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From dles...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: xml-xalan/java/xdocs/sources/xalan history.xml readme.xml xsltc_history.xml
Date Thu, 09 May 2002 16:22:35 GMT
dleslie     02/05/09 09:22:35

  Modified:    java/xdocs/sources/xalan history.xml readme.xml
  Updates for next version (release notes to history)
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.25      +120 -0    xml-xalan/java/xdocs/sources/xalan/history.xml
  Index: history.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/xml-xalan/java/xdocs/sources/xalan/history.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.24
  retrieving revision 1.25
  diff -u -r1.24 -r1.25
  --- history.xml	15 Feb 2002 18:44:39 -0000	1.24
  +++ history.xml	9 May 2002 16:22:34 -0000	1.25
  @@ -3,6 +3,126 @@
    <s1 title="History of software changes">
      <p>The following sections list the core software changes in each release since
&xslt4j; version 2.0.D01.</p>
  +<s2 title="Changes for &xslt4j; 2.3 and 2.3.1">
  +<p> Core (Non-XSLTC) source code updates:</p><ul><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>johng@apache.org<ref> on </ref>01/17/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xalan/lib/sql XConnection.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>Fixed second connection problem<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>johng@apache.org<ref> on </ref>01/17/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xalan/lib/sql SQLDocument.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>Update for new DTM Model<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>johng@apache.org<ref> on </ref>01/17/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xalan/lib/sql DTMDocument.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>Update for new DTM Model<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>johng@apache.org<ref> on </ref>01/17/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xalan/lib/sql SQLDocument.java
  + DTMDocument.java<br/><ref>Committer's log entry: </ref>Removed Debug<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>jkesselm@apache.org<ref> on </ref>01/18/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xml/utils FastStringBuffer.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>Whups. There's a possible reentrancy problem when data
  + is being serialized from an FSB, thru Sax, back into a new
  + chunk of the same FSB; if the append causes a rechunking,
  + the serialize loop may break.
  + TEMPORARY PATCH; permanant fix to follow. See comments.<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>jkesselm@apache.org<ref> on </ref>01/18/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xml/utils SuballocatedIntVector.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>&lt;blush&gt;Wrong side of the fencepost...&lt;/blush&gt;<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>jkesselm@apache.org<ref> on </ref>01/23/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xalan/templates ElemTemplate.java
  + java/src/org/apache/xalan/transformer TransformerImpl.java
  + java/src/org/apache/xml/dtm DTMManager.java
  + java/src/org/apache/xml/dtm/ref DTMDefaultBase.java
  + DTMManagerDefault.java
  + java/src/org/apache/xml/dtm/ref/sax2dtm SAX2DTM.java
  + java/src/org/apache/xpath XPathContext.java<br/><ref>Added: </ref>java/src/org/apache/xml/dtm/ref/sax2dtm
SAX2RTFDTM.java<br/><ref>Committer's log entry: </ref>These changes allow
us to store multiple Result Tree Fragment (RTF)
  + document trees (used when an XSLT variable contains a constructed
  + set of nodes) into a single DTM object rather than using a new DTM
  + for each RTF. They also permit "tail-pruning" this shared DTM to
  + reuse that space as the variables go out of scope.
  + The result is a slight performance improvement, and a much more
  + significant improvement in storage efficiency. Stylesheets which
  + use RTFs heavily should now run in much less memory; in
  + one testcase, our "working set" heap size (storage actually in
  + use, not counting objects released but not yet GC'd) dropped
  + from 12-15MB down to 3-6MB, and heap churn (how quickly
  + storage was being allocated and discarded) also reduced
  + substantially.
  + The code changes needed to support this new scheme are
  + surprisingly small. And I believe it may be possible to reduce them
  + further, if we're willing to merge the SAX2RTFDTM subclass back
  + into its SAX2DTM superclass. I believe that could be done with
  + very little adverse impact on other uses of SAX2DTM... but I felt it
  + was safer to defer that decision for now.<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>mmidy@apache.org<ref> on </ref>01/25/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xalan/transformer TransformerImpl.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>Bug 5982 and 6022. The variable stack was not being cleared accross

  +transforms so that when the transformer is reused, we were using nodesets from 
  +the previous transform which were using a different DTM. Note that we want keep 
  +any variables that have been set externally by the user (using 
by </ref>mmidy@apache.org<ref> on </ref>01/28/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xpath/res XPATHErrorResources.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>bug 4762: Fixed the duplicate error message in XPATH.<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>jkesselm@apache.org<ref> on </ref>01/28/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xalan/transformer TransformerImpl.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>Bugzilla 4054: Retain previously set output properties when adding
new ones.<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed by </ref>mmidy@apache.org<ref>
on </ref>01/28/2002<br/><ref>Modified: </ref>java/src/org/apache/xalan/transformer
TransformerImpl.java<br/><ref>Committer's log entry: </ref>Bug 5872. We
were using a constructor of TranformerException without the 
  +locator information. Changed to code to use a locator if info is available.<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>dleslie@apache.org<ref> on </ref>01/30/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xalan/lib NodeInfo.java<br/><ref>Committer's log
entry: </ref>Changed "system id" to "public identifier" in javadoc
  + comments for publicId() methods.<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>jkesselm@apache.org<ref> on </ref>01/30/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xml/dtm/ref/sax2dtm SAX2DTM.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>Bugzilla 2617, part 1: Construct the data structures and access them

  + Ignore too-late-to-be-safe requests to enable this feature.
  + This doesn't resolve how to rewrite higher-level code so it makes the
  + request early enough to be useful.<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>mmidy@apache.org<ref> on </ref>01/30/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xalan/templates StylesheetComposed.java
  + StylesheetRoot.java TemplateList.java
  + java/src/org/apache/xalan/transformer TransformerImpl.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>Bug 4987: Changed Apply-imports logic to only apply imports to stylesheets

  +that are direct imports. The logic for includes has not changed, we will 
  +apply-imports to any stylesheet that is imported as a result of an inclusion. 
  +Note: had to change the order when includes and imports are recomposed!<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>jkesselm@apache.org<ref> on </ref>01/31/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xalan/lib NodeInfo.java
  + java/src/org/apache/xalan/processor
  + TransformerFactoryImpl.java
  + java/src/org/apache/xalan/transformer TransformerImpl.java
  + java/src/org/apache/xalan/xslt Process.java
  + java/src/org/apache/xml/dtm/ref DTMManagerDefault.java
  + java/src/org/apache/xml/dtm/ref/sax2dtm SAX2DTM.java
  + SAX2RTFDTM.java
  + java/src/org/apache/xml/utils DefaultErrorHandler.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>Bugzilla 2617: Recreated missing code, changed controls to ensure
  + that this mode gets set early enough to be useful and can't be broken
  + by being turned on and off during execution.
  + NOTE: Current implementation relies on a global static flag in
  + TransformerFactoryImpl. We need to rearchitect our APIs slightly
  + so configuration hints of this kind can be passed down from top-level
  + objects to the back-end code more elegantly. Revisit in future
  + releases.<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed by </ref>mmidy@apache.org<ref>
on </ref>01/31/2002<br/><ref>Modified: </ref>java/src/org/apache/xalan/templates
ElemApplyTemplates.java<br/><ref>Committer's log entry: </ref>Bug 5505:
Need to resolve params before we do anything else, so move code 
  +that does that above the code that sets up the different node stacks.<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>jkesselm@apache.org<ref> on </ref>02/01/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xml/utils FastStringBuffer.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>Bugzilla 6182. Darned fence posts; always either too many or not enough...

  +&lt;grin/&gt;<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed by
</ref>mmidy@apache.org<ref> on </ref>02/01/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xalan/transformer TransformerImpl.java
  + java/src/org/apache/xpath VariableStack.java
  + XPathContext.java<br/><ref>Committer's log entry: </ref>Bug 6156: Change
variable stack reset to just get a new object. Also make 
  +sure that the stack of result tree fragments is also cleaned ot during a reset.<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>mmidy@apache.org<ref> on </ref>02/04/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xpath/objects XBoolean.java
  + XNodeSet.java XNumber.java XObject.java
  + XRTreeFrag.java XString.java
  + java/src/org/apache/xpath/operations Equals.java<br/><ref>Committer's log
entry: </ref>Bug 5851: Make sure that the equal operation is evaluated by order of 
  +precedence of the operands, as defined by XSLT.<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>jkesselm@apache.org<ref> on </ref>02/04/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xpath/objects XStringForFSB.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>Bugzilla 5346: Prevent mantissa overflow when converting string to
  + There is still a possible edge-case, since I detect overflow on decimal digit
  + bounds rather than on bit bounds; I'm not sure what the IEEE spec calls for.<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>jkesselm@apache.org<ref> on </ref>02/04/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xpath/objects XStringForFSB.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>Bugzilla 5346: My first-cut messed up fractional values. This one is
  + somewhat better.
  + There's an open issue w/r/t numbers with many digits after the
  + decimal point, regarding limits on how large a power of 10 can
  + be contained in a long. In that one case I'm falling back on successive
  + divisions (though as few as possible), and some loss of precision
  + may result.
  + Need to find a better algorithm...<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>jkesselm@apache.org<ref> on </ref>02/04/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xpath/objects XStringForFSB.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>Bugzilla 5346: Oops. Forgot to take out a debugging printout.<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>jkesselm@apache.org<ref> on </ref>02/05/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xpath/objects XStringForFSB.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>Bugzilla 5346: Responding to the re-open; more direct and reliable
  + edge-case test. This does lose a few low bits on many-digit values,
  + so it is not the best long-term solution.<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>jkesselm@apache.org<ref> on </ref>02/05/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xpath/objects XStringForFSB.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>Bug 5346: One more (last, I hope) edge case.<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>jkesselm@apache.org<ref> on </ref>02/05/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xpath/objects XStringForFSB.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>Bug 5346: Gaaah. This regressions was just plain foolish flailing.
  +haste, more speed."<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed by </ref>jkesselm@apache.org<ref>
on </ref>02/05/2002<br/><ref>Modified: </ref>java/src/org/apache/xalan/serialize
CharInfo.java<br/><ref>Committer's log entry: </ref>Bug 5857: Reusing objects
that reuse objects has threading concerns.
  + Three possible solutions: Don't reuse, synchronize reuse, or rewrite
  + to avoid using the objects in the first place. See comments in code.<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>jkesselm@apache.org<ref> on </ref>02/06/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xml/dtm/ref DTMManagerDefault.java
  + IncrementalSAXSource.java
  + IncrementalSAXSource_Filter.java
  + IncrementalSAXSource_Xerces.java
  + java/src/org/apache/xml/dtm/ref/sax2dtm SAX2DTM.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>Bug 4244: Incremental wasn't setting up correctly for the
  + DTDHandler stream. It never occurred to me that XSLT would
  + ever have a use for unparsed entities...<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>curcuru@apache.org<ref> on </ref>02/06/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xalan Version.java
  + java/src/org/apache/xalan/processor XSLProcessorVersion.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>Whoops! Never updated release number to 2.3 in these version files!<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>curcuru@apache.org<ref> on </ref>02/06/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xalan/res XSLTInfo.properties<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>updated version number to 2.3<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>mmidy@apache.org<ref> on </ref>02/07/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xpath SourceTreeManager.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>Bug 6304: Remove print stacktrace<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>jkesselm@apache.org<ref> on </ref>02/08/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
  + XSLProcessorContext.java
  + java/src/org/apache/xalan/lib/sql DTMDocument.java
  + java/src/org/apache/xalan/templates ElemForEach.java
  + FuncDocument.java FuncKey.java
  + java/src/org/apache/xalan/transformer KeyIterator.java
  + TransformerHandlerImpl.java TransformerImpl.java
  + java/src/org/apache/xml/dtm DTM.java
  + java/src/org/apache/xml/dtm/ref DTMDefaultBase.java
  + DTMDefaultBaseIterators.java DTMDocumentImpl.java
  + DTMNodeProxy.java
  + java/src/org/apache/xml/dtm/ref/sax2dtm SAX2RTFDTM.java
  + java/src/org/apache/xpath/axes IteratorPool.java<br/><ref>Committer's log
entry: </ref>Bugzilla 6314: Additional support changes for multiple RTFs per DTM.
  + Many files affected, but the basic change is that dtm.getDocument()
  + with no arguments is meaningless when there are multiple docs in
  + a single DTM object; instead, folks should use the new getRootNode()
  + method or getOwnerDocument(), both of which take a node as input
  + and thus more clearly identify which document we're referring to.<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>jkesselm@apache.org<ref> on </ref>02/12/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xml/utils FastStringBuffer.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>Bugzilla 6328, whitespace normalization. Late fix, but it was a genuine

  + This code could still do with a rationalization pass; I think it can be made 
  + a touch faster.<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed by </ref>curcuru@apache.org<ref>
on </ref>02/14/2002<br/><ref>Modified: </ref>java/src/org/apache/xalan/xslt
EnvironmentCheck.java<br/><ref>Committer's log entry: </ref>Update various
.jar sizes for recent builds and 2.3.0<br/><br/></li></ul>
   <s2 title="Changes for &xslt4j; 2.2">
   <p>Following a series of Developer releases, &xslt4j; 2.2 represents a stable,
production-quality release with 
   the <link idref="dtm">DTM (Document Table Model)</link>. &xslt4j; uses
the DTM to represent the XML source document 
  1.80      +9 -7      xml-xalan/java/xdocs/sources/xalan/readme.xml
  Index: readme.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/xml-xalan/java/xdocs/sources/xalan/readme.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.79
  retrieving revision 1.80
  diff -u -r1.79 -r1.80
  --- readme.xml	15 Feb 2002 16:02:09 -0000	1.79
  +++ readme.xml	9 May 2002 16:22:34 -0000	1.80
  @@ -70,17 +70,20 @@
     <s2 title="Status">
       <li><link anchor="done">Changes since version 2.2</link></li>
  +    <li><link anchor="global2.3">Global 2.3 updates</link></li>
       <li><link anchor="other">Other points of interest</link></li>
       <li><link anchor="bugs">Bugs</link></li>
       <li><link anchor="status">Version of &xml4j; to use</link></li>
       <li><link anchor="developer-list">&xslt4j; developers</link></li>
        <anchor name="done"/>
  -     <s3 title="Changes since &xslt4j; 2.2">
  -     <p>Global updates:</p>
  +     <s3 title="Changes since &xslt4j; 2.3.1">
  +     &done-j;     
  +     </s3><anchor name="global2.3"/>
  +    <s3 title="Global 2.3 updates">
  -     <li>This release is integrated with release 2 of &xml4j;.</li>
  -     <li>This release does not include support for the deprecated &xslt4j; 1
compatability API. The &xslt4j; 1 compatability code does 
  +     <li>Release 2.3 is integrated with release 2 of &xml4j;.</li>
  +     <li>Release 2.3 does not include support for the deprecated &xslt4j; 1 compatability
API. The &xslt4j; 1 compatability code does 
        NOT compile with &xml4j2;.</li>
        <p>Our <link idref="samples" anchor="sql">SQL extension samples</link>
continue to use InstantDB, but based on our realization of changes 
  @@ -88,8 +91,7 @@
        We do, however, provide information on how to <link idref="samples" anchor="instantdbsetup">set
up InstantDB</link> to support our SQL 
        extension samples.</p>
        <p>Documentation updates: We have subdivided the release notes into multiple
files to accelerate HTML document loading, and we have added a
  -     document on <link idref="features">Transform features</link>.</p>
  -     &done-j;
  +     document on <link idref="features">Transform features</link>.</p>
        <anchor name="other"/>
        <s3 title="Other points of interest">
  @@ -142,7 +144,7 @@
        <anchor name="status"/>
        <s3 title="Version of Xerces to use"> 
  -       <p>The &xslt4j-current; has been tested with &xml4j-used;. &download;
For information about including &xml4j-jar; on the system class path, see <link idref="getstarted"
anchor="classpath">Setting up the system class path</link>.</p>
  +       <p>The &xslt4j-current; has been tested with &xml4j-used;. &download;
For information about including &xml4j-jar; and xml-apis.jar on the system class path,
see <link idref="getstarted" anchor="classpath">Setting up the system class path</link>.</p>
          <p><em>Important</em> You may experience unpredictable anomalies
if your &xslt4j; and &xml4j; builds are not in synch. If you download an update to
&xslt4j;, check the release notes to determine which version of &xml4j; you should
          <note>You can use &xslt4j; with other XML parsers that implement the <resource-ref
idref="jaxp"/>. See 
          <link idref="usagepatterns" anchor="plug">Plugging in the Transformer and
XML parser</link>.</note>
  1.2       +60 -0     xml-xalan/java/xdocs/sources/xalan/xsltc_history.xml
  Index: xsltc_history.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/xml-xalan/java/xdocs/sources/xalan/xsltc_history.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.1
  retrieving revision 1.2
  diff -u -r1.1 -r1.2
  --- xsltc_history.xml	17 Jan 2002 20:07:31 -0000	1.1
  +++ xsltc_history.xml	9 May 2002 16:22:34 -0000	1.2
  @@ -2,6 +2,66 @@
   <!DOCTYPE s1 SYSTEM "../../style/dtd/document.dtd">
   <s1 title="XSLTC software changes">
   <p>The following sections list <link idref="xsltc_usage">XSLTC</link>
changes back to the incorporation of XSLTC into &xslt4j;.</p>
  +<s2 title="Changes for &xslt4j; 2.3 and 2.3.1">
  +<p>XSLTC source code updates:</p><ul><li><ref>Committed by
</ref>tmiller@apache.org<ref> on </ref>01/24/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xalan/xsltc/runtime TextOutput.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>bug 1520 fix, escape chars over 0080 instead of 00FF<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>tmiller@apache.org<ref> on </ref>01/24/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xalan/xsltc/runtime TextOutput.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>bug 1520, adjusted 0080 to 007F in ASCII cutoff<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>tmiller@apache.org<ref> on </ref>02/01/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
  + AttributeValueTemplate.java
  + AbsoluteLocationPath.java AbsolutePathPattern.java
  + AlternativePattern.java AncestorPattern.java
  + ApplyImports.java ApplyTemplates.java
  + AttributeSet.java BooleanCall.java BinOpExpr.java
  + BooleanExpr.java CallTemplate.java CastExpr.java
  + CeilingCall.java Choose.java Comment.java
  + DecimalFormatting.java ConcatCall.java
  + Constants.java ContainsCall.java Copy.java
  + CopyOf.java CurrentCall.java DocumentCall.java
  + EqualityExpr.java Import.java If.java
  + ElementAvailableCall.java Expression.java
  + Fallback.java FilterExpr.java FilterParentPath.java
  + FloorCall.java FlowList.java ForEach.java
  + FormatNumberCall.java FunctionAvailableCall.java
  + FunctionCall.java GenerateIdCall.java
  + IdKeyPattern.java Include.java IntExpr.java
  + Key.java KeyCall.java LangCall.java LastCall.java
  + LiteralAttribute.java LiteralElement.java
  + LiteralExpr.java LocalNameCall.java
  + NamespaceAlias.java LogicalExpr.java Message.java
  + Mode.java NameBase.java NameCall.java
  + NamespaceUriCall.java NotCall.java Number.java
  + NumberCall.java Output.java Param.java
  + ParentLocationPath.java ParameterRef.java
  + ParentPattern.java PositionCall.java
  + RelationalExpr.java Predicate.java Sort.java
  + ProcessingInstruction.java RealExpr.java
  + VariableRef.java RoundCall.java ValueOf.java
  + SimpleAttributeValue.java StartsWithCall.java
  + Stylesheet.java StringCall.java
  + StringLengthCall.java StepPattern.java
  + Template.java TestSeq.java Text.java
  + TopLevelElement.java TransletOutput.java
  + UnaryOpExpr.java UnionPathExpr.java
  + UnparsedEntityUriCall.java UseAttributeSets.java
  + LongExpr.java Variable.java Whitespace.java
  + XslAttribute.java WithParam.java XSLTC.java
  + XslElement.java UnsupportedElement.java
  + VariableBase.java VariableRefBase.java
  + FilteredAbsoluteLocationPath.java
  + SyntaxTreeNode.java Step.java UnresolvedRef.java
  + ProcessingInstructionPattern.java<br/><ref>Committer's log entry: </ref>changed
de.fub.bytecode to org.apache.bcel<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>tmiller@apache.org<ref> on </ref>02/01/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
  + NamedMethodGenerator.java NodeCounterGenerator.java
  + NodeSetType.java NodeSortRecordGenerator.java
  + NodeType.java RealType.java ReferenceType.java
  + ResultTreeType.java RtMethodGenerator.java
  + SlotAllocator.java StringType.java
  + TestGenerator.java Util.java LongType.java<br/><ref>Committer's log entry:
</ref>changed de.fub.bytecode to org.apache.bcel<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>tmiller@apache.org<ref> on </ref>02/01/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
  + AttributeSetMethodGenerator.java BooleanType.java
  + ClassGenerator.java CompareGenerator.java
  + FilterGenerator.java IntType.java
  + MatchGenerator.java MethodGenerator.java
  + MethodType.java Type.java VoidType.java<br/><ref>Committer's log entry: </ref>changed
de.fub.bytecode to org.apache.bcel<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>tmiller@apache.org<ref> on </ref>02/05/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xalan/xsltc/runtime TextOutput.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>bug 1520, spec chars in href attributes<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>tmiller@apache.org<ref> on </ref>02/07/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xalan/xsltc/runtime TextOutput.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>bug 1520, updating href attr spec char handling<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed
by </ref>tmiller@apache.org<ref> on </ref>02/13/2002<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xalan/xsltc/dom DOMImpl.java<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>bug fix 6189, ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException, contrib
  + by Mirko Seifert<br/><br/></li><li><ref>Committed by </ref>tmiller@apache.org<ref>
on </ref>02/14/2002<br/><ref>Added: </ref>java/src/org/apache/xalan/xsltc
  + javax.xml.transform.TransformerFactory<br/><ref>Committer's log entry: </ref>added
a service provide source file to be copied into
  + xsltc.jar (bundled jar)<br/><br/></li></ul>
   <s2 title="Changes for &xslt4j; 2.2">
   <p>XSLTC source code updates:</p><ul><li><ref>Committed by
</ref>morten@apache.org<ref> on </ref>11/30/2001<br/><ref>Modified:
</ref>java/src/org/apache/xalan/xsltc/compiler xpath.cup<br/><ref>Committer's
log entry: </ref>A fix to the XPath parser to make sure (again!) that non-prefixed elements
    in XPath expressions/patterns are not assigned the default namespace but

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