I tried to use Xalan as commandline tool for Windows. I used following command
Xalan –o out.xml  RPreview.xml xml2html.xsl
The program starts and is creating the out.xml very fast. (Before I used another XSLT-Processor this one was very slow and couldn’t generate this amount of data at all).
The Problem I have is, that after creating the file xalan never terminates.
But the content which was created is correct, so the processing was already finished.
I have tested the same program with a smaller xml file( because RPreview.xml is 1,5Gb) and there Xalan is terminating.
Can you tell me what is wrong? Is this a known problem?
I have downloaded the xalan_c1.11-x86-windows-VC71 and xalan_c1.11-x86-windows-VC100 with both versions xalan is not terminating.
Best Regards
Michael Jakubec