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From curc...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: xml-xalan/test build.bat build.sh
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2002 23:06:32 GMT
curcuru     02/02/01 15:06:32

  Modified:    test     build.bat build.sh
  Change build scripts to default ANT_HOME to ../java instead of . here,
  so that we can get rid of the test's copy of Ant and just use the product one.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.11      +6 -7      xml-xalan/test/build.bat
  Index: build.bat
  RCS file: /home/cvs/xml-xalan/test/build.bat,v
  retrieving revision 1.10
  retrieving revision 1.11
  diff -u -r1.10 -r1.11
  --- build.bat	18 Jan 2002 15:24:58 -0000	1.10
  +++ build.bat	1 Feb 2002 23:06:32 -0000	1.11
  @@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
   rem     See:    build.xml
   @echo build.bat - compiles and executes Xalan Java-based test automation
  -@echo   Usage:   test [target] [-D options]
  +@echo   Usage:   test [target] [-Doption=value ...]
   @echo   Example: test api -DtestClass=TransformerAPITest -Dqetest.loggingLevel=99
   @echo   EITHER: set environment variable JARDIR to point to dir 
  @@ -18,11 +18,12 @@
   @echo   Note that even when JARDIR is set, normal .jar files may still be 
   @echo     on the end of the classpath; see build.xml for details
  -@echo   You should have JAVA_HOME/lib/tools.jar, etc. in your CLASSPATH
  +@echo   You should have set JAVA_HOME
   @echo   You may set PARSER_JAR to specific path/filename.jar of parser
   @echo     Note: PARSER_JAR is ignored when JARDIR is set
   @echo   You may set JAVA_OPTS to be passed to java program
   @echo   All other command line opts are passed to Ant
   @echo   build -projecthelp   will show you Ant help and build targets
  @@ -61,13 +62,10 @@
   rem This label provides a place for the argument list loop to break out 
   rem and for NT handling to skip to.
  -rem default ANT_HOME
  -if "%ANT_HOME%"=="" set _ANT_HOME=.
  +rem Default ANT_HOME to the one in the java dir
  +if "%ANT_HOME%"=="" set _ANT_HOME=..\java
   if not "%ANT_HOME%"=="" set _ANT_HOME=%ANT_HOME%
  -goto checkJava
   rem Note: classpath handling is special for testing Xalan
   rem If PARSER_JAR blank, default to xerces in the xalan dir
   if "%PARSER_JAR%" == "" set _PARSER_JAR=..\java\bin\xercesImpl.jar
  @@ -120,6 +118,7 @@
   set _ANT_OPTS=
   set _JAVACMD=
   set _PARSER_JAR=
  +set _XML-APIS_JAR=
   if not "%OS%"=="Windows_NT" goto mainEnd
  1.3       +2 -2      xml-xalan/test/build.sh
  Index: build.sh
  RCS file: /home/cvs/xml-xalan/test/build.sh,v
  retrieving revision 1.2
  retrieving revision 1.3
  diff -u -r1.2 -r1.3
  --- build.sh	18 Jan 2002 15:24:58 -0000	1.2
  +++ build.sh	1 Feb 2002 23:06:32 -0000	1.3
  @@ -27,8 +27,8 @@
  -  # Otherwise, just default to our local one
  -  ANT_HOME=java
  +  # Otherwise, just default the one over in java
  +  ANT_HOME=../java
   if [ "$JAVA_HOME" != "" ] ; then

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