Hi Robert,


Your problem does seem familiar.  I ran across an issue like that with the Solaris compiler which seems to be kind of like the MS compiler in the respect that even when you use a C++ include file like <cmath>, which instead of to ‘inserting’ functions into the std namespace, simply inserts them into the global namespace, and then “doesn’t know” about the same functions when std:: is prepended to their call…. The following fixed my issue:


Change src/xalanc/PlatformSupport/DoubleSupport.hpp as follows:
- add an #if defined(SOLARIS) / #include <math.h> / #endif section
- in the isNAN(double) function put an #if defined(SOLARIS) / return isnan(theNumber) != 0; / #else / and #endif around the return std::isnan(theNumber) != 0; line

To change it for GNU g++ you’d need to replace the two occurrences of SOLARIS in the above with __GCC__ if memory serves.  When you do that, is your compilation issue gone?





From: Robert Hillier [mailto:robert.hillier@oracle.com]
Sent: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 6:13 PM
To: c-users@xalan.apache.org
Subject: Building xalan-c 1.11 with Solaris 10 and gcc 3.2.3




I’m having some problems building the latest xalan-c on a Solaris 10 platform.


I configure with the following options:


./runConfigure –p solaris –c gcc –x g++ -P /my/dest


When I try and build, I get the following error when compiling DOMStringHelper.cpp:


In file included from




    static member function `static bool




    isnan' undeclared in namespace `std'

gmake[2]: *** [../../obj/DOMStringHelper.o] Error 1



Has anyone come across this before?





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