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From mk...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: xml-xalan/java/xdocs/sources/xalan readme.xml xsltc_usage.xml xsltc_constraints.xml
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2002 16:21:42 GMT
mkwan       2002/11/06 08:21:42

  Modified:    java/xdocs/sources entities.ent xalan-jlocal.xml
               java/xdocs/sources/xalan readme.xml xsltc_usage.xml
  Removed:     java/xdocs/sources/xalan xsltc_constraints.xml
  XSLTC xdocs update.
  Remove xsltc_constraints.xml. Move the "known problem" and "smart transformer
  switch" sections into xsltc_uage.xml.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.58      +0 -1      xml-xalan/java/xdocs/sources/entities.ent
  Index: entities.ent
  RCS file: /home/cvs/xml-xalan/java/xdocs/sources/entities.ent,v
  retrieving revision 1.57
  retrieving revision 1.58
  diff -u -r1.57 -r1.58
  --- entities.ent	31 Oct 2002 15:11:33 -0000	1.57
  +++ entities.ent	6 Nov 2002 16:21:42 -0000	1.58
  @@ -28,7 +28,6 @@
                   Release Notes</link>, and <jump href="xsltc/index.html">XSLTC
  -<!ENTITY xsltcreleasenotesentry '<li><link idref="xsltc_constraints">XSLTC
Release Notes</link></li>'>
   <!ENTITY history2xsltc '<note>For XSLTC changes since XSLTC was incorporated into
&xslt4j;, see 
                           <link idref="xsltc_history">XSLTC software changes</link>.</note>'>
  1.24      +0 -1      xml-xalan/java/xdocs/sources/xalan-jlocal.xml
  Index: xalan-jlocal.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/xml-xalan/java/xdocs/sources/xalan-jlocal.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.23
  retrieving revision 1.24
  diff -u -r1.23 -r1.24
  --- xalan-jlocal.xml	4 Nov 2002 19:15:25 -0000	1.23
  +++ xalan-jlocal.xml	6 Nov 2002 16:21:42 -0000	1.24
  @@ -84,7 +84,6 @@
     <document id="readme" label="Release Notes" source="xalan/readme.xml"/>
     <hidden id="history" source="xalan/history.xml"/>
  -  <hidden id="xsltc_constraints" source="xalan/xsltc_constraints.xml"/>
     <hidden id="xsltc_history" source="xalan/xsltc_history.xml"/>
     <hidden id="commandline_xsltc" source="xalan/commandline_xsltc.xml"/>
  1.49      +0 -1      xml-xalan/java/xdocs/sources/xalan-jsite.xml
  Index: xalan-jsite.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/xml-xalan/java/xdocs/sources/xalan-jsite.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.48
  retrieving revision 1.49
  diff -u -r1.48 -r1.49
  --- xalan-jsite.xml	4 Nov 2002 19:15:25 -0000	1.48
  +++ xalan-jsite.xml	6 Nov 2002 16:21:42 -0000	1.49
  @@ -88,7 +88,6 @@
     <document id="readme" label="Release Notes" source="xalan/readme.xml"/>
     <document id="builds" label="Xalan-Java Builds" source="xalan/builds.xml"/>
     <hidden id="history" source="xalan/history.xml"/>
  -  <hidden id="xsltc_constraints" source="xalan/xsltc_constraints.xml"/>
     <hidden id="xsltc_history" source="xalan/xsltc_history.xml"/>
     <hidden id="commandline_xsltc" source="xalan/commandline_xsltc.xml"/>
  1.86      +2 -1      xml-xalan/java/xdocs/sources/xalan/readme.xml
  Index: readme.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/xml-xalan/java/xdocs/sources/xalan/readme.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.85
  retrieving revision 1.86
  diff -u -r1.85 -r1.86
  --- readme.xml	31 Oct 2002 15:06:43 -0000	1.85
  +++ readme.xml	6 Nov 2002 16:21:42 -0000	1.86
  @@ -62,9 +62,10 @@
  -  <li><link anchor="status0">Status</link></li>&xsltcreleasenotesentry;
  +  <li><link anchor="status0">Status</link></li>
     <li><link anchor="build">Build distributions and notes</link></li>
     <li><link anchor="contact">Getting in touch</link></li>
  +  <li><link idref="xsltc_usage" anchor="constraints">XSLTC usage constraints</link></li>
     <li><link idref="history">History of software changes</link></li>
    </ul><anchor name="status0"/>
     <s2 title="Status">
  1.31      +57 -6     xml-xalan/java/xdocs/sources/xalan/xsltc_usage.xml
  Index: xsltc_usage.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/xml-xalan/java/xdocs/sources/xalan/xsltc_usage.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.30
  retrieving revision 1.31
  diff -u -r1.30 -r1.31
  --- xsltc_usage.xml	23 Sep 2002 13:04:01 -0000	1.30
  +++ xsltc_usage.xml	6 Nov 2002 16:21:42 -0000	1.31
  @@ -64,9 +64,11 @@
     <li><link anchor="compile">Compiling translets from the command line</link></li>
     <li><link anchor="run">Running translets from the command line</link></li>
     <li><link anchor="api">Calling XSLTC with the TrAX/JAXP API</link></li>
  +  <li><link anchor="xsltcsmart">Smart Transformer Switch</link></li>
     <li><link anchor="native_api">Calling XSLTC with the native API</link></li>
  +  <li><link anchor="constraints">Usage constraints</link></li>
     <li><link idref="samples" anchor="translets">Sample translets</link></li>
  -  <li><link idref="xsltc_constraints">XSLTC release notes</link></li>
  +  <li><link idref="extensions_xsltc">Extensions for XSLTC</link></li>
   <p>See also: <jump href="xsltc/index.html">XSLTC Design</jump></p>
   <anchor name="intro"/>
  @@ -423,9 +425,23 @@
                         new StreamResult(new FileOutputStream(htmlOutURI)));</source>
   <p>For a working sample that illustrates this usage pattern, see <link idref="samples"
  -</s2><anchor name="native_api"/>
  +<anchor name="xsltcsmart"/>
  +<s2 title="Smart Transformer Switch">
  +<p>As part of the TrAX API, a &quot;Smart Transformer Switch&quot; enables
automatic switching between Xalan and XSLTC 
  +processors within your application. It uses Xalan to create your 
  + <code>Transformer</code> objects, and uses XSLTC to create your <code>Templates</code>
  +<p>To use the switch, you set the TrAX system property,
  +<code>javax.xml.transform.TransformerFactory</code>, to <code>org.apache.xalan.xsltc.trax.SmartTransformerFactoryImpl</code>.

  +For one-time transformations or transformations that require extensions supported by Xalan,
and not XSLTC,
  +you would use Transformer objects. For a repeated transformation where performance is critical,
you would 
  +use Templates objects.</p> 
  +<anchor name="native_api"/>
   <s2 title="Calling XSLTC with the native API">
   <p>This section demonstrates how to use the native XSLTC API in a standalone Java
  +<note>Using XSLTC with the native API is not supported. Applications using the native
API may break when the 
  +underlying implementation changes in the future.</note>
   <p>Processing an XML document with a translet involves three main steps:</p>
     <li><link anchor="native_compile">Compile the stylesheet to a translet</link>.</li>
  @@ -685,9 +701,44 @@
   of an input XML document.   This example demonstrated how to compile a
   stylesheet into a translet, parse an input XML document, and then transform
   the XML document using the translet.</p>
  -</s3></s2><anchor name="constraints"/>
  -<s2 title="XSLTC usage constraints">
  -<p>See <link idref="xsltc_constraints" anchor="xsltcconf">Conformance issues</link>
and <link idref="xsltc_constraints" 
  -anchor="xsltcknownproblems">Known problems</link>.</p>
  +<anchor name="constraints"/>
  +<s2 title="Usage constraints">
  +  <li>The strip space element does not work with copy-of. For example, with <code>&lt;xsl:strip-space

  +    elements=&quot;*&quot;/&gt;</code>, if you do an identity transform
by matching on 
  +    the root node (/) and then do a <code>copy-of select=&quot;.&quot;</code>,
the whitespace-only 
  +    nodes are not stripped out. <code>xsl:strip-space</code> works when you
do not do a copy-of.<br/><br/></li>
  +  <li>The default for template inlining has been changed. Previously,
  +    by default, inlining (putting all the templates into one big method) was on and 
  +    the <code>&quot;-n&quot;</code> option to the compile command line
disabled inlining. 
  +    With inlining on, XSLTC can generate methods that are too long (<em>&gt;
64K length</em>) 
  +    to run, or contain jump offsets that are too large for the JVM to handle. 
  +    Now the default is not to inline templates. Instead, compilation creates separate 
  +    methods for each template. Inlining was thought to improve performance, 
  +    but with recent hotspot technology in the Java 1.4.x JVM, performance is better with

  +    inlining off. From the command line, you would use <code>&quot;-n&quot;</code>

  +    to turn on inlining, or with TrAX set the &quot;enable-inlining&quot; attribute
to the TransformerFactory. 
  +    For example, 
  +      <source>TransformerFactory tfac = new TransformerFactory(); 
  +tfac.setAttribute(&quot;enable-inlining&quot;, Boolean.TRUE)</source><br/></li>
  +  <li>XSLTC tries to determine the order in which global variables are initialized

  +    by tracking the dependencies between them. In some cases, the value of a variable 
  +    may depend on a template, e.g., if <code>xsl:call-template</code> is used
to initialized 
  +    a variable whose type is RTF. If this happens, a NPE may be thrown at runtime 
  +    when the translet attempts to access a variable that has not been properly 
  +    initialized. In most cases, this problem can be avoided by reordering the 
  +    variable declarations.<br/></li>
  +<p>To check on the open bugs in the current Apache xml-xalan/java repository, 
  +  follow the instructions below:</p>
  +  <li>Go to <jump href="http://nagoya.apache.org/bugzilla">http://nagoya.apache.org/bugzilla</jump>.</li>
  +  <li>Select <em>Query Existing Bug Reports</em>.</li>
  +  <li>Choose:<br/>
  +    Program: <em>XalanJ2</em><br/>
  +    Component: <em>org.apache.xalan.xsltc</em> (and) <em>Xalan-Xsltc</em></li>
  +  <li>Submit the query.</li>

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