Dear Sir or Madam

Iím having the following problem with the versions xalan 1.11 and xerces 3.1:

I use the two .dllís with my .xlst and have different decimal-formats like this:

†††††† <xsl:decimal-format name="decimal_format_sk" grouping-separator=" " decimal-separator="," />

†††††† <xsl:decimal-format name="decimal_format_pk" grouping-separator="." decimal-separator="," />

†††††† <xsl:decimal-format name="decimal_format_hk" grouping-separator="'" decimal-separator="," />

†††††† <xsl:decimal-format name="decimal_format_mk" grouping-separator="-" decimal-separator="," />

After I transformed my xlst to a pdf-file I canít see a separator for the thousands. Because Iím new at this, I have no idea where to search for an issue. Can you give me a hint?


Daniel K.