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From pauld...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: xml-xalan/test/tests/capi-gold/smoke capi01.out
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2001 19:46:28 GMT
pauldick    01/08/02 12:46:28

  Added:       test/tests/capi-gold/smoke capi01.out
  smoke gold file
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  xml-xalan/test/tests/capi-gold/smoke/capi01.out
  Index: capi01.out
  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <Father>Lew Smith</Father>
  <Mother>Ruth Smith</Mother>
  <Children number="5">
  <Male name="Andy" wife="Suzie" kids="2">
  <Male name="Thomas" wife="Margaret" kids="2">
  <Male name="Henry" wife="Elizbeth" kids="2">
  <Male name="Bruce" wife="Betsy" kids="3">
  <Male name="Joseph" wife="Lilla" kids="0">Joseph</Male>
  The Smith
  The parents are: Lewis and Ruth Smith
  They have 9 grandchildren: Julie, Nathaniel, Joshua, Daniel, Samual, Lauren, Benjamin, Lucy,
and Jake
  &#13;Andy Smith's phone number is 483-23-5432.
  He is 45. Andy is married to Suzie.
  Their children are Jules:9, and Daniel:8
  &#13;Bruce Smith's phone number is 213.457.2190.
  He is 38. Bruce is married to Betsy.
  Their children are Ben:5, Lucy:2, and Jake:1
  &#13;Henry Smith's phone number is 417.645.4954.
  He is 40. Henry is married to Beth.
  Their children are Nate:8, and Sam:7
  &#13;Joe Smith's phone number is 781.665.0539.
  He is 34. Joseph is married to Lilla.
  They have no kids
  &#13;Tom Smith's phone number is 508.257.2754.
  He is 30. Thomas is married to Maggy.
  Their children are Joshua:7, and Lauren:5
  <Father>Melvin Weston</Father>
  <Mother>Liz Harris</Mother>
  <Children number="2">
  <Female name="Caroline" husband="" kids="0">Caroline</Female>
  <Female name="Betsy" husband="Bruce" kids="3">
  The Westons
  The parents are: Melvin and Liz Harris
  They have 3 grandchildren: Benjamin, Lucy, and Jake
  &#13;Betsy Weston's phone number is 213.457.2190.
  She is 34. Betsy is married to Bruce.
  Their children are Ben:5, Lucy:2, and Jake:1
  &#13;Caroline Weston's phone number is 715.264.8205.
  She is 37. Caroline is not married. 

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