits where available.
     new 8bfef04  Fixed typo.
     new f13cb28  Removed obsolete gcc option.
     new 3201217  Changes for std::numeric_limits.
     new cc2e0fa  Cleaned up some problems.
     new eb95d96  Removed extraneous ;s
     new bb11983  Use dynamically-allocated map instances, for better memory leak detection.
     new b9a05ab  Made unsupported member functions private.
     new 417801f  Removed function that was commented out.
     new 6a6a16d  New defines for -std strict_ansi_errors option.
     new 31117bd  Cleanup for picky compilers.
     new ee2dabd  New defines for -std strict_ansi_errors option.
     new 72846fb  Made Tru64 compiler options consistent.
     new 89380f9  Removed bogus debugging code.
     new 1473a22  Cleanup for picky compilers.
     new 22eebb3  Added private, unimplemented constructors and operators.
     new 5baec57  Added missing definition and initialization.
     new 14123cc  Removed unused variable.
     new d35dee0  Made destructors virtual
     new afd1269  Changes for Intel compiler.
     new fdb6226  Added private, unimplemented constructors and operators.
     new 4ab233c  Removed explicit link libraries for Tru64.
     new 449f425  Added copy constructor and assignment operator.
     new c77d60c  Cleanup for picky compilers.
     new 24571f3  Cleanup for picky compilers.
     new 305224b  Cleanup for picky compilers.
     new 8371138  Updated ifdefs.
     new b0caaae  New workspaces and dependencies.
     new a60dd9f  General clean and fixes.
     new 0b13d37  Initial revision.
     new f98dfba  Spurious file.
     new a4bf212  More options...
     new 9b335d2  Fix for bug 8134.
     new 3e52938  Removed || from preprocessor directive.
     new d186676  Initial revision.
     new a994b68  Change for AllInOne project.
     new 965b7d4  Fixed documentation.
     new 0ca8d07  Fixed typo.
     new 57044d5  Added ifdef for covariant return types.
     new 5a982c9  Clean of includes.
     new 943ea61  Make sure the current template is maintained correctly.  Added option for pre-instance factories for result tree fragments.
     new 2903fb9  New source files.
     new d91d3d6  Fixed problem with covariant return type.
     new 1f94872  New source files.
     new ae95a8d  Updated functions.
     new ba5b784  Update documentation.
     new a26064c  Added pragma for Microsoft to prevent inlining.
     new 26737ce  Updated extension functions to use direct execute() call.
     new 0b39a89  Added new project.
     new b76288d  Removed macro for endianness.
     new a9c3a75  Re-wrote code so there is no need to be aware of the endianness of the platform.
     new 973f4d2  New constructor for choosing node allocator block sizes.
     new 3045512  Initial revision.
     new 1418589  Use new allocator class.
     new 5e462ee  New source files.
     new 4891bcf  Safer dereference handling.
     new 28c5b96  New source files.
     new 4f57faf  Fixed preprocessor directive.
     new b5abef1  Added link option for HP to use SHLIB_PATH.
     new 9a68bf0  Initial revision.
     new 95f0934  Make sure nodes are added in document order.
     new 00041d2  Make sure ErrorHandler is set.
     new e01e867  Integrated EXSLT extensions.  Make sure EntityResolver and ErrorHandler are set for parsing.
     new f9847b7  Fixed bug.
     new 6eb7950  New project and dependencies.
     new ead928e  Initial revision.
     new 4900e9e  New source directory.
     new 5498125  New extensions installer integration.
     new 5ce24a5  Clean up and new implementation of math:constant().
     new 116da66  Make sure the default namespace is fixed-up when copying RTFs.
     new 77e577a  Added new source files.
     new 35eb75f  Use puts instead of printf.  Cleaned up creation of drive string.
     new 3b46ee7  More efficient implementation.
     new ce3f272  Use append instead of creating a sub-string.
     new 3ada0e4  Better implementations of startsWith() and endsWith().
     new 9a4139d  More efficient string use.
     new 2b9b178  ifdef to use wchar_t for XalanDOMChar.
     new d58ed2d  Round argument.
     new c54bfa1  Use XalanDOMString::substr().
     new 0559eed  More efficient substring call.
     new 6b8221e  More efficient string processing.
     new 6c0aecf  Implemented multiple compiler options.
     new c091f34  Removed unused constant.
     new d4b73e4  Removed unused constant.
     new 35cf591  Added #ifdef for certain platforms.
     new 90c832c  Fixed cast problem with older compilers.
     new 2914616  Added conditional processing for XalanTemplate.cpp to make sure NDEBUG is defined.  Removed spurious 390 link option.
     new 6feb550  Make sure all necessary characters are escaped in content.
     new 8c49e27  Added option for specific name.  Added override of childTypeAllowed() for error checking.
     new 874cb9e  Better error checking.
     new 22c9231  Don't construct message string.
     new fe6d407  Added option for 390.
     new 7b82657  Added using declaration.
     new 0157a1e  Fixed code in #ifdef.
     new 5c8e54c  Removed unused local variable.  Use more specific exception.
     new eaf5893  Fixed problems with doXercesTranscode().
     new b6d9304  Fixed some problems with static strings.
     new eb92952  Added function-available() call.
     new da6f116  New overload of NormalizeURIString().
     new 202ef11  Removed unused member function.
     new d285402  Updated comments.
     new 8d1fc93  Immplemented new document wrapper.  Cleaned up current implementation.
     new 3115ef8  Added new constructor.
     new e033c63  Straightened out chaining of parser liaisons.
     new e2115ce  Initial revision.
     new 4e6d77d  New sample.
     new 5e80457  Updated source files.
     new b9977a7  Removed obsolete source files.
     new ddb9b78  Added new link library.
     new 91e8232  New source files.
     new 6558e4f  New project.
     new 575b3c3  Obsolete files.
     new 8fc9aac  Updated target.
     new df3f21e  Fixed new sample name.
     new 262e6b6  Fixed include files.
     new fd31e0a  Added node-set as an alias for nodeset.
     new 1d2f2c5  Added missing include files.
     new 6c6fd09  Set validation to dynamic, instead of always.
     new 165fecc  Set validation to auto instead of always.  Make validation errors fatal.
     new 0cfe3d7  Fixed element name string.  Determine whitespace during construction.
     new 67804da  Better scoping and modularity.
     new bb94eef  Make sure all appends go through checking code.
     new 9ad52a3  Use XSLException::defaultFormat().
     new 7c279c6  Added copied namespaces to result namespaces.
     new 802f5ad  Don't add empty namespace for initially.
     new 6983096  Avoid mucking with default namespace unless necessary.
     new 795198c  Improved error message
     new f9a3ca8  Changed ULONG_MAX to LONG_MAX.
     new ad236d4  Removed obsolete files, etc.
     new d5b96a2  More static string cleanup.
     new f87b6f3  Fixed some Solaris defines.
     new bfa5a11  Use buffer for numeric conversions.
     new caf97e8  Cleaned up diagnostics code.
     new 220a054  Added missing includes.
     new bbf5fed  Removed unnecessary includes.
     new b63d8b4  Removed unnecessary include.
     new fb08035  Removed unnecessary include.
     new 83346f7  Removed unnecessary include.
     new c1a4a75  Removed unnecessary include.
     new 638f922  Removed unnecessary include.
     new ebef3b7  Removed unnecessary include.
     new bfec380  Obsolete.
     new 0626aa8  Removed obsolete files.
     new 68e78ec  Initial revision.
     new 11fcc68  Initial revision.
     new 045b814  Initial revision.
     new ddbd3ad  New project.
     new 0eca2a8  Added resource files.
     new 10aa941  Make sure variable is initialized before use.
     new 560e170  Cleaned up link libraries.
     new 42bd6af  Fixed link and compile lines to remove references to Intel executables.
     new 3b90e4d  Changed version number.
     new b4b8e38  Reverted change.
     new eb9e156  Removed EXSLT functionality.
     new 7b80651  Reverted change.
     new 23dd753  Implemented "case-order" attribute of xsl:sort.
     new 2c318d2  Fixed bug with child and attribute axes in match patterns.  Added better error message handling.
     new ba91397  Fixed bug with patterns starting with //, and removed work-around hack.
     new 4702ddd  Better support for double-to-string conversions.
     new 0146fbf  Throw exceptions for unsupported calls.
     new 18aa617  Fixed some bugs in parsing match patterns, and implemented calculation of default priority.
     new fafbd8c  Disable reporting of conflicts in templates as default.
     new 272a603  Implement ordering of templates by priority.  Improved efficiency of finding templates.
     new 71ff365  Don't set current template during call, since it will be set later when the template actually executes.
     new 5c6ae96  New functionality.
     new a953c36  More efficient implementation of predicates.  Cleaned up unnecessary temporaries.
     new 8a5845d  Fixed broken accessor.
     new 6c9a205  Fixed problem on HP 11 with -AA switch.
     new 1572ea7  Fix bug 6917.
     new 127ebe8  Use modern STL when possible.
     new ae09d49  Fixed warning.
     new 58f6653  Fixes for limiting content of certain instructions to text nodes.
     new b586d48  Initial revision.
     new 26cfff6  New source file.
     new 4005565  New link options.
     new eaa5ca3  Use new typedef.
     new 3f8e515  Changes for up-coming Xerces version 2.
     new c5da372  Use new typedef.
     new 4ca0a95  New base class for Locator derivatives.  Change for new select debugging interface.
     new 8fc92af  Changes for new select debugging interface.
     new ea21683  Moved transformSelectedChildren() into ElemForEach, since that's the only place it's used.
     new 2a864a5  Removed code that was commented out.
     new 850c4f9  Removed code that was commented out and removed unused functions.
     new f2707e9  Temporary fix for copying namespace nodes.
     new 180c88e  Set schema flag as well as validation flag on parser instance.
     new 3091050  New overload for getMatchScore() and new optimization for positional predicates in match patterns.
     new b8e8ace  Removed unused return values.  Removed unused prefix resolver.
     new e0ca86c  Removed unused cast and variable definition.
     new 4ef6ec6  Fixed bugs in DOM comparison routines.
     new 583f5ef  Made code more generic, so it works with the broken Intel compiler.
     new e529ff1  Use empty() instead of size() != 0.
     new eb1061f  Use empty() instead of size() != 0.
     new b6b115a  Use a different macro to control compilation.  Fixes problem with earlier versions of the compiler which don't support certain language features.
     new 7f9345a  New macro to configure STL.
     new 1856777  Include Xerces defs file so the version macros are defined.
     new 7c5fc36  Cache attribute count.
     new 89df81c  Added empty() member function.
     new 70ca662  Use empty() instead of size() != 0.
     new ed2b5d7  Use empty() instead of size().  Cache flag that indicates the presence of CDATA section elements for output.  Fixed bug where stack was not being popped properly.
     new be07adb  Conditional compilation for Xerces includes.
     new 272a364  Removed unnecessary header file.
     new c87e87d  Don't add template to stylesheet until endElement() to prevent a problem with double-deletion if there's an error.
     new a21ab17  Added assert.
     new 0be1eb3  Cleaned up unused classes and removed deprecated header.
     new 588d577  Update for newer gcc versions.
     new e1990b6  New header file.
     new 8f0c912  Removed strstream.
     new 5d9b9ea  Removed strstream.
     new 0bb495f  New compiler configuration file for the Intel compiler.
     new b60a8d7  Reverted use of std::numeric_limits for now.
     new d6bb66e  Fixed conditional compilation and added comment.
     new 3f6371f  Fixed typo in include guard.
     new 22c04e3  Added support for Intel compiler.
     new bb7ec6d  Initial revision.
     new 23a33ad  Updated copyright.
     new 631b997  Fixed bug where parameters were being passed incorrectly.
     new d888f1a  Enhanced checking code to add option to allow the result string to contain the comparison string.
     new 63d7e77  Workaround for problem with STLport's std::numeric_limits.
     new 6e59908  Use new proxy class.
     new bcbfd58  Improved error reporting with exception.
     new 04b894a  Detect duplicate variable definitions.
     new 260a60e  New source files.
     new 3ef1fbe  Fixed prototype.
     new c402abe  New source files.
     new 4f998f6  Fixed include guard and updated copyright.
     new 1dc94c3  Fixed typo and updated copyright.
     new dfa6dcb  Make sure unused parameter is not there in release builds.
     new 3d89905  Changes to implement 32 and 64-bit builds.
     new 3960805  Merge in HP changes.
     new ec4bca3  Fixed statement termination problem.
     new a13f5d6  Only accept a node-set() as the second argument.
     new 7b07739  New changes for Xerces library and to allow override of lib path.
     new dc7c2d3  Update for new vector type.
     new b56d702  Removed spurious source files.
     new 9778c57  Commented out broken #define.
     new 48f8b7a  Initial revision.
     new 6e2f9af  Changed Xerces to Xalan.
     new 10a1440  New version header file.
     new 7106ddd  Read bytes from the stream all at once.
     new f1de4c3  Added more version information.
     new 618b4e7  Added better error reporting.
     new 4752b0e  Implemented caching of collators and better creation of default collator.  Removed unused code.  Make sure double warning is not emitted when using FunctionICUFormatNumber.
     new 6ce9ad8  Added more version information.  Use new option for ICU collator to cache collator instances.
     new 8b32dfa  Added more version information.  Don't use std::ofstream, as performance is not always good.
     new 32cc7c9  Removed unused code.
     new 266e688  Use per-thread ICU collator instance to take advantage of caching.
     new 669ce77  New parameter to allow for supressing warnings.
     new af9ad83  New functionality for collation functors.
     new 3cb8fbd  Removed unused functionality.
     new 19a2c76  Added missing search directories.
     new f5b1db7  Added implementation for old iostreams.
     new 20d1edd  Use correct namespace URI for extensions.
     new a857b9b  Use per-character input for std::cin.
     new b4df75a  Implemented new options for HTML output.  Removed unused constructor arguments.
     new c3223e9  Implemented new options for output.  Includes both extensions for xsl:output and programmatic interfaces.
     new a9298fc  Changes for new FormatterToHTML constructor.
     new e1aeed5  Fixed trailing , in enum.
     new 3968cfb  Work-around for Xerces bug 3111.
     new c6c377f  Implemented new command line options.
     new 363ca55  Vastly simplified cache.
     new f1f89a1  New properties.
     new b052bee  Implemented external schema locations.
     new c573d07  May sure we don't set null locations.
     new 9ae80d8  Scope XalanTransformer instance.
     new 7ab3ead  Support questionable namespace URIs by replacing prefixes with URIs after tokenization.
     new c1af90d  Switch namespace back...
     new 64a3597  Made namespace consisten with extension namespaces.
     new b27bb30  Maintain compatibility with version of ICU prior to 2.0.
     new eba400c  Static implementation for entities map.
     new ed4a3c4  Removed unused variable and superfluous qualifier.
     new 29d75d9  Scope XalanTransformer instance.
     new 55ad180  Added optional parameter for blocking input.
     new 22babc5  Initial revision.
     new 66bd148  New implementation of element properties.
     new 0dda549  New source files.
     new be96ed0  Fixed typo.
     new 42d2766  Make sure static instance is initialized.
     new d4f9084  Added default to switch statement.
     new 50dca84  Removed unused parameter.  Pass ErrorHandler and EntityResolver when compiling stylesheets.
     new 11ed1c7  Removed spurious files.
     new fd7ad75  Added XString cacheing.
     new f0808d2  Added missing #define.
     new bb8206a  Use consistent typedef from base class.
     new 4732d7c  Fixed call to XalanTerminate().
     new 438b430  Use macro instead of actual namespace.
     new ad5ff3c  Preliminary updates for next release.
     new 444f023  Stylesheets required for doc build.
     new 0ad2e05  Build currently is not using commits.xml to construct DONE.
     new 2b88b73  Added missing source files.
     new cf62ebc  New dependency.
     new 7b322f7  Removed obsolete classes.
     new bfe3cdd  Make sure instance is deleted.
     new b0ad980  Fixes for initialization and termination.
     new 3cf884d  Added assignment operators.
     new d4839e3  Removed {} from non-aggregate initializers.
     new 553df49  Static entities table.
     new 03de57f  Make sure to use case-insensitive lookup of strings.
     new 87532a5  Reduce start-up dynamic memory utilization.
     new d569d0f  New overload for equals().
     new 34fa329  Reduce start-up dynamic memory utilization.
     new e439a50  Make nested class public.
     new e1a0d71  Add option for cxx command line.
     new b5e6470  Removed obsolete initialization.
     new 432d17d  Removed obsolete strings.
     new 737db0e  Reduced dynamic memory allocation in initialization.
     new 6fdadd9  New helper overloads.
     new 95e9eea  Use strings which are already UTF-16.
     new 70cd57e  Reduce start-up dynamic memory utilization.
     new b0b53af  Reduce start-up dynamic memory utilization.
     new a3abb33  Removed trailing ,.
     new 1500446  New UTF encoding.
     new 91380d5  Reduced dynamic memory allocation in initialization.
     new f3eded8  Added swap().
     new bf5e7d3  Reduced dynamic memory allocation in initialization.
     new 4df5c8a  Removed obsolete source file, and re-arranged existing source files.
     new 76b7e51  Removed obsolete source file.
     new f2f8346  Make it a POD.
     new c34d79b  Obsolete.
     new da52a5e  Removed obsolete source file.
     new 93c7a14  Reduce start-up dynamic memory utilization.
     new aef908b  Make sure non-ASCII characters are never written in their raw state.
     new 797bb5e  Commented out encodings that we think we can support, but really can't.
     new 45c6f2e  Reduce start-up dynamic memory utilization.
     new 6fcbd39  New static strings.
     new ceb9232  Don't check range.
     new a9fd36d  Reduce start-up dynamic memory utilization.
     new 04516f8  Added ifdef for problem with XalanUnicode enums.
     new 3e80e77  Removed obsolete stuff.
     new 0cf9274  Removed obsolete stuff.
     new 4ef3c78  Tru64 work-around.
     new 36dadc4  Fixed bug with ChildrenToString().  Bugzilla 12471.
     new 9a16f53  Pass Locator to exception on terminate.
     new d37c130  Extensive set of changes for Xerces-C 1.4. Users must now download Xerces-C separately. Revised info on setting paths/library paths. Links for new EXSLT functions to .hpp help and EXSLT specs. Much more ...
     new 3588c55  Fix for bug 10861.
     new 9e5046d  Fixed doc buglets.
     new eaf1f15  Fixed bug with forward-compatible processing.
     new cdd2817  Updates from Dave Bertoni.
     new d673736  Fixed Solaris version number.
     new 1a3c7c4  Fixed error message.
     new c4a4fe4  Doc updates.
     new f777795  Update ICU version.
     new 040f4c9  More info about Win32 build.
     new 921b539  Use &icu-used; from entites.ent to get correct ICU release number.
     new c6f1168  Editorial cleanup of "Asking questions."
     new b9b7664  Removed Quantify file.
     new a20193e  Fix for VC7.
     new ee7b5d1  Use local name instead of value for matching namespaces.
     new db53bd1  Special case initialization for AIX.
     new 0ce1eda  Removed bogus code which replace namespace name token with namespace URI token.
     new e4cc954  Extend bug fixes for Xalan-C++ 1.4 to 09/20/2002
     new 06a5bc8  Removed obsolete macro definitions.
     new f906773  Initial revision.
     new 2c43a54  Removed obsolete code.
     new d8fc6f5  Use new class.
     new 8bec11f  Performance tweaks and new functionality.
     new c00a390  New source file.
     new 1b1ab62  Removed obsolete source files.
     new 767badf  Use new constructor.
     new 313c480  Added needed typename keyword.
     new a9cf3d0  Added needed typename keyword.
     new 66d7c5d  Removed std::.
     new 6f00d9b  Fix for broken IBM compiler.
     new 131f827  Made XalanCopy and XalanTransform public.
     new 50014f7  Cleanup for old IBM compiler.
     new 1ce75ff  Replace static map with if/else logic.
     new 0ae59cb  Element names table cleanup.
     new 464e38f  More constant string cleanup.
     new ce16645  Use vector for xsl:number counters table.
     new 00fe72e  More cleanup.
     new 8227bb4  Fixed namespace for strings component.
     new b26fa3b  Enable EXSLT.
     new 3a905d0  New dependency for testXSLT.
     new f56f08e  Fixed ifdef.
     new 917b409  Revert default value of flag.
     new e10d4e9  Guard against | | in match pattern.  Fixes bug 12984.
     new 2e23757  New table implementation.
     new 2c333ea  Added this-> qualifier.
     new 54bb7ea  Make sure nodes are always added in document order.
     new e2ae075  Added missing header file.
     new 333ce7d  New implementation.
     new 4c8668c  Make sure node sets are marked being in document order.
     new 2737694  New pooled string implementation.
     new 8478bd7  Make sure table is nulled out.
     new 52d8d44  Make sure document order is set properly.
     new 4201f0e  Fix document order problems.
     new ff98219  New overoads and inlines.
     new a576a40  New function object for XalanDOMString pointer comparisons.
     new 023fa7e  Use pointers to XalanDOMStrings in maps instead of copies.
     new 8bddd9a  New interfaces for installing and uninstalling functions.
     new c4a5af8  Fixed typo.
     new f51010c  Added missing brace.
     new 40dee94  Fixed typo.
     new c52f746  Fixed typos.
     new 0e98063  Updated for source changes.
     new b317e40  Make sure static instances used for start-up do not allocate any memory.
     new 21d3821  Removed unused code and data members.
     new 2f8f74b  New code for ElemEmpty and ElemTemplateElement that skips namespace processing.
     new b7b1e4d  New XToken code to prepare for string pooling.
     new 406c430  Fixed bug where XString cache was not cleared.
     new 41fb905  Temporary fix for bugzilla 13190.
     new 7b52270  Fixed comment glitches.
     new e5e34d5  Fixed comment glitch.
     new 7ea0c8f  Removed bogus #define.
     new 9aa4561  Initial revision of new Xerces DOM wrapper.
     new c012167  Integration of new Xerces DOM wrapper.
     new 6813b53  New sources files.
     new ad93349  Corrected case of file name.
     new da20dba  Added missing return statements.
     new 831a685  Fixed typo in map typedef.
     new 227e3f6  Fix for bug 13190.
     new 71a848c  Implemented getElementById().
     new 90eecb4  Check for null string.
     new 2601598  Updates for new DOM and new DOM parser.
     new b3ca3c7  Removed unused string.
     new de64608  Commented out assert for the time being.
     new a71d668  Remove default parameters to fix ambiguity.
     new 12ffdea  Don't cache pointers.
     new e968464  Fixed namespace141.
     new 68dd1a0  Fixed glitch with storage class.
     new 99623d2  Removed some bogus stuff from the gcc sections of Solaris and AIX.
     new ea88c33  Initial revision.
     new a82caa8  New source files.
     new 9405a0b  Added new member function to determine length of string value.
     new 74b5c36  Optimize string conversion of single text child.
     new 5ae9452  Implement counting.
     new f3e3b16  Use vector instead of set for storing attribute names already visited.
     new 2accf35  Better optimization of single-text-child RTFs.
     new 1ccb790  Fixed problem with pointer-to-member.
     new d255c4c  Fixed getop problem.
     new 56af73e  Fixed a bug with returning the default namespace instead of the correct one.
     new 560b903  Changed priority for AIX build.
     new 078f350  Make sure . and .. are considered as axes.
     new 9aa8e8e  Removed unnecessary include file.
     new 46a4e27  Initial revision.
     new 2976bf6  Don't cast to strings any more, or reserve space in the result string.
     new 347d792  Added some asserts.
     new 6b5d7a3  Added test for empty and a clear() member function.
     new 9b56543  Temporary enhancements until the final removal of stack searching.
     new dcfdeb8  Guard against null string.
     new 32916ed  Added new functor.
     new 4581f8b  Always pass up schema locations.
     new 1fd813f  Use new XalanNamespacesStack class.
     new d88029c  Fixed typedef.
     new 4df09c2  Experimental functionality.
     new 6947509  New source files.
     new ff840a0  New source file.
     new b1c8a9d  Fixed typos.
     new 0bc9690  Clean-up.
     new e193eb0  Fixed typo.
     new 0178b85  Fixed typo.
     new a2a5415  Added #ifdef for older compilers.
     new 44c4c92  Bumped version number.
     new 09efa4c  Added #ifdef and removed unnecessary include file.
     new 9a9a745  New updates.
     new 36c9ae8  New code to test multithreaded source document and stylesheet parsing.
     new 92a2f94  Bumped minor version number.
     new f8f39b3  Fixed typo.
     new c8b9baf  Added missing files.
     new f312d34  Fixed comments.
     new 629d56d  Removed unnecessary string copy.
     new 56c49f0  Added thread-safe macro for red-black tree class.
     new 34aa624  Fix for bug 14029.
     new 4a37dd3  New source files.
     new b954a2c  New functors.
     new 18f4d23  Update default separators.
     new 24fee8d  Factored out common code.
     new 3dea1b7  New construction context class for better dynamic memory allocation.
     new 6487922  Updates for new signatures.
     new 31fa077  Use one definition of size_type.
     new 6042e21  Added typedef.
     new f573453  New source files.
     new 1df6343  Added ifdef for all-in-one project.
     new ca71063  Cleaned up unused stuff.
     new 0891ab0  Updates for new templates, etc.
     new 407388d  Make sure everything is reset properly.
     new 6ae4251  Fixed endless loop in reset().
     new 0b68e4f  New source file updates.
     new 9ca9670  Obsolete files.
     new 8e19898  Fixed glitch.
     new b1acf54  Fixed glitches and added some information about using GNU make.
     new bfd6357  Added implementation of a proxy class for PrefixResolver.
     new 899cc86  Removed unused local variable.
     new 7aea219  New base class signature.
     new 9453b7c  Added implementation of a proxy class for PrefixResolver and removed obsolete code.
     new 6a18b3b  Simplified logic.
     new be742ac  Removed bogus error overloads related to stylesheet nodes.
     new e18ef5b  Added stub function for XSLT functions not implemented by XPath.
     new 1eaa735  Straightened out reporting overloads related to stylesheet nodes.
     new f8dc989  New implementation to keep pointer to XalanQName instance instead of making a copy.
     new 9438a20  Huge cleanup and move to more block allocation of stylesheet objects.
     new 2eed20f  Added header file.
     new b6b86f8  Re-arranged forward declarations for Compaq compiler.
     new 8f713a3  Initial revision.
     new 08629b8  New block allocation for ElemEmpty and ElemText instances.
     new 158e41d  Ensure ElemText never has any children.
     new 5ef7e60  Assert there are never any children.
     new 460dd0b  Made setting of XALANCROOT more explicit.
     new da9556f  Use accessor member functions instead of direct access to data members.
     new 71ae151  Add extra hint about using GNU make.
     new 2b9a19d  Major re-working of stylesheet creation code, including initial block allocation of some stylesheet elements.
     new c49d07d  Use accessor member functions instead of direct access to data members.
     new ecd96b0  Use accessor member functions instead of direct access to data members.
     new 486478d  Initial revision.
     new 1d327e1  More cleanup and block allocators for stylesheet elements.
     new 7bb82a8  New source files.
     new ea54380  Fixed types for index data members.
     new 312ff3f  32/64 bit issues.
     new a13715d  Obsolete files.
     new 962daac  Removed unnecessary cast.
     new df71b31  Fixed type of data member.
     new d260a57  Fixed types for gettting attributes.
     new 0d2de24  Migrate to unsigned type for node counts.
     new 0d64d94  Change types to unsigned and use a typedef.
     new b67140e  32/64 bit issues.
     new 9044ca8  Removed unused instantiation.
     new 67d0177  Fixed code for old xlC front-end.
     new 96caa08  Fixed glitch with typedef.
     new e91a52d  Added explicit implementation of destructor.
     new 61b46f4  Added missing assertion.
     new 6bd8a38  Reduce size of NamespacesHandler and ElemTempalteElement.
     new 256d654  Renamed post construction member function and made NamespacesHandler instance private.
     new 46be130  Changed implementation from map to vector.
     new d813ca6  Lowered version of compiler supported.  Move #define into common section.
     new 30ea9ae  Added typename keyword.
     new f648902  Removed bogus #ifdef.
     new 2084cec  Changed parameter to const reference.
     new 85f9c72  Changed parameter to const reference.  Removed obsolete code.  Fixed bug where change in locale could cause conversions to fail.
     new 7fb9756  Fixed bug where change in locale could cause conversions to fail.
     new 24dec91  Updated #defines.
     new 8dd9a93  Fixes for various platforms wrt to std namespace.
     new 6fcc0f6  More generic implementation.  Added typedefs for typenamed types.
     new 1b378da  Straightened out #defines for strict ANSI compilers.
     new ffae664  Removed unnecessary #define.
     new 54e77a0  Re-ordered intializer list.
     new e9e9e60  Fixed use of typedef.
     new b2a8d96  Don't use std::cout as the fallback target.
     new 5b9de36  Straightened out iostreams #defines.
     new fb42f6a  Updated library extension.
     new bb2f42c  Fix for bug 14614.  Removed unnecessary insert of document into map.
     new bd6b8de  Added constructor for new Xerces DOM implementation.
     new 14f64a7  Use new Xerces DOM implementation when available.
     new 71bd70d  Added comments.
     new 9fdd6a6  Filter out dummy XML namespace attribute we add to the source tree.
     new d614d33  Added option to read source document or stylesheet from stdin.
     new cbde6f4  More efficient fix for bug 13906.
     new 7294bbc  Obsolete files.
     new 7d8ccd9  Obsolete files.
     new ed8f2dc  Removed obsolete header file.
     new 62b78ca  Updates for new C++ namespace support.
     new bbe386b  Removed obsolete source files.
     new 987e17c  Fixed #if.
     new af2944d  Removed obsolete forward declaration.
     new 5c2a384  Removed obsolete source files.
     new f21f63e  Changed version number on DLL file names.
     new c561036  A few more macros.
     new 6c7a922  Removed unnecessary include.
     new 41b955e  Fixed ifdefs.
     new edcd412  Fixed some macros.
     new ed7ccd7  Fixed ifdefs.
     new c75a20e  Fixed some macros.
     new 749bcda  Updates for new C++ namespace support.
     new 1366c61  Fixed ifdefs.
     new 100e0e0  Fixed ifdefs.
     new 7286a8e  Fixed some macros.
     new ed99ffd  Fixed macro.
     new 614779d  Re-arranged directory order.
     new 10a700f  Re-arranged directory order.
     new 460509e  Typedefs for Xerces classes.
     new ca7641f  Removed bogus file.
     new bc0b939  Obsolete file.
     new b320d12  Updates for new C++ namespace support.
     new e4e47bf  Removed extraneous ;s.
     new 4d4e7e5  Moved typedefs outside class.
     new a3861a2  Updates for new C++ namespace support.
     new da9f2e4  Moved include file outside of namespace scope.
     new 5c0e3fa  Updates for new C++ namespace support.
     new cce3885  Removed extraneous ;s.
     new 4a898d4  Removed extraneous ;s.
     new e76989c  Updates for new C++ namespace support.
     new 87870fe  Updated #ifdefs.
     new d0335be  Removed extraneous ;s.
     new a73e18c  Obsolete files.
     new f685d69  New typedefs.
     new c0d30a5  Updates for new C++ namespace support.
     new fa734bd  Updates for new C++ namespace support.
     new e76193a  Updated #ifdefs.
     new e276ea3  Updates for new C++ namespace support.
     new cd759a7  Updates for new C++ namespace support.
     new d659d00  Updated #ifdefs.
     new c97e0e7  Removed unnecessary typedefs.
     new 5fff9d2  Removed lines that were commented out.
     new c4d1429  Updates for new C++ namespace support.
     new 468f544  Updated #ifdefs.
     new 229d2ec  Updates for new C++ namespace support.
     new 51658b5  Fixed macro.
     new 3121195  Fixed macro.
     new 07bb8e5  Fixed typedefs.
     new 37121d4  Removed bogus typedef.
     new a5c3268  Moved typedef out of class scope.
     new 36e1efe  Fixed macros for non-namespace aware builds.
     new b2bbd5a  Updated DLL name.
     new 50009bb  Replaced use of equals() function with operator==.
     new e7f4e6c  Updates for C++ namespace support.
     new a6ed53e  Updates for C++ namespace support.
     new 1c4f1b7  Added new constructor.
     new f0dac6f  Added new constructors.
     new 1d21e09  Moved typedef inside class.
     new 604c0e8  Removed unnecessary include file.
     new 7d9b523  Fixed macro to qualify namespace.
     new 75ceed3  Use macros instead of std::.
     new 6aaab3f  Obsolete file.
     new 61f8a79  Updates for C++ namespace support.
     new 9d88585  Push and pop context marker when executing.
     new f81d14d  Removed obsolete typedef.
     new ac7277b  Updates for C++ namespace support.
     new 1eca92a  Fixed catch.
     new 0758140  Workaround for gcc 3.1 bug.
     new 1e2a279  Make sure typedefs don't collide when C++ namespaces  are not supported.
     new 7165b0d  Removed obsolete project.
     new 8e91deb  Removed obsolete files.
     new 323b242  Fixed files.
     new 83f6cb5  Fixed cast.
     new 04606c6  Fixed macros.
     new a5087a6  Fixed problem with non-namespace aware compilers.
     new d35f34a  New macro.
     new 46abca3  Fixed typedefs.
     new bb0484e  Fixed typedef.
     new f78fb8c  Fixed recursive call in non-namespace aware build.
     new 8ac0350  Hoist Xerces name.
     new 1cc6cba  Close Xalan namespace before including Xerces header file.
     new d57e17b  Removed unnecessary const qualifier.
     new cf0c232  Cache position in context node list.
     new 770a768  Remove use of exception throwing for last() in match pattern.
     new bda2f54  Updates for C++ namespace support.
     new 540fdb9  Removed spurious for_each.
     new 219eba7  Added set accessor for const char*.
     new b853a4c  Don't honor cdata-section-elements for HTML output.
     new 24953b9  Don't honor cdata-section-elements for HTML output.  Make sure we honor the encoding the XSLTResultTarget instance.  Fixed bugzilla 13284.
     new 7eb2204  Resize table instead of pushing copy.
     new 92033bd  Fix bug with supressing cdata-section-elements attribute.
     new 5fcc230  Removed unnecessary header files.
     new 0e3e03e  Removed unnecessary header files.
     new b84ec1e  Added an option to force the encoding from the command line.
     new 82396fe  Added ifdef for using deque<bool> instead of vector<bool>.
     new 8fe73d0  Commented out certain entities that cause problems for Netscape.
     new 1c56552  Fixed function name and URI.  Bugzilla #15311.
     new 98048a4  Changes to build outside of the source tree.  Fixes Bugzilla 4627.
     new 9d38ac3  Consistent implementation of elementAvailable() and functionAvailable().  Fix for bugzilla 14785.
     new 432d33a  Removed some unnecessary macro definitions.
     new ccc7479  Changes for C++ namespaces support.
     new 6164738  Fixed dependency.
     new d408fe0  Updated URLs for ICU.
     new 1b05575  Check for non-whitespace text nodes at the top level.
     new be5b70e  Removed unused member function.
     new 2f06d7d  Removed implementation of mapping Xalan nodes to Xerces nodes.
     new c7f82f9  Implemented mapping of Xalan nodes to Xerces nodes without using a map.
     new 4fafdec  Added some static functions to simplify using Locators.
     new 795ac25  Made documentation clearer.
     new 82c30b7  Use XalanDOMString::npos instead of constant.
     new 2031c35  Added information from Locator.
     new db08d74  Report line/column number and URI in exception.
     new 1ec53cb  Use new XalanLocator functions.
     new add9058  Experimental code to avoid using getPreviousSibling().  This code is not active.
     new 0403861  Removed unnecessary const qualifier.
     new 610a1e3  Moved hash function to XalanDOMString.
     new 153a2ba  Fixed unintended recursive call.
     new df14685  Fixed comments.
     new b713ba6  Added missing include file.
     new 83a3b65  Removed obsolete classes.
     new 82c63b5  Made static class member and instance member.  Fix for bugzilla 15749.
     new b874dba  Added hash function.
     new 4842c36  New class and helper functions.
     new 4e2c216  Changes for new type-specific XPath execution and "inlining" of function calls.
     new 1031c04  Renamed typedef.
     new 0f0d9f8  New math functions.
     new 6ebafb8  Use new DoubleSupport math functions.
     new e29206c  Added new swap() member function.
     new c5771b5  Use new XObject function.
     new 6af4be6  New conversion functions.
     new 2139afa  Implemented boolean() member function.
     new 618a470  New code to "inline" more XPath functions.
     new 4c73ff4  Use typedef.
     new 8e0ee0c  Fixed unnecessary string creation.
     new 74817ac  Implemented another "inline" function.
     new 7df7069  Patch for bug 15791.
     new e2fe57c  Bump optimization level on Linux.
     new c607618  Fixed const problem.
     new accde1d  New code to "inline" more XPath functions.
     new b71d2b9  New implementation of special floating-point values.
     new 24c39b2  Use const static NodeRefList instance.
     new b23cafa  Change the context node only when necessary.
     new 07cb790  Added script and style element properties, so we don't have to do yet another string comparison.
     new bdba69a  Use more optimistic algorithm to accumulate content.  Removed unnecessary code and parameters.
     new 6fa68b2  Use more optimistic algorithm to accumulate content.  Removed unnecessary code and parameters.  Removed unnecessary strings and string compare operations.
     new 9700925  New execute overloads to avoid constant setting of context node.
     new 86c3071  Changes to avoid constant setting of context node.
     new 9eb2c57  Removed obsolete options.
     new 2bb7090  Make sure all allocators are reset.
     new 4b065f9  New overloads for defaultFormat().
     new 04026f5  Added catch of SAXParseException and move some code to common blocks.
     new 1a0df68  New overload for transcode().
     new 336eee3  Removed unnecessary casts and bogus comments.
     new 2520d1d  Fix for bug 15983.  Make sure findNamespace() returns nodes in the proper order.
     new b761ef0  Make sure namespace nodes are ordered before attribute nodes.
     new 53cf80d  Added cast to prevent infinite loop.
     new 18b8cdd  Updated AIX options.
     new 3db2e8b  Added option for gcc to disable return value optimization as it interferes with our reference counted objects.
     new 30dd0ef  Silence a few AIX 64-bit warnings.
     new a63ac97  Updates for ICU 2.4.
     new 5d9ce79  Silence a few AIX 64-bit warnings.
     new 4377659  Fix for bug 14793.
     new e1ffd76  Added accessor for XPathEnvSupport instance.
     new f9ec5a2  Removed redundant function install.
     new 7e87179  Call XPathEnvSupport::extFunction() directly.
     new 0c91c94  Fix for bug 16276.
     new d43a4d1  New ifdef for 64-bit AIX 5.1.
     new a651331  Updated version and copyright.
     new 77fcd1f  Updated dependencies to use new AllInOne target.
     new 277e923  Clear m_stringBuffer after use.  Fixes bug 16359.
     new 2f1e806  Fixed typo.
     new 863863f  Added non-const traversal.
     new 61f4879  Fixed glitch.
     new cca828d  Added missing typedef.
     new 386262c  New classes.
     new a519b1d  Cleanup unnecessary casts.
     new eb9e1b8  Added release() call.
     new 7e21ad4  Cleaned up to use fewer string copies.
     new d29fe2d  New sample.
     new 0458a17  New source files.
     new fb019d0  Fixed include glitch.
     new 45716fe  Added missing newline at the end of the file.
     new a93cfe9  Added const qualifiers.
     new 21ec910  Generate some elements instead of all text.
     new 5678256  Indent the output.
     new f7f0277  Added traverseSubtree() functions.
     new b603c0b  Add some stuff to generate comments and PIs.
     new 799fa76  Implemented code to stop and restart a traversal.
     new 5caa90b  Updated version, etc.
     new 970e13e  Make sure an unbound namespace prefix is an error.  Fixes bug 16448.
     new ef93b11  Traverse the DOM instance correctly when compiling a stylesheet.
     new cb3860c  Added const/non-const support.
     new ce2e14f  Added support for stopping a traversal, then restarting it.
     new 3368440  Added comments.  Use sanctioned API for creating a document.
     new 3c0cd94  Don't push params and set up stack frame until after evaluating xsl:sort children.  Fixes Bugzilla 16654.
     new 4b38049  New sample.
     new e4ae89f  Fixes Bugzilla 16721.
     new d6790f0  Use appropriate constructor.  Fixes Bugzilla 16769.
     new c3f8916  Better assert.
     new 1ad739e  Make sure namespace prefixes resolve properly.  Fixes Bugzilla 16790.
     new 15a336e  Make message consistent.
     new f4eb275  Removed erroneous assertion.
     new 9ca192c  Changed name of accessor functions.
     new fcbc94d  New overload for transform().  Patch from Berin Lautenbach.
     new 1f3b526  Check for unbalanced string literals.  Fixes Bugzilla 16794.
     new b5c48df  New implementation to save memory for elements which have no attributes.
     new 6c61898  Added option to increase compiler heap space.
     new 40941c8  Added new source files and removed obsolete ones.
     new a56281b  Updated for new classes.
     new 3f1a0b5  Obsolete files.
     new 7aac562  Updates for new #defines.
     new 70bb74a  Make sure CDATA section stack is initialized properly and that the stack is not consulted when generated RTFs.  Fixes bugzilla 16853.
     new c7005ba  Added missing file.
     new f8297fd  Don't add bitstobuildLink on AIX.
     new 2304133  Pass in bitstobuild value for AIX.  Add 64-bit link options for AIX.
     new abcb55b  Return tag name for local name.
     new c1077b8  Removed extraneous code.
     new 1a72435  Tweak for broken xlC compiler.
     new b9a2abd  Removed extraneous include.
     new d979271  Removed unimplemented "inline" functions from compilation.
     new 075513d  Don't make a copy of the string parameters of the constructors.
     new 8363b5b  FormatterListener for deprecated Xerces DOM
     new 2976fe2  Basic documentation build script
     new e214d32  Fixed glitch in compile options.
     new f5fcd94  Removed support for XalanNode as the target of a transformation.  Removed redundant DocumentHandler-related calls from XSLTResultTarget.
     new 6be42b4  New source files.
     new f6d6fcb  Fixed inconsistency with return type of getIndex().
     new 38c4b90  Fixed inconsistency with return type of getIndex().
     new c107b93  Removed obsolete source files and added new ones.
     new bbadd16  More efficient implementation when only one token is involved.
     new 941bc75  Removed references to Function derivates which are now implemented directly in the XPath class.
     new 69bf655  Use new implementation of singleton node-set.
     new 820d0ee  New implementation for singleton node in a node-set.
     new 6317630  Added new #define for using declaration.
     new 9a15f86  Added using declaration.
     new 93853d4  Obsolete files.
     new 6e90d0f  Moved using declaration after function declarations.
     new 87c4f55  Added using declaration.
     new fdfdbcf  Moved using declaration after function declarations.
     new 4272181  Added using declaration.
     new ab2d15a  Moved using declaration after function declarations.
     new ae58ba8  Added using declaration.
     new a475127  Minor updates on versions number in docs to move to 1.5
     new 459d5eb  Removed reference to ICU #define.
     new 52f99ec  Define macro for 32-bit compilation only.
     new 632556b  Fixed macro definition.
     new e897100  Removed 64-bit option from link line.
     new 36db2c1  USING_DECLERATION appears to break gcc 2.95
     new 4a135cc  Added workaround for cleaning.  Added clean of new sample.
     new 99ace87  Fixed cast error.
     new 399e405  New instantiations.
     new 4f9f95b  Added operators for brain-dead compilers.
     new 03cf46d  configure test for elide-constructors
     new 7187c43  Fixes for errata.
     new ffa9a2d  Made typedef public.
     new 21e04bf  FAQ for Xalan vs. Xerces DOM usage
     new 94205fc  Added missing file.
     new 8d74486  Fix for lame Intel compiler.
     new ae9e4c4  Fix for lame Intel compiler.
     new 8a13804  Fix for lame Intel compiler.
     new 7092b6a  Fixed const glitch.
     new 3591fa0  Check no-elide-constructors for all C++ compilers
     new 7036858  Cleaned up doc.
     new 950da3d  Throw not-supported exception when appropriate.
     new 22dae30  Throw not-supported exception when appropriate.
     new 8aeb066  Check for c++/g++ when testing elide-constructors
     new 8c6de77  Clarified documentation regarding installing external global functions.
     new 614f0e4  Pre-allocate token queue.
     new efaab67  Cleaned up inconsistent naming for vector.  Added assert to catch instances of namespace declaration attributes when locating a template.
     new 2cbf50d  Don't select attributes that are namespace declarations when applying templates.
     new 513f3b8  Make sure CR/LF translation happens as necessary.  Fixes bug 17426.
     new 3c656d0  Changes for typedef change in Stylesheet.
     new a203ded  Removed unused InputSource instance.
     new d388d60  Added API to set stylesheet parameters with UTF-16 encoded strings.
     new 7d63f5e  Fixed signed/unsigned mismatch.
     new bedc1d2  Removed unnecessary rm for Tru64.
     new ba9c711  Made IndexType an unsigned long, since unsigned int doesn't give any space savings.
     new 482d65c  Made nested class public to work around Tru64 compiler bug.
     new f9c91c6  Added missing file.
     new 13619bc  Added missing define and fixed link option.
     new 70fd408  Added ifdef sections for AIX to make sure we link using the proper library versions.
     new 56c4444  Fix for Bugzilla 17938.
     new 55d6ee9  Use context node, or its closest ancestor Element for namespace bindings.
     new b4698b7  Workaround for Sun compiler optimizer bug.
     new dcad226  New setEncoding() overload.
     new 44cf16d  Updates for Intel compiler on Linux.
     new e0ebfc6  Made Makefile safe when cleaning and empty source tree.
     new 1f3b431  Made static strings instance members as temporary workaround for static initialization.
     new bc90802  Added case to switch statement to fix error message.
     new 2ed031a  New class contributed by Mark Weaver (mark@npsl.co.uk).
     new 99c33f7  Integrated new class contributed by Mark Weaver (mark@npsl.co.uk).  Fixes bug 16737.
     new 0885abd  New source files.
     new 5639f21  Support for relative URI with a scheme, as long as the scheme matches the base URI schem.
     new e3a58d7  Augmented documentation.
     new de12d3f  Removed class qualifiers from constructors.
     new 11c9765  Made comments for static initializers more explicit.
     new 9bc2361  Fix for XSLT erratum E14.
     new cbb2fc1  Fixes for wrap-around and reading past the end of the string.
     new eb73a7b  Fixed bugs with insert and assign.
     new a9a5c0f  Fix for bug 18675
     new ab122c3  Fixed documentation for transcode().
     new 37259f8  FAQ contributions.
     new ab605c5  Fixed order of storage class and cv-modifier.
     new 77b7786  Removed two asserts.  We need to figure out if we're going to enforce the context node or not.
     new aa4d683  Minor updates for 1.5
     new 565adf6  Updates for 1.5.
     new 05ed472  Fixed case of path name.
     new c760cd3  More doc updates.
     new 05624a2  More doc updates.
     new 9def502  More doc updates.
     new 51194a9  More doc updates.
     new 06efd8f  More doc updates.
     new cac8c8a  Fixed casts for older compilers.
     new dc441c5  Fixed call to setDocumentHandler().
     new ded9041  Updated to use appropriate XSLTResultTarget constructor.
     new d8d1e32  Initial revision.
     new 1d813c8  New source files.
     new 6345876  Updated sample to use XalanDocumentPrefixResolver.
     new aa638db  Fixed case in include directive.
     new 8977683  Included new file for template generation.
     new d1b0e6c  Fixed typo in include directive.
     new a40a502  Upped revision number.
     new e85401d  Removed extraneous source file.
     new fef6d69  Upped revision number.
     new 372dcd9  Added missing imports for zOS.
     new 4e479aa  Replaced if defined() section with macros.
     new d2f6150  Fixed bug where -0 would be formatted with sign.  Added more efficient implementation of indexOf().
     new 369f322  Keep indexOf() out-of-line to maintain binary compatibility.
     new 4ad0815  Use XPathFactoryBlock.
     new eecd6b6  Removed obsolete pattern map code.
     new 9934ee2  Pool more strings to reduce memory allocations.
     new c2b06fb  Added export macros for zOS.
     new 944fd36  Removed trailing comma.
     new 64a499f  Protect against setting an iterator before begin().
     new 31a22a3  Resize the vector before copying.
     new 110511c  Check for empty list before iterating it.
     new f462701  Changed the implementation so the stream still owns the memory.
     new 9d9ce49  Added comment to clarify behavior.
     new 0c0f924  Backed out bogus comment.
     new 49359f7  added casts to enums.
     new f324fee  Use hex transcoding for pointers.
     new ef0b227  Moved export keyword for better compatibility with zOS compiler.
     new bc56e3b  Changes for new zOS compiler.
     new c0eb92d  Added missing export.
     new 4db6850  zOS updates.
     new 81ef505  Added export that was accidently removed while applying a patch.
     new 212e24f  Added a few asserts for safety.
     new 0be1e62  Added new source files.
     new 4d8060a  Fixed typos in private assignment and == operators.  Bugzilla 20479.
     new 8863fb1  Commented out assert because of problems in Xerces.
     new 4801e63  Fixed bug where surrogate pair is not serialized properly.
     new d2bb3ad  Added #ifdef as workaround for a glitch in Xerces-C 2.3.
     new 91d5b4c  Implementation of random() function from dmitryh@ca.ibm.com.
     new 376e35c  Fix for Bugzilla 18553.
     new 61d10ee  Make static XSLTInputSource instance a pointer, so things work with the new Xerces-C memory management code.
     new dde91e7  Fix for bug 20577 - broken call to flshChars
     new efcc9eb  Added missing &.
     new dce95b2  Fixed #ifdef glitch.
     new ed066ce  Added guard to ensure m_buffer is cleared.  Removed unnecessary try/catch block.
     new 967cc07  Removed superfluous using directives.
     new 066fa0b  Fixed bug with not reporting duplicate parameters.  Bugzilla 20876.
     new 626cfae  cloneNode() now throws a non-supported exception.
     new 0f5f7e5  Fixed documentation glitch.
     new e4b8576  Removed unused function.
     new a4a1899  Fixed glitch in static initialization.
     new c8e3ce3  Added character for per Mille symbol.
     new 7c969a9  Initialize data member with per Mill symbol.  Fixes bugzilla 20929.
     new 6ee783c  Moved source for sane includes
     new a5d0390  Moved source for sane includes
     new ecdb81f  Moved source for sane includes
     new 3304d07  Update for sane includes
     new f4abf83  Fixed glitch with checking for the target directory.
     new 0c03f27  Changed variable name to make it clearer what it's for.
     new a9bc6d1  Use new general-purpose code in DOMServices.
     new 1fe44ca  Make sure we can and translate all Xerces exceptions.  Also, use new general-purpose code in DOMServices to resolve prefixes.  Fixes Bugzilla 21025.
     new 82c3801  Added compiler flag to raise heap limits.  Fixes problems building with STLport.
     new 86efac3  New generic function for resolving namespace prefix.
     new 8a1d98d  Added a convenience function to force the output encoding.
     new abe0277  Pushed some functions from derived classes here.
     new 3711683  Modifications due to changes in base class.
     new b2f53ff  Modifications to push functionality into base FormatterListener class to remove implementation classes from the interface and to remove dangerous downcast.
     new b11408e  Changed deprecated header file.  Fixes bugzilla 21268.
     new 1e87554  Make sure empty result node-sets have document order set.
     new 853d465  Set document order before returning.
     new d80bb8d  Modify write() function to assume buffer has been flushed.
     new 59ed399  Handle document fragments consistently. Fixes bugzilla 21293.
     new 5fe5e24  Iterate document fragment through getFirstChild()/getNextSibling() instead of through getChildNodes().
     new 7dc35af  Send Locators through interfaces, instead of the stylesheet node.  Improved error and warning messages with Locator information.
     new 54b17ee  Fixes for bug 21385.
     new 2bdc8a8  Work-around for the Intel v6 compiler.
     new 4b8150c  Optimized sort performance by changing default behavior and by caching string results, instead of XObject results.
     new 423bb71  Removed #define.
     new 8444321  Fixed glitch where parent node wasn't always set.
     new 577b243  Index key tables on calculated "root," rather than always on the owner document.  Fixes a bug with using the node-set() extension function and keys.  Bugzilla 21474.
     new 5edffa8  Use type-specific accessors in preparation for the derivation change of ElemTemplateElement.
     new c3c4770  Implemented better timing under Windows.
     new f711d1f  New link options for improved timing code.
     new 6a7a710  Backed out Visual Quantify macro.
     new 12be820  Make the construction of a KeyTable exception-safe.
     new 10927fd  Better exception safety in initialization.
     new 9d39311  Bumped revision number.
     new 5418d48  Use existing static string for format-number() function.
     new 4f30214  Use class-specific function.
     new f7c0553  New UTF XML serializers.
     new 620bcc5  Don't derive from XalanElement any more.
     new 0af4530  Don't derive from XalanDocument any more.
     new 5af92d5  Use new UTF serializers.  Changes for obsolete code removed from Stylesheet and ElemTemplateElement.
     new ec65e8f  New source files.
     new 0c53694  Removed trailing commas from enums.
     new dcacd6b  Cleaned up conflicts between DOMString::size_type and FormatterListener::size_type.
     new bba4dd9  Removed unnecessary include file and fixed comment.
     new f452743  Initial revision.
     new 3860844  New source files.
     new efa0d6b  Support for C-style file streams.
     new fa2dac4  Added missing set accessor.
     new b2db434  Don't close or flush file.
     new 8d3881b  Added missing constructor.
     new 1543fad  Added license text.  Fixes Bugzilla 21607.
     new 06a5999  Fix for strict platforms.
     new 4c5e11f  Check for unknown option.
     new 4391ede  Fixed bug in isContentSpecial().
     new a165900  Clean up Sun Workshop temp directories.
     new 3e68ef0  Updated paths for sane includes.
     new b8ff1bf  Conditional code for Visual Quantify.
     new e000cd1  Updated version number of DLL.
     new e5680e9  Removed obsolete projects.
     new b6d618a  Updated Xerces library version number.
     new 1eba595  Touched up documentation.  Added new overload for startsWith().
     new b166801  Use new overload of startsWith().
     new aef2395  Use new overload of startsWith().  Changed string to wide string for efficiency.
     new cee3ad6  Changes for Win64.  Fixes bugzilla 20747.
     new a95f3ad  Changes for Win64.  Fixes bugzilla 20747.
     new 22b6e20  New Mac projects files.  Fixes Bugzilla 21326.
     new 0aa131c  Updates for Win64 sections.  Fixes Bugzilla 21589.
     new 4448f6d  Additional fixes for bug 20747.
     new b9fb917  FreeBSD and Install patch from Bjoern Zeeb - Bugzilla 13238
     new d8193e9  Correct version for libmajor
     new 8ece591  Use -soname when creating library under linux
     new 141b23c  Patch for Bugzilla 20747.
     new e6efe11  Removed testXPath from the set of installed binaries.
     new 3139e4a  Removed TestXPath from headers directories.
     new f0021a6  Extra patch from 13238 - proper soft links for installed libraries
     new 5f80e92  Fixes library names and linking problems on AIX.  Fixes Bugzilla 13238.
     new cbae66e  Changes for bug 21588.
     new 3fb9046  Changes for bug 21588.
     new b11a9d2  Changes for bug 13238.
     new 8e1d570  Fix for bug 21987.
     new 1bb1444  Make sure all empty node-sets have document order.
     new 5286e0a  More changes for bug 13238.
     new 00b4d85  Change terminate order so extension functions are deleted before terminating Xalan and Xerces.
     new 9377f23  Factored common code out into base class.
     new 2634ce8  New source files.
     new 9b38176  Initial revision.
     new dd28101  Implement current node as a stack within the execution context.  This will help implement preventing stack overflow and takes stress off the processor stack.
     new 81ac8a4  Cleaned up a bunch of stuff with setup and tear-down of params.
     new fca4953  More params cleanup.
     new ad6b57d  Fixed glitch with return values.
     new 709ae0f  Fixed glitch with return values.
     new 5aa1049  More const-correctness.
     new 6eb5615  Patch from Sarah McNamara.
     new 4317869  Fixed a bug where deleteDocument() would not delete a new wrapper document.
     new afcfc3b  Make sure memory is deallocated by the appropriate memory manager.  Fixes Bugzilla 22196.
     new dca7b88  Use proper function call for unknown line/column value.  Fixes Bugzilla 22198.
     new a1922b1  New, experimental code for Linux. Needs to be updated to be POSIX-compliant.
     new 9eeca86  Make sure XalanOutputStreamPrintWriter does not mix wide and narrow character writes without flushing as required.  Fixes Bugzilla 22197.
     new 2ed5782  Make sure previous patch is compatible with earlier versions of Xerces-C.
     new 1633640  Make sure when optimizing, that we return a string.  Fixes Bugzilla 22218.
     new 07637cf  Reserve space in vector instead of resizing it.
     new 251489c  Fixed glitch where GenerateEvent for endElement did not have the element name.
     new c53df33  Provided URI information for events, and moved some repeated code into a separate function.
     new 8f4297e  Don't assume postConstruction() has been called in findNamedTemplate().  Fixes Bugzilla 22210.
     new 4b227ec  Protect against an empty vector in TranscodeFromLocalCodePage().  Function was previously inline, but is not any longer.
     new ac94bd8  Make sure attributes are not in the default namespace.  Fixes Bugzilla 22232.
     new a95fa39  Separated out collation interface into a new class.
     new a8f7681  Removed const qualifier from argv.
     new 1ff5e31  Removed const qualifier from argv.
     new 0c5dd37  Removed inline keyword from member function.
     new 989147a  Cleaned up glitches.
     new 2524556  Fixed bugzilla 22729.
     new 787c42e  Really fixed bugzilla 22729.
     new ea4d909  Pass Locators through.
     new dd36d3d  Initial revision.
     new 4dcb170  Fixed bug where errorno was referenced instead of GetLastError().
     new 5ee4aec  Fix for Bugzilla 23170.  Implementation of EXSLT functions by Matthew Hoyt.
     new 828c93f  A few tweaks to the patch.
     new 65a869f  Fix for bugzilla 23183.
     new c599ff2  Fixed construction confusion and added URI for better error reporting.
     new 1352ca7  Don't allow gratuitous whitespace where it's not supposed to be.
     new 118d6c3  Patch for Bugzilla 23263 from June Ng.
     new 9dd8e98  Increased stack size.
     new b361855  Massive copyright update.
     new 1b7a820  Massive copyright update.
     new 4c45449  Move download to mirror directory
     new 38140b3  New source files.
     new ae5ee8e  Integrate new EXSLT functions.
     new fee7218  Fixed issues with xsl:attribute-set and introduced error for unknown attribute set.
     new 4382fd4  Fixed bug in operator=().  Fixes Bugzilla 23721.
     new 86a9b59  Added parameter for base URI of XalanDocumentBuilder instance.  Fixes bugzilla 23733.
     new 4e62791  Removed unused member functions.
     new f6c8203  Use getFirstChild()/getNextSibling() instead of getChildNodes().
     new f7796f4  Fixed bugs with clearing temp string, and with handling NaN edge cases.
     new e3e64be  Added a couple of asserts, for safety.
     new 0e60a83  Refactored result tree fragments to use XalanDocumentFragment instead of ResultTreeFragBase.  This is because the node-set() extension exposes some awkward problems with the implementation.  This also simplifies things, so although it changes our XObject interface, in the end, it's much cleaner.  Fixes Bugzilla 23778.
     new 259dbd9  Refactored result tree fragments to use XalanDocumentFragment instead of ResultTreeFragBase.  This is because the node-set() extension exposes some awkward problems with the implementation.  This also simplifies things, so although it changes our XObject interface, in the end, it's much cleaner.  Fixes Bugzilla 23778.
     new a857f51  Removed obsolete ifdef.
     new 378f85e  Fixed a couple of source code glitches.
     new cb12dcd  Removed unused constructors.
     new adbac2f  Removed obsolete source files.
     new 4c951cb  Cleaned up obsolete code that used exceptions to handle indexes in patterns.  push and pop the context node list to an internal stack for better stack management.
     new bdd0753  Patch for bugzilla 13238.
     new ecb98a0  Made includes absolute.
     new 9ea3b4f  Patches for bug 13238.
     new 1038388  Patches for bug 13238.
     new 383fdbe  Made "samples" the target for the samples, for consistency, but left "Samples" as an alternate target.
     new 8e12c61  Fixed samples target
     new c88548f  Replace calls to size() with calls to empty().
     new 3aa52e6  More patches for Bugzilla 13238.
     new 2efd85e  Re-ordered initializer list.
     new 624de2e  Changes for strict ANSI headers.
     new 0b1cc02  Changes for strict ANSI headers.
     new 7ed6fae  Patch for Bugzilla 24953.
     new 50b824c  Obsolete files from Bugzilla 13238.
     new abc22f5  Patch for Bugzilla 24567.
     new 8fb535a  Bogus file.
     new a81e389  Bogus file.
     new 5a461e3  General cleanup.
     new 775c710  Fixes for stricter platforms.
     new 5bbaf63  Removed duplicate definition from bad merge.
     new 6369b0b  Added include for Xalan directory.
     new a7f2fa9  Added newline.
     new b060c74  Added const qualifier.
     new 632fe28  Fixed glitches.
     new 962b359  Fixed glitches.
     new ce90a81  Fix for Bugzilla 25126.
     new d198c52  Fixed bug where wrong macro was used for soname and symlinks.
     new ce5512b  Fixed another bug where wrong macro was used for soname and symlinks.
     new 5b0a34a  Fixed code glitch.
     new edd323f  Clean up of some include files.
     new 5c71b54  Patch 25180 for iSeries support.
     new fd37470  Patch 25180 for iSeries support.
     new af60ed4  Patches for bugzilla 25187.
     new 5bc1e0d  Fix for Bugzilla 25220.
     new 78ad872  Fix for Bugzilla 25187.
     new 93b360f  Fix for Bugzilla 25219.
     new 6fe15a4  Updated version number.
     new ffe89f5  Patch for Bugzilla 22248.
     new 6d9d8f8  Patch for Bugzilla 25690.
     new 3b37e40  Fixed  bug getting number of characters to erase.  See Bugzilla 25693.
     new 082dce3  Patches for Bugzilla 25361.
     new 038746d  Minor cleanup.
     new 3dd508e  Fix for forward-compatible processing.  See conformance test ver08.
     new fa4a745  Added newline at end of file, because, on HP-UX, the last line of the Makefile was not generated without it.
     new beb8b98  Added missing files.
     new c7fff4d  Patch for Bugzilla 24441.
     new 15cbe9a  Patch for Bugzilla 22248.
     new 727c5de  Patch for Bugzilla 25670.
     new d3fefd0  Fixes for picky platforms.
     new b6898fe  Patch for Bugzilla 25840.
     new 1a0092b  Patch for Bugzilla 25843.
     new c174739  Fixed inappropriate uses of int instead of XalanDOMString::size_type.
     new ee8e265  Fixed missing include file.
     new 6a5e5e6  Reverted to 1.3.
     new 906e2aa  Patch for Bugzilla 25847.
     new 54f6447  Cleaned up a few glitches.
     new 354362a  Changes for Bugzilla 25912.
     new bca1558  Changes for Bugzilla 25857.
     new e50ff6e  Changes for Bugzilla 25914.
     new 62604ad  Changes for Bugzilla 25913.
     new 817eec6  Changes for Bugzilla 25916.
     new 5e5e1ce  Patch for Bugzilla 25857.
     new f9553db  Patch for Bugzilla 25176.
     new 47f3de1  Patch for Bugzilla 24989.
     new 7093120  Minor doc udpates PR: 25963 Submitted by: june@ca.ibm.com
     new 993068e  Patches for Bugzilla 25176.
     new 05f3392  Patch to install ICU Libraries if XALAN_USE_ICU is defined
     new c5ea057  Patch to update AIX, OS390 references to Xerces 2.4 and ICU 2.6
     new 7c9107d  Patches for Bugzilla 25176.
     new 7197b3a  Patch ICU-enabled workspace: fixed project dependencies and default localization method is now ICU. PR: 25913 Submitted by: dmitryh@ca.ibm.com
     new d656bad  Patch for Bugzilla 24567.
     new b529063  Patch for Bugzilla 25176.
     new 1496c81  Various documentation fixes PR: 25716 Submitted by: june@ca.ibm.com
     new 464c725  Update to package name, compiler version PR: 25176 Submitted by: june@ca.ibm.com
     new ae8e101  Fix to embed soname into Xalan library
     new 7034796  Changes for Bugzilla 26207.
     new 1a3230e  Make sure we write an XML header if the output encoding is not utf-8 or utf-16.
     new d18640b  Removed explicit -Aa so the compiler will chose the correct default.  This matches what Xerces-C does.
     new a38f603  Fix for Bugzilla 26354.
     new d7b9d6f  Changes for VC7.
     new ec11ed9  Fixed broken preprocessor logic.
     new a10734d  Fixed broken cast.
     new 84e1112  Added missing semi-colon.
     new b4d65c8  Support for MacOS Panther and Xcode PR: Bugzilla #26140 Submitted by:  hanming@mac.com
     new df1412f  Xalan and message DLL should link with same CRT PR: Bugzilla #26351 Submitted by: dmitryh@ca.ibm.com
     new a1d7bc4  MOVE Keys file into 'c' directory PR: Bugzilla #26349
     new cead50e  Rename Localization.mak to BuildMessages.mak to remove conflict with Localization.mak created when exporting makefiles. PR: Bugzilla 26350 Submitted by: stajali@ca.ibm.com
     new b0d96d6  Update ProjectBuilder files to latest version PR: Bugzilla #25992 Submitted by: dmitryh@ca.ibm.com
     new 818f1c9  Additional include for Win32 build.
     new 276a0f4  Added more specific exception handling.
     new 6f963b3  Removed dead code.
     new 8e23fe0  Generate output file name more efficiently.
     new 9569ac1  Fixed bit masking bug.
     new bbe903d  Changed #define.
     new 3a5ce90  Better logic to find and/or erase the XPath object instance.
     new 4d0719c  Changed define for vector member function and add call to clear the target vector before copying nodes.
     new 3e7ba58  Removed use of reverse iterators that was not necessary.  Changed find() call to count().
     new 411a805  Added appropriate options so we no longer need to specify -Aa.
     new 91dc494  Fixed operator precedence problems.
     new 876e892  Commented out unused parameters.
     new e37c351  Commented out unused parameters and fixed exception code.
     new 1d20fd6  Initial changes for HP-UX IA64 port.
     new 6bf3c20  Added hackish support for timings with newer Windows SDKs.
     new 20ae663  Initial changes for HP-UX IA64 port.
     new 6d8c87b  Various typedef changes for better 32/64 compatibility and consistency with Xerces.
     new 5335cde  Fixed compilation problems on 64-bit platforms.
     new 9db0c19  Fixed size_type discrepancy.
     new 2895d36  Fixed size_t discrepancy.
     new 18941c4  Fixed typedef problem in Linux.
     new 0ea12ef  Fixed typedef problem.
     new ec748c9  Removed unused data member from exception hierarchy.
     new 950cf72  Make sure carriage return is written as a numeric character reference in attribute values.
     new f911388  Enhanced error reporting.
     new d915f78  General cleanup to prepare for op map iterators.
     new c6337c1  New Visual C++ 7 project files.
     new 749b15a  General cleanup to prepare for op map iterators.
     new 0e93863  Don't try to load more characters than will fit in the buffer.
     new 0e3d913  Use DOMStringHelper function for case-insensitive compare.
     new 8236317  Removed obsolete message.
     new ba13aa0  Implementation of iteration for op code map execution.
     new 669c9b8  Added new informational message.
     new 1bf2a4a  Modified sample so it builds on Tru64.
     new 3ae8ba3  Turned on leak detection in debug build.
     new b9e0b88  Fix compilation rules Submitted by: dmitryh@ca.ibm.com PR: 26730
     new 7ad7f99  Cleanup some localized messages Submitted by: dmitryh@ca.ibm.com PR: 26897
     new f4b3474  Put definition for gcc workaround.
     new c043b36  Fix to improve performance of ICU-enabled format-number()
     new 12232b8  Update to Apache 2.0 License
     new 87046c2  Update to Apache 2.0 License
     new 8b6b66e  Update to Apache 2.0 License - 1.1 License no longer required
     new 3b078e2  Update to Apache 2.0 License:  New LICENSE and NOTICE file
     new b8dffa2  Update install-package target for new License and Notice file
     new d8e8ab1  Commented out unused parameters for quieter build.
     new 1f97797  Fix for VC7, I hope.
     new 32f0b1e  Fix for bugzilla #27404 from Bjoern A. Zeeb: Use proper install
     new 423c21c  Patch for Bugzilla 27406 from Bjoern A. Zeeb: FreeBSD threading configuration
     new 52e41b3  Fix for Bugzilla#27365
     new 951aab1  Fix for 13 numberformat test failures
     new aa673fa  Fixed a bug where reset() did not reset everything.  Also removed some extraneous code that we no longer support.
     new c1e10f1  Make sure we re-prime the current node stack and the context node list stack.
     new ffafe80  Removed extraneous forward declaration.
     new b097e35  Removed createDOMFactory() call, because we cannot truly support it.
     new 40d2aea  Changes necessary for removal of Xerces-C's deprecated DOM.
     new 12224ab  Added calling "CLEAN" for Localization project
     new aefd776  Improved cleaning
     new 0db793c  Support for VC7 Xalan+ICU configuration
     new aa65363  Add VC7 support for Xalan+ICU configuration
     new e7e4af8  Changes for new Xalan binary package structure
     new 6d363b0  Changes for new Xalan binary package structure
     new ff3c709  Changes for new Xalan binary package structure
     new ee69e6d  Removing old license remains
     new cb6c4a6  Definition of XalanDOMChar is moved - cleaning redundant dependences
     new 7a205cb  Fix for bugzilla 27841.
     new 426557e  Removing .dsp and .vcproj files from the samples source directories
     new 7cdca5b  Fix for Bugzilla 27959.
     new 94b1c0d  Fixing sample name to XPAthWrapper for being consistent with UNIX build
     new 8e2a894  Addition back files , using Xerces Deprecated DOM
     new 999560a  Change , conditioning usage Xerces Deprecated DOM support by XALAN_BUILD_DEPRECATED_DOM_BRIDGE macro definition
     new c5fb732  Added messed sample
     new dcb84fb  Delete symlinks before (re)creating.   Workaround for the semantic differences of 'ln' on Solaris.
     new c08c3ce  Fix for Bugzilla 27982.
     new 2c9295b  Initial clean up of whitespace stripping.  Fixed bug with whitespace stripping and xsl:copy-of.
     new f29b2ef  New source files.
     new bbc86ca  Fixed call to cloneToResultTree, since any nodes that would be stripped would already be filtered out.
     new 6b3b196  More strip/preserve space cleanup.
     new 2c339bf  Cleanup inefficiencies and bug in shouldStripSourceNode().
     new 93f0cc7  New source files.
     new d30c0a5  Fixed bug with local name.
     new 39e81f7  Fix for loading XPathWrapper sample
     new 8e0ab91  Makefile , creating the same like the GNU makefile "make install" target for Win32/Win64 VC6 or VC7
     new d137b38  Advancing Xalan-C version number to 1.8.0 and Xerces-C to 2.5.0
     new 35669bb  New code for improved preserve/strip space handling.
     new ad60a79  Cleaned up compiler warning.
     new 8254cf3  Export nested class.
     new 10c1f1c  New source files.
     new 7955930  Removed deprecated DOM bridge from build.
     new 23f1a83  Changes for a cygwin build
     new 2903a3c  Fixed error messages and removed unused ones.
     new ffe5cb7  Removed embedded error message.
     new 4700c5b  Fixed import precedence problem with xsl:strip/preserve-space.
     new 8e225a7  Mark class as deprecated.
     new b59924d  Removed obsolete references to FormatterToDOM.
     new a33ccc5  Fixed comment.
     new b4f838f  New iterative diff.
     new 27ddbb1  Xerces Deprecared DOM support for Unix
     new e6a5740  Use initialize() function instead of constructor.
     new d2b1500  Moved initialization code from constructor to discrete function.
     new 883be83  Removing an assert preventing debug build for cygwin/gcc/Win32 configuration
     new 09901ab  Addition an error message better explaining a popular build problem
     new 8c1e63a  Initial patch for documentation
     new 791ba52  Change , allowing .NET 7.1 build
     new 9426bc5  Fix allowing compiling C-API Test
     new a1d46d5  Repairs building "conf" on HP
     new 4c92683  Changes for building correct package name
     new a10c6b3  Results of the first messages review
     new f295155  Fix for Bugzilla Bug 28452
     new 11b00f8  Don't serialize a linefeed after the XML declaration.
     new a09816f  Added a missed message
     new 9d170aa  Allow Windows developer to specify Xerces and ICU locations through environment variables (XERCESCROOT and ICUROOT resp.)
     new 8cafcd7  Addition of VC7 compilation with XERCESCROOT and ICUROOT environment variables
     new a52c830  Addition of VC7 compilation with XERCESCROOT and ICUROOT environment variables
     new 117d26e  Fix for merge errors
     new 801260b  Fix for a merge error from yesterday
     new 276dd9c  Change Win32 VC6/VC7  Lib/dll names from Xalan-C_1_8_0 to Xalan-C_1_8
     new e3998b0  Fix for a defect in the Win32 package building process
     new 7d6ae3d  Patch for documentation for release Xalan-C 1.8
     new ba27cbc  Update for documentation according defect #36438
     new 61bb2cd  Update for the  Apache license and 1.8 version number
     new 1c42baf  Fixes for the apidocs/apiDocs issue and fix for broken links related to the new doxygen version
     new 0e8e226  Patch for  Bugzilla 24630  -  Porting Conf executable to Unix platforms
     new b19b0cc  Fix for Bugzilla 29079.
     new 0e5025b  Removed unused macro.
     new 18145f5  Fix for Bugzilla Bug 28818 XalanEXSLTDateTime not threadsafe, crashing application
     new 8b47622  Fixes for zOS port
     new 7900dfa  Workaround for Bugzilla 23955.
     new cdb7720  Cleaning of code related to Conf
     new f0d042f  Fixed formatting of the code
     new d3d5ec6   Wrong linkage library name   Submitted by:		 Dmitry Hayes   Reviewed by:		 June Ng
     new be4a346  Fix for bugzilla 29545.
     new 2d6fb5a  Iterative stylesheet execution
     new c8e492c  Iterative Stylesheet execution
     new 488c014  Iterative stylesheet execution
     new 76c1b1f  Fix compiler warnings related to iterative stylesheet execution project
     new 35abfa8  Removed extraneous code
     new 3133385  Improvements of the Xalan memory management (experimental).     Submitted by:		 		  Dmitry Hayes     Reviewed by:		 		  Matthew Hoyt
     new 294543a  Improvements of the Xalan memory management (experimental).     Submitted by:		 		  Dmitry Hayes     Reviewed by:		 		  Matthew Hoyt
     new e8e1a1a  no message
     new ab0103e  Addtion a new file, related to the Arena memory classes, to the Win32 project files   Submitted by:		 Dmitry Hayes   Reviewed by:		 Matthew Hoyt
     new 6a40bb9  Bug, preventing building the sample in Win32
     new e2953c3  Fix for the HP build
     new 053943c  Implementation XalanAutoPtr with a memory manager
     new c1d179b  Fixed documentation for getVariable.
     new aca3def  Revised version of AutoPnt for Memory Management
     new 87d7ab7  Fix for Bugzilla #29983 Created by : June Ng Reviewed: Dmitry Hayes
     new 85c5bf9  Fixed documentation for getVariable.
     new 07c8fe0  Fix for bug 29079 with new iterative model.
     new 8213603  Fix for Bugzilla #22350
     new 3212d43  Updated comments.
     new 165d295  Tweaks for OuputString() functions.
     new 9905ca9  Not required
     new e085a98  Removed extraneous semi-colon.
     new 1af719f  Fixed problem on Tru64.
     new e1b390f  Cleaned up and simplified DoubleSupport.
     new c937815  Removed obsolete #define.
     new 4e91e47  Modified defines to make Iterative execution default (#define XALAN_RECURSIVE_STYLESHEET_EXECUTION to enable original model)
     new 1e05035  Custom Xalan Vector implementation (D. Bertoni & M. Hoyt) to support pluggable memory management.
     new a76b335  Remove old define
     new f00e5f3  Fixed inadvertant allocation in constructor and miscellaneous cleanup.
     new 8ac7390  Initial revision.
     new dd93b06  Added pragma to disable extraneous MSVC warning.
     new e2f2210  Changed data members from pointer members to value members.  Fixed typedef for block size.
     new 2bd45c0  New source files.
     new 115950b  Removed use of std::deque in Stylesheet class.
     new 395b05a  New projects files for MSVC++ 7.1.
     new 4c9e3b5  Commented out unused parameter.
     new 354e3e2  Removed unused member function.
     new edc67a5  Fixed nasty bug in clear().  Fixed code to use more standard functions and have functions that are more compliant with std::vector.
     new 8903854  Changed for new XalanVector class.
     new fdcbb7c  Added option to increase compiler heap.
     new 291658f  Cleaned up some old code and fixed interfaces.
     new d62b19f  Changes for conversion to 7.1.
     new 48e8e8b  Changes for moving Harness project into the main DLL.
     new 75213e1  Fixed problem with old definition of distance.
     new ab79f52  Removed bogus code in destructor.
     new 57a506e  Moved assert before return statement.
     new 6159bb3  Changes for XalanVector.
     new 428934a  Fix for Tru64.
     new d8ad051  Removed extraneous define.
     new e39a863  Moved Harness code into the main shared library.
     new e8ae4f4  AIX changes for XalanVector.
     new fcb4ce7  Fixed compilation problems with GCC 2.95.3 and Tru64.
     new 7e7dc7b  Changes for Visual C++ 7.0 (.Net 2002).
     new 6349e36  Changes for Visual C++ 7.0 (.Net 2002) and gcc 2.95.3.
     new cee177f  Changes for gcc 2.95.3.
     new 7544740  Changes for gcc 2.95.3 and some general cleanup.
     new 4d16505  Removed unused typedefs
     new 0e8a9d7  File not in use
     new cf78d74  Experimental implementation of the memory management utilities
     new bb4f46b  Cleaning of some embedded strings
     new c19ac98  Moved Harness code into the main shared library.
     new dc7b5cb  Moved Harness code into the main shared library.
     new d284f89  Moved Harness code into the main shared library.
     new 374cba7  Initial revision.
     new 751576c  New source files.
     new 3b73535  Removed use of deque.
     new b16e3ac  Removed use of deque.
     new 612e9df  In-line access functions.
     new e3620ba  New source files.
     new 70d6df5  Fix for building Win64/ecl
     new b348838  Cleaning obsolete functions with "const char*" parameter
     new afbafba  Fix for the Win64 build : don't link with the Intel's default  libmmd.lib libarary
     new 565f12c  Fixed use of typedef and signed/unsigned mismatch.
     new 7377803  Accessibility improvements.  Reviewed by Sarah McNamara
     new 709761e  Update Apache license to 2.0
     new 5f72546  Fix incorrect cast (causes assertion on VC7.1)
     new 5823647  Fixed some "Koenig-lookup" problems.
     new 7beee93  Macro definitions for XalanVector<> class.
     new 30a8917  Fixed bad merge.
     new 04a06fd  Cleaning default XalanDOMString parameters for the XSLExceptions class familly
     new e1c4281  Initial Xalan Hashtable implementation to support pluggable memory management
     new 5f95663  Initial XalanMap integration (replacing std::map)
     new 4fd6353  Fix XalanMap related compiler errors/warning
     new 7b28ce1  Fix for Bugzilla #30750. Reviewed by June Ng
     new 880fa01  Initial Xalan linked list implementatino to support pluggable memory managment
     new f0f4251  Added default constructor for Entry, which is required objects stored in standard collections.  Added missing std:: qualifier.
     new e3ccfbf  Remove redundant typedef to allow gcc compile
     new d5d6e11  Fixes for spelling errors in usagepatterns.xml.  See JIRA XALANC-428 / Bugzilla #30174 Patch submitted by:  Ville Skytt� Patch reviewed by:  June Ng
     new a49771d  XalanList integration as well as improvements to XalanList/XalanMap to avoid memory allocation in the 'default' construtor
     new c18dc0d  Fix for JIRA XALANC-422 "Build fails if no ICUROOT set"
     new 74f9c2a  Changes to move Harness into the main library.
     new b23e5c4  Patch to enable HP/aCC build (reduce symbol names by reducing number of template parameters/nested templates) and updated project files to enable VC6 Build.
     new e2408b2  Changed included header file to a more specific one.
     new 2694d83  Fix for XSLT erratum E24.
     new aff3656  More complete fix for XSLT erratum E24.
     new c1a6d24  Enable Solaris build:  Removed nested template,  correct reverse_iterator parameters, workaround for compiler assert
     new 4897c07  Fix XalanList std::reverse_iterator parameters
     new 38b0b25  Initial XalanSet implementation and integration to support pluggable memory management
     new 2070f9e  Changes to enable HP/aCC build:  no support for std::pair, require postfix ++
     new b0c4506  Fix VC6 projects for ICU-enabled Xalan
     new 53a5984  Patch for XALANC-436 Reviewed by Matthew Hoyt
     new febe25f  Update the version number to 1.9
     new 4a501d3  Changes to dsps to move towards upcoming release
     new c752c80  Changes to dsps to move towards upcoming release
     new bf3b368  Added ifdef block to suppress unused parameter warnings.
     new 98b0649  Cleaned up code and modified the logic of beginExecuteChildren() and endExecuteChildren() slightly.
     new 234c26c  Fixed bug where endExecuteChildren() was not called, resulting in an InvalidStackContextException exception.  Cleaned up code.
     new a9c6ce1  Don't use objects to automatically manage the variables stack when doing iterative execution, as they interact badly with exceptions.
     new 1daab6b  Fixed bug in capacity().
     new 22e7941  Update version number from 8 to 9
     new c84cbf3  Fixed leak of DOMStringPrintWriter instances.
     new 816733d  Initial XalanDeque implementation and integration to support pluggable memory management
     new 3a21e7c  Fix to enable build on HPUX/aCC
     new 0da17a2  More changes to upgrade version number to 1.9
     new e55e2c9  More changes to upgrade version number to 1.9 Missed the 1.7 number
     new 13adf6f  Intial integration to allow containers to hold the value of objects that require a memory manager
     new 31c8a84  Make sure we don't use helper classes for recursive execution when we are executing iteratively.
     new 4584ffb  XalanMap integration to allow values the require a memory manager
     new 6ca3e69  Added new source files and updated various options.
     new 8371fa6  Removed inadvertant parens in placement new.
     new c3e5ed6  A bit more const-correctness.
     new 889d8a5  Added new source files.
     new 22e1be6  Fix copy constructors
     new ed2bc1b  Enable prefix/postfix ++ for Map Iterator
     new 6a661b8  Use const_cast instead of C-style cast.
     new a3faf98  Minor update to packaging name
     new a36b4ac  Workaround for VC++ 6.0 bug.
     new 68314f8  VC7.1 project files for Samples Created by June Ng
     new d020bca  Better work-around for VC++ 6.0 bug.  Temporary fix for bug where entries were not destroyed and de-allocated in clear() and in the destructor.
     new 93ae6e3  Fix for Jira XALANC-423.
     new ee48454  Fix for Jira XALANC-425.
     new 94f7df9  Building ICU on aix now produces archives instead of shared objects, this fixes a packaging bug on AIX. Fix reviewed by:  Matthew Hoyt
     new 0b9c2e9  Error message cleanup.
     new 779e1a6  Get rid of compiler warning.
     new abe2b31  Minor change to packaging script.  Building both debug and release, not just release
     new 4c8d193  Provide a global option to pool all text node strings.
     new 6666748  Provide an option to pool all text node strings.
     new 392d09b  Cleaned up mess with embedded string literals and unnecessary copies.
     new c3bb25c  Better const-correctness.
     new db9fd16  Patch for Jira XALANC-438.
     new 3905ed4  New error message.
     new b50e090  Fixed a bug where we were not detecting a missing term in binary operators.
     new 60d96d8  Don't bother executing the initial op code of an XPath expression.
     new b64b34d  Tweak for previous bug fix.
     new 9a291d5  Use static UTF-16 strings, rather than rely on code page transcoding.
     new 6b930d1  Updates to docs for 1.9 release
     new 1338e91  Fix to enable XalanDeque to work with values that require a MemoryManager and provide an alternative to declaring a traits specialization.
     new 17bd04f  Update binaries list for 1.9
     new 7ce2cb4  More doc updates for 1.9
     new 4f9278f  More doc updates for 1.9 - not sure why this was not committed before.
     new e66501c  Fixed bug with misplaced ')'.
     new 1277784  Use getFormatterListenerImpl() instead of getFormatterListener().  Get indent flag from the StylesheetRoot when switching to HTML on the fly.
     new 186132d  Fixed bug where an implicit indent value of "yes" would be set for HTML output.
     new 60e18be  Make sure implicit indenting works when switching to HTML output dynamically.
     new 45aa398  Not sure why this keeps failing to commit .. but attempting to update the version number in the entities file.
     new 7734d0c  minor tweaks to docs
     new 66319ec  Initial implementation on the pluggable memory management
     new e7e09a4  Initial implementation on the pluggable memory management
     new 4f90d48  Initial implementation on the pluggable memory management
     new 4fbf41a  Initial implementation on the pluggable memory management
     new eff528b  Initial implementation on the pluggable memory management
     new 8a8e262  Porting conf for usage of the memory manager
     new b94d9e8  Minor changes to enable builds with gcc3.1, VACPP 6.0, Sun C++ 5.3
     new 5aeff6c  Fix to enabled proper template specialization selection for HP-UX/aCC
     new 2002315  Minor fix for documentation builds on Unix.
     new 3c741fb  New build script to support ant-based builds of the documentation on Unix.
     new 101b4d5  Minor correction.
     new 721a700  Fix , allowing api conformance
     new b807426  Changes to enable selection of proper specialization when building debug on HP-UX/aCC
     new 1369797  Fix for building TestXSLT on Win32 VC6
     new 12d3e25  Fix for exposing interfaces with default values for copy/default constructors and building samples
     new 3110ed2  Fix for building samples
     new 70f8a9f  Fix for building conf with fixed APIs
     new 4c605ba  Fix for building some tests with the fixed APIs
     new b0ae944  Fixes for upcoming Xalan 1.9 documentation build.
     new b7e182c  Improved ICU Message loader naming, and removed extraneous space in Makefiles to enable builds
     new bd663e0  Made getMemoryManager() private, since allowing public access is very dangerous and unnecessary.
     new 414489d  Added accessors to get to memory managers and commented out questionable post-increment operator.
     new 79ff1d9  Added accessors to get to memory managers.
     new 931bf2c  Fixed bug with wrong substitution parameters and simplified warning for conflicts.
     new e3fcc36  Fixed hideous bug that broke xsl:import.
     new f7bd6bb  Fix for a build Xalan-C with ICU
     new e10df95  Changed error message ID.
     new 1fd5b8f  temporary fix for a build Xalan-C with ICU Win32/Unix
     new a49df22  Fix for VC6 build
     new 053e639  New source file.
     new 3fdc011  Fix ICU_LIB name for OS390.
     new 221e865  Modified getUnparsedEntityURI(s) to return/use returned string reference
     new 6e7eb8f  Enable copy constructor for user applications
     new 1df0858  Fix for the sample
     new 0e0bd70  Fix OutputString so transcode function does not add extra terminator
     new fd70440  Fix for incorrect Unix packaging
     new f64feb0  Fix ICU-enabled AIX/xlC_r 6.0 build
     new ae178d8  Fix to enable prefix resolver to operator correctly with maps
     new 1351a90  Remove unnecessary dynamic_cast
     new dbba0bf  Memory manager  for the testXPath test
     new 44f9705  Rollback part of earlier change - cast required when building with AIX/xlC 32-bit
     new ab15e23  Fix for building testXPath on Unix
     new 9b46820  NLS localization with the memory management
     new 63f59c0  Memory management for ThreadTest tests ( Unix make tests target works )
     new 9a2c94d  Some cleanup of the change for controlled memory management.
     new 6c010e9  Fixed typo.
     new f369735  Some cleanup of the change for controlled memory management.
     new 5e43850  Use standard functions for initialization and termination of static strings.
     new d415663  Simple implementation of a memory manager and  a sample , demonstrating how to call Xalan-C with a memory manager
     new 0c63e7e  Fix for the "cleaned" memory management
     new 28c93b5  Use std::vector instead of XalanVector, since we cannot use the former until Xerces-C is initialized.
     new cb45719  Fixed bug where XML identifier was getting clobbered.
     new abf5396  Fixed bug where incorrect template was chosen when checking for conflicts.
     new 2b902e7  Fix for Solaris machine
     new a26a6c2  Fixed bug of calling an unexisting constractor
     new 15d9482  Correct initialization of XalanMap with XalanVector as a data value
     new f375862  Set proper document source URI (fixes testXSLT when inputs are specified with a relative path)
     new c6b194a  Fix , exporting  the Harness symbols in Win64 with ICU dll
     new 38ce50c  Make sure ICU cleanup code is called.
     new eeee7c1  Improved XalanMap implementation
     new 9293edd  Include an example of the ICU memory management feature.
     new 34ee769  Fix to enable build on HP-UX/aCC - workaround symbol length limit
     new 9b070ed  Win32 - commented out system call to bring up results html file in a browser. Change was 'okay-ed' by Dave B. in email exhange.
     new d9d31ec  Patch to enable build of PerfT/Performance tests as well as direct conf's intermediate build files to the correct location.
     new 28a683b  Added status value error checking
     new ec9f0b8  Changes to docs in anticipation of 1.9 release
     new 3ce0657  Changes for zOS build
     new 18f3ee7  Execution was corrupted if <xsl:for-each> contained a single <xsl:call-template> and the invoked template was not the last template in the stylesheet.
     new 9422cc9  Simplified boolean expressions.
     new b4082cf  Avoid trying to resolve against a base URI which is relative.
     new 3dba5b5  Right configuation for XalanVector , preventing memory allocation from the global heap
     new 150b9cd  Fix for providing backward API compatibility for Formatter* classes
     new 3c25843  Fix for providing backward API compatibility for the rest of "external" classes
     new f089c96  Update icu-current to ICU 3.2
     new 533fbc3  Update the fixed bugs list.
     new 52b3b89  Update the Makefile.incl.in file to support ICU 3.2 in upcoming release.
     new 385e185  Add Win64 Release and Debug configuration to Localization dsp in VC6 version only.
     new f5afaa3  Documentation updates for 1.9 release.
     new 5164c43  Fix to properly set LD_LIBRARY_PATH_64 PR: XALANC-440 Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new f3c7e6a  Update list of directories to pick up source files.  New directories like src/xalanc/Harness weren't on the list Therefore API docs were incomplete.
     new 0d7ca17  Updates to docs for 1.9 release.
     new d4b71e2  More changes to docs for 1.9 release.
     new ef4661a  Addition of a public PGP key for Dmitry Hayes
     new 3315602  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-445.
     new 468225b  Fixes for GCC 3.4.
     new 8312203  Fixes for GCC 3.4.
     new 68b6803  Fixes for GCC 3.4.
     new 8cd46d3  Packaging changes that affect Windows NT platform
     new f7922b9  Prevent compiler from eliding constructors PR: XALANC-447
     new 38cc6e0  Remove explicit -fno-elide-constructor option from Linux settings and add 'g++3' to list of compilers to test for option in configure
     new d3e028e  Fixed two issues:  No exception should be generated if <xsl:for-each> contains variables and no nodes are selected.    In addition, if an exception occurs elsewhere, assertion/abort should not occur when resetting the execution context PR: XALANC-447
     new 91ddb94  Fixed packaging bug that affected VC7.1
     new f9c1746  Remove redundant AVT evaluation call.   ElemLiteralResults::evaluateAVTs is also invoked when the parent's method ElemUse::getFirstChildElemToExecute/ElemUse::getNextChildElemToExecute is called.
     new ca62135  Fix to properly reset/initialize array of pointers (causes assertion on z/OS)
     new 4d1b5ec  Fix for XALANC-455
     new b67c3bd  Fix to delay pushing context marker for direct template calls until "getFirstChildElemToExecute" is invoked. Without this change,  an AVT that belongs literal result elements that contains a single <xsl:call-template ...> element would fail to resolve if it referred to a local variable.
     new c886c64  Fix to enable build on BC++B6
     new 6f71ac5  Closing an opened resource in a XalanC sample. Reviewed by Matthew Hoyt
     new f936836  Patch for XALANC-460 : Linux/xlC port
     new 2729526  Cleaning unused local variables from TraceListen sample
     new e5d16da  Fix for XALANC-463.
     new 1b9e96a  Patch for Jira bug XalanC-465
     new a9b0d62  Fix for rhel4/gcc3.4.3 compilation
     new 400495e  Initial implementation of alternate performance testing tool
     new dac8b91  Fix for Jira bug XALANC-476.
     new 9446db9  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-483.
     new ffef979  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-484.
     new 9e3715c  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-482.
     new 717a212  Fixes and improvements to test tool
     new 6b11e76  Removed  checking of an onsolete condition. Related to Jira issue XALANC-480 .
     new 2a73a7e  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-487.
     new c564ca1  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-485.
     new 176a2d9  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-489.
     new 09ab60b  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-488.
     new 284adb0  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-490.
     new d99fbf8  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-491.
     new 06033a1  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-492.
     new bbc7ad8  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-492.
     new b75e022  Moved catch of LockException to where it can be caught.
     new c88922c  Added dump of statistics, including currently allocated memory blocks.
     new 172057a  Modified to  use new XalanDiagnosticMemoryManager constructor arguments.
     new 7806462  Fixed glitch with header included in both the class header file and the implementation file.
     new 28ed12d  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-493.
     new b92a094  Disable a few warnings about debug symbols being truncated.
     new f558fd1  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-498.
     new bb69913  Patch for XalanC-495
     new 06565df  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-501.
     new 3dd8f74  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-500.
     new 17aad39  Remove deprecated Test apps from Visual Studio Workspace/Solution files (XALANC-479)
     new eb81ec3  Fixed documentation glitches.
     new c0019c7  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-502.
     new 4990faa  Don't dump statistics when reporting an allocation error with a locked instance.
     new 7829288  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-504.
     new 09ddedc  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-505.
     new e31da10  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-496.
     new c87df99  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-479.
     new 8707ffe  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-506.
     new 69c2464  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-507.
     new e708a92  Fix warnings from gcc 3.4.3 compiler
     new ad3adb3  Fix for XALANC-480
     new 90ece58  Fix for XALANC-480
     new 6b9eae7  Fix for the Win32 project files related to XALANC-480
     new ee1448b  Remove perf test project from VC6 project files
     new 495d5c0  JIRA XALANC-480 issue. Fix for VC6 build
     new 2b5ae2a  Patch for XalanC-510
     new 07c708d  Patch for XalanC-470
     new d873289  Removing a comma ( fixing a warning) . Related to XALANC-480
     new 7b0e042  Fix for enabling XalanC/ICU with gcc3.4.3 build
     new 2a916a7  Ugly temporary patch for fixing AIX and HP11 builds . XALANC-480
     new 524beb5  Fix for the documentation
     new 1d04cf9  Fix for XALANC-480
     new 58b9b87  Remove an unused file . XALANC-480
     new 39198fe  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-513.
     new 5950d31  Shared library suffix for AIX is .a, not .so.
     new 67e01c5  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-509.
     new 1aecea2  Fixed incorrect previous change to shared library suffix.
     new 1ee46cb  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-515.
     new fa7e6d9  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-466.
     new b2c3f52  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-466.
     new f6f7ed9  Fix glitch where the wrong MemoryManager is used.
     new d3b454a  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-479.
     new cefcef9  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-508.
     new 3003395  Removed unused local variable.
     new 90c1f40  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-466.
     new ab310b0  Use Xerces-C type directly, instead of the typedef.
     new af36bc7  Added extra XalanConstruct overload and cleaned up a bit.
     new b25711d  Added using macro.
     new 08874d1  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-518
     new 985a0fa  Fixes for Jira issue XALANC-522.
     new b0de859  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-520.
     new 222b328  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-519.
     new 547d54a  Changes for Jira issue XALANC-480.
     new 86191f5  Fix for the recent changes
     new 7bae419  Changes for Jira issue XALANC-480.
     new 5b2a329  Changes for Jira issue XALANC-480.
     new ddfaaa9  Addition of the Indent feature and support for non-Unicode encodings for the new serializer. XALANC-480
     new 2a58808  Fixes for gcc3.4 build
     new 48b256c  Fix for the math::abs problem on Linux
     new 07117dc  Fix for XALANC-523
     new 2f7bb8b  Fix for the VC6 build
     new c1b1041  Fix to the right , from the legal point of view,  word
     new 1361b36  Fixed a merge bug for XALANC-480
     new 60d2fee  Fix for VC6 build
     new 2d6e07a  Fixes for XALANC-530.
     new 81e73ae  Fixes for XALANC-529.
     new c51a4cf  Fixes for XALANC-530.
     new 8c2e0f6  Fix for XALANC-526
     new aa73419  Fixes for building the Perfromance testing application with VC7.1 and Linux . AIX build still fails
     new e964cfd  Added missing data member to the initializer list.
     new c246efb  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-536.
     new d7a62b6  Patch for XALANC-537
     new 2d1157e  Fix for XALANC-537
     new 7af1bb2  Fixes for XALANC-527.
     new 88fd1cb  Patch by D.Bertoni for XALANC-526
     new 7f790ab  Fix for XALANC-532
     new cd8de90  Fix for XALANC-535
     new 1405745  Further fix for XALANC-455.
     new e345f6e  Fix for XALANC-541
     new 338b919  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-538.
     new 04b4454  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-542.
     new 2a70287  Addional fix for XALANC-541
     new 4e80aba  Fixes for Jira issue XALANC-539.
     new 5581c73  Fixes for Jira issue XALANC-543.
     new 7edb727  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-544.
     new 0a9bd5d  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-540.
     new 7a97dbc  Fixes for Jira issue XALANC-115.
     new d5b3dd4  Fix for XALANC-541
     new fc6bc18  Fix for XALANC-516
     new 0b3cb28  Fix for XALANC-550
     new e054993  Removed extraneous return statements.
     new 2a836c7  Made two non-class functions static.
     new c3e01c9  Disabled pragma for the Intel compiler, since it does not seem to implement it properly.
     new d1e1b32  Fix for XALANC-560
     new 50bef20  Patches for XALANC-555.
     new 91a5d44  Added inline keyword to remove some Intel compiler warnings.
     new 997cc82  Added inline or static keyword to remove some Intel compiler warnings.
     new a6a2ca0  Fix for XALANC-561, done by Ashley Zinyk
     new 9e29834  Fix for XALANC-561
     new d4e9082  Fix for XALANC-565.
     new f96f3bc  Fixes for XALANC-558.
     new 19d9c35  Fixes for XALANC-511.
     new cb0f128  Added private copy constructor and operators to silence warnings.
     new c599df6  Fixes for XALANC-552.
     new e32b030  Fixes for XALANC-554.
     new 799b9dd  Fixed some dependent name lookup problems.
     new 764b3b3  Fix for XALANC-568.
     new 7c952d1  Fix for XALANC-571
     new 31c94cc  Fix for XALANC-569.
     new a0ad0b5  Fixed glitch with use of MemoryManager.
     new b2d29a4  Fix for XALANC-572.
     new 9adb471  Fix for XALANC-572.
     new 37b6a91  Fix for XALANC-575
     new 5154b49  Fix for XALANC-575
     new e1b0bcb  Patch for XALANC-585
     new c6df859  Removed extraneous directory.
     new 1b08788  Fixes for XALANC-592.
     new bd8a04b  Fixes for XALANC-583.
     new fd18592  Fixes for XALANC-591.
     new 43c8a93  Fixes for XALANC-590.
     new aef91a3  Removed Id tag.
     new 0013677  Removed Id tag.
     new a6ed916  Removed Id tag.
     new b103195  Removed Id tag.
     new b982a77  Removed tags and author statements.
     new 47ae0d3  Removed tags and author statement.
     new e526dc1  Fix a typo in a Makefile.in
     new f14c314  Fixed typo in comment.
     new a760a0a  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-599.
     new 055c6df  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-600.
     new b273ff0  Fix for defect XALANC-586
     new 43376bd  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-604.
     new 14fd169  Added missing files that are present in VC6 and VC7.1.
     new 2cb6bab  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-587.
     new 62aba26  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-584.
     new f189c61  Fixes for Windows 2005 XalanICU build
     new 430ca1a  Removed extraneous files.
     new d6b160b  Fixes for Jira issue XALANC-598.
     new 495e5b1  Fix for XALANC-602
     new 83f5865  Fix for XALANC-602
     new 10dfbaf  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-601.
     new fe2ae96  Fix for XALANC-609
     new b708473  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-603.
     new 02a7b79  Removed extraneous source file.  Fixes Jira issue XALANC-594.
     new 2cf7a77  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-614.
     new f440f20  Fix for XALANC-589.
     new 9899a5c  Cleaning out the CVS "author" comment
     new 73f3d2d  Providing a default memory manager for XMLMutex object instance
     new 3b1e3ee  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-573.
     new c618a8c  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-621.
     new 8db5321  Fix for XALANC-626
     new 4eef16f  Fix for XALANC-626
     new eff0a95  Fix for XALANC-626
     new 11703d7  Fix for XALANC-626
     new 634bbe4  Fix for XALANC-626
     new 139c189  Fix for XALANC-626
     new ec50877  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-622.
     new 293eb5e  Disable spurious warning about change in behavior in Visual C++.
     new 5d9a048  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-625.
     new 9314c87  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-613.
     new b552352  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-613.  This fixes issues with temporaries and private copy constructors.
     new 92e2946  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-613.  Avoid unnecessary copies.
     new a26e024  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-627.
     new 781df0e  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-628.
     new b01060e  Fix for a defect XALANC-595
     new 6d71d28  Fix for a defect XALANC-606
     new 6153bf6  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-624.
     new 653761a  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-630.
     new 26b2161  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-631.
     new b8dab53  Patch for XALANC-635
     new aab39ea  Fix for XALANC-638
     new 8cc6e25  Made char* parameter const to quiet the HP compiler.
     new ff47c8d  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-613 on HP-UX.
     new ccceeff  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-629.
     new e672db9  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-638.
     new 9b754d8  Made data member private.
     new 9ffa40a  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-641.
     new 9db069d  Use same typedef for XalanDOMChar and XalanUTF16Char.  Touched up some documentation.
     new e7d1926  Fixed glitch in include directory.
     new a3ecf0f  Fix for a defect JIRA XALANC 645
     new 344cd1a  Fix for an issue JIRA XALANC-646
     new 2de19a6  Updates for changes to underlying Xerces-C classes and types.
     new ea745fa  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-647.
     new 155a2fc  Fixes for XALANC-651.
     new 73bb425  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-650.
     new 4c0da27  Fix for Jira issue XALANC-655.
     new 9374e90  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-652.
     new 4b545ad  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-653.
     new 9e18d4e  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-640.
     new 015b475  Fixed EOL property.
     new 35373f9  Patch for XALANC-658.
     new 4757d38  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-660.
     new c65a57b  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-632.
     new b849bf6  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-648.
     new b22aeeb  Patch for Jira issue XALANC-633.
     new cbb3a6d  ICU integration was broken as a result of some inconsistencies.
     new e38084a  Patch for XALANC-659.
     new 6e07724  Fixed glitch with ambiguous XalanDOMChar argument to PrintWriter::print().
     new 1044c2d  Patch for XALANC-667.
     new 8986cd6  Patch for XALANC-664.
     new 8f985b8  Patch for XALANC-669.
     new 59c0b36  Fixed whitespace glitch.
     new e594324  Fixed some HP compiler warnings about linkage by inlining template functions.
     new b668b78  Merged VS branch from revision 603782 to 638197.  Fixes XALANC-657 and XALANC-634.
     new ef0506a  Fixed truncation warning by using existing XalanDOMString helper function.
     new 91ee8c9  Removed dummy return values after throw statements to clean up HP compiler warnings.
     new f6ff5ef  Update to track Xerces-C API change.
     new 67caf76  Don't prepend drive letter to output file path.
     new 9e95447  Fix for potential buffer-underrun and partial fix for XALANC-666.
     new 105afb0  Fix for XALANC-671.
     new da9aeb3  Added configurations to use ICU integration without using the ICU message loader.
     new 6c78293  Add support for ICU number formatting as well as collation.
     new b39f69f  More 64-bit configuration fixes.  Added new configurations for building with the ICU for collation and number formatting without using the ICU message loader.
     new e79a0fa  Changes for compatibility with the updated Xerces-C MemoryManager class.
     new f8f5c65  Fixes for XALANC-666.
     new 3df3906  Fixes for XALANC-673.
     new 065413a  Changes for compatibility with the updated Xerces-C MemoryManager class.
     new 26fcdf0  Fixes for XALANC-674.
     new 424a2d6  Fixes for XALANC-615.
     new 11b43cf  Fixes for XALANC-675.
     new 2f978e0  Fixes for XALANC-675. Fixed glitch with formatting expanded name.
     new e272a82  Fixes for XALANC-677.
     new 1bfc6e2  Added "virtual" to function.
     new 2bfd177  Fix for change in Xerces-C BinInputStream base class.
     new 48904e6  More cleanup.
     new 39e8766  Updated FormatterToDOM for new base class function signatures.
     new cd44765  Fixed typo.
     new dff4111  Initial set of changes for Xerces-C API changes.
     new 694842b  More changes for Xerces-C API updates.
     new 31d8f31  Fixed return type on new member function.
     new 7c1ac2c  More updates for Xerces-C API changes.
     new 2dea682  More updates for Xerces-C API changes.
     new fec6974  Visual C++ 6.0 fixes.
     new 11fe648  Fixed case in include file name.
     new 9e7754a  Removed obsolete class.
     new 319c712  More changes for compatibility with Xerces-C 2.x and 3.x.
     new ec58c27  Handle error enum as an unsupported encoding.
     new ecfacfb  Removed dead code.
     new a1720f2  Fixed broken cast.
     new cdd9b9a  Cleaned up crufty old stuff for obsolete compilers, etc.
     new 8c55e25  Fix for XALANC-679.
     new 306defe  Fix for XALANC-680.
     new 1144d2c  Clean up of error formatting code to use a single, consistent format, with better localization.  Cleaned up const-correctness issue to remove casting away const of a member variable.
     new d017e17  Cleaned up local code page transcoding APIs.
     new 96b6cbe  Fixed bug with formatting an error with no URI.
     new 2b639ac  Changes for Jira issue XALANC-478, including a new sample program.
     new 14ea271  XALANC-478 Added new samples to Makefile.
     new 56d18dd  Catch transcoding exceptions with expected data files, since they are often not in the local code page.
     new c36b52b  Changes for Jira issue XALANC-616, along with some cleanup of unused code.
     new e039a8d  Changes for Jira issue XALANC-616.  Make accessor function out-of-line, so the definition isn't needed in the header file.
     new b657c34  Changes for Jira issue XALANC-616.  More cleanup.  Quiet some HP compiler warnings and fix GCC issue by adding XToken copy constructor.
     new e20fcff  Major error reporting cleanup.
     new 7572490  Major error reporting cleanup.
     new d58a559  Major error reporting cleanup.
     new ef8ee5d  Major error reporting cleanup.
     new 4fe6ba9  Major error reporting cleanup.
     new 18bd1fe  Visual C++ 6.0 fixes.
     new 55e835c  Add support for Solaris X86.
     new 804be32  Updates for VS.Net 2003.
     new 9582a66  Fix potential dereference of null pointer.
     new 6a4fec5  Fix for XALANC-681.
     new 8eac2d0  Fix for XALANC-683.
     new c50d266  Removed spurious access declaration.
     new 3b8670e  Removed some obsolete defines.
     new 17c2f84  Only enable Windows collation for MSVC 8 or later.
     new c31fa87  Removed some obsolete defines.
     new b59234a  Beginning to add support for case-ordering for xsl:sort.
     new d8a8999  Disable conformance tests that are known to be broken.
     new 99c5d2e  Fix for XALANC-682.  Also cleaned up some old DOMStringHelper functions.
     new d5f2e34  Disabled some tests related to XALANC-682, since the conformance test gold results are currently wrong.
     new 1af79d9  Cleaned up a bunch of old DOMStringHelper cruft.
     new 2b2b225  Finish implementing exclusion of test cases that are known to be bad.
     new 9d2171d  Cleaned up a bunch of old DOMStringHelper cruft.  Removed obsolete files.
     new 09ea9d4  Fixed bugs where the local name was used in the startElement and endElement functions, instead of the qname.  A recent change to Xerces-C sends only the qname when namespace processing is not enabled, per the SAX spec.
     new 7afafa4  Disable more tests that aren't portable.
     new 7306560  Fix problem with classic iostreams.
     new be47bb5  Fixed loop with POSIX threads.
     new 9028425  Cleaned up usage of MemoryManagerType typedef.
     new 165ce25  Disable one more bogus output test.
     new 138b426  Changed tabs to spaces.
     new f960593  Use stdd::numeric_limits for Solaris x86 and AMD64.  Fixes XALANC-588.  Also removed obsolete #define.
     new f10da98  Removed obsolete -ptr option for Sun CC.
     new 3c37137  Fixes for Xerces-C 2.8 suppport.
     new c299d60  Quiet some HP aCC warnings.
     new cedae04  Fixes for missing header files reported on Fedora 9.
     new 12facbf  Broke up some functions for better inlining.
     new 472548b  Removed use of LocatorType typedef.
     new 37ba219  isnan() is not available on Cygwin.
     new 9a7b0bc  Set first character in the buffers to null, in case nothing is read from the files.
     new 2e40961  Fixed bug where error message is not displayed when no error is reported through the FormatterListener.
     new 77a1ee2  Updated version number to 1.11.
     new 4865ec5  Updated version numbers and added new source files to AllInOneWithICU projects.
     new 6d3e038  Removed unused configurations.
     new 9e52f12  Changes for mingw and fixes to runConfigure for disabling threads.
     new 954bfa6  Fixed typo in macro.
     new 89c6f10  Fixed bugs where early exits would leave file handles open.
     new 7a4bf8f  Clean up for VS6.  Updated version numbers for libraries and removed obsolete configurations.  Fixed a few compiler errors due to compiler limitations.
     new 9ca1e29  Updated VS6 Xerces-C library version numbers.
     new 10963c6  Updated VS6 message library version numbers.
     new c4638e7  Updated Xalan library version.
     new c2f794a  Use GCC as the default compiler.  Bump optimization level to 3 for GCC and the HP compiler.
     new b80dc89  Fix for XALANC-684.
     new b025ca4  More cleanup.
     new f03ff9f  Fixes for Visual Studio 6.
     new 0669e5c  Makefile fixes for Mingw.
     new aa0098a  Reverted previous change for Mingw, since it breaks other platforms.
     new e34ac74  Initial configuration changes for OpenBSD port.
     new 350d11f  Cleaned up pthread options to fix 64-bit build on Solaris x86.  Cleaned up old 64-bit defines and removed unnecessary 32-bit build options.
     new 07d9f63  Reduced optimization level on PA-RISC because of excessive memory usage.
     new d2c5c16  Removed obsolete author tags.
     new d083331  Return the error count from main() for the conf executable.
     new ee90cdc  Fixed comment in header file.
     new 8dbe6d1  Created a typedef for more clarity.  Added some comments.
     new ae9c79f  Removed obsolete author tag.  Used a typedef for more clarity and added some comments.
     new 9b2a216  Removed obsolete author tag. Fixed assignment operator to protect against self-assignment. Updated XalanDequeIterator and XalanDeque to avoid exposing data members.  Fixed some issues where exceptions might cause memory leaks. Used a typedef for better clarity, and added and updated some comments.
     new 5988d02  Visual C++ 6.0 fix.
     new dc240e0  Removed unused member function and fixed tabs.
     new ad15d3d  Fixed typos and problems with building on Visual Studio 6.
     new e51cac3  Made the function formatMessageLocal(), in XalanFSStreamOutputStream.cpp, a static member function of XalanOutputStream to avoid having XalanFileOutputStream refer to it as an extern.
     new dd08a74  Fixes for building on Solaris with Sun Workshop and STLport 4.
     new f98e1b4  Update a comment.
     new db119cc  Cleaned up some some argument names and unnecessary code.
     new eaeb1b5  Tweaks for HP-UX PA-RISC.
     new 9cfd982  Cleaned up a misspelled macro and some MinGW makefile issues.
     new 40ac2be  Enabled code that had been erroneously commented out earlier.
     new a527111  Fixes for XALANC-690.
     new 1989bbd  Fix for XALANC-692.
     new 7eef697  Use default constructor for compatibility with VS2010. Fixed a few typos. Fixes XALANC-699.
     new 69e08d6  Fixed buffer overflow problem with XMLString::replaceTokens. See XALANC-698.
     new 67e0800  Fixes for XALANC-700.
     new 04c770b  Fix for XALANC-705.
     new 709950c  Fix for XALANC-703.
     new fea32fb  Fixing JIRA Issue #709: http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/XALANC-709. Changes to a comment to correct a doxygen bug. Patch thanks to Steven Hathaway.
     new 0992cfc  Fixed return statements and return types of various template functions. Fixes XALANC-570.
     new 5056c79  Fixed some source code glitches.
     new e8717a4  updated license to v2 and added Notice. Thanks to Steve Hathaway.
     new 702b64c  JIRA[XALANC-710] Fix: Debug Build Issue - Win32/VC9/AllInOne
     new 0064bc6  JIRA [XALANC-701] Update: Fix on bad XALAN-675 patch -- XSLT/KeyTable issue
     new d9a8d60  JIRA [XALANC-708] ensure that XMLCh is defined when using 'C' language API interfaces.
     new b546424  JIRA XALANC-716 incorrect buffer-size calculation in XalanUTF16Writer.hpp
     new ee641b3  XALANC-451 XalanTransformer setStylesheetParam() :: add support for strings, numbers, and nodesets
     new 76d767e  XALANC-715 FIX, Support empty strings, empty nodesets,
     new 8c919d7  XALANC-719 Xerces Parser Liaison - errors on elements with no attributes
     new 0855435  XALANC-687 remove compiler warnings
     new 2da34e0  Add Microsoft .NET 2010 (VC10) support
     new 209ff2f  More VC10 Cleanup
     new a187b8e  Fix linkage to library from samples by editing VC10 vcxproj files
     new 5b89d16  Fix VC9 Samples Linkage - vcproj edits
     new a295ceb  More Microsoft VC9,VC10 Project Fixes
     new 299b414  Fix VC8 Build Interfaces
     new 07a06d6  Updating year.
     new abf6ffa  Updating copyright years.
     new 6d61d86  Updating copyright years.
     new f634129  Align NOTICE file with the copy under xdocs/sources/xalan/NOTICE.
     new 6f65541  Update to the latest ASF license header. See http://www.apache.org/legal/src-headers.html.
     new 3283107  Copyright Update
     new ef85b4f  Add Number and Nodeset Top-Level Parameter support for XalanCAPI
     new bcda5ff  Updates for Xalan-C apiDocs
     new 35a79ea  Committer Key for Steven J. Hathaway
     new 092fcda  Fix some logic compile warnings
     new 76c2e83  Remove unused, unsupported, Windows projects
     new 340fd54  Fix logic warnings
     new 2f15f40  JIRA XALANC-643 --as-needed patch
     new e487cba  Google Summer of Code 2012 Snapshot
     new 1619f80  Update GSoC from trunk - JIRA 730
     new bc10984  Fix svn copy
     new 53d2d88  New copy of XalanTransformer
     new 49f02bb  EXSLT code committed to xalan-c-branches-GSoC-2012, contains .NET 2003 and .NET 2010 builds
     new 93d93cc  GSoC-EXSLT Code Merge
     new 8daaf82  Update branch/GSoC-2012/src
     new 34863e6  Update GSoC-2012 documentation sources
     new 9569456  Update branch GSoC-2012
     new 3cec6ae  Merge release 1.11
     new 2d78adf  XALANC-736 Assertion failure in debug mode

The 4297 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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