On 10/15/2012 4:51 AM, Sven Thomke wrote:
Hello, I'm writing a server application which parses XML and im using XalanC 1.10 to transform the incoming XML to a desired format. What is currently bugging me is that it seems like the function "local-name" does not seem to be implemented. After a failed transformation i check the latest error with "transformer.getLastError()" and this is the error i get:

XPathParserException: The function '{local-name' was not found.
expression = '{local-name()}' Remaining tokens are:  ('{local-name' '(' ')' '}') ([PATH TO XSL-FILE], line 30, column 45)

Is it simply so that i can't use local-name with XalanC or am i doing something wrong?!?!?!?

Glad for any sort of answer :)


Since I don't know your code, my comments may not solve your problem.

The XPath Function "local-name" function is declared as a member of class
XPathProcessorImpl using header file XPathProcessorImpl.hpp and defined
in the companion XPathProcessorImpl.cpp.

Have you initialized your XPath processor?

If you are using the XalanTransformer, then its initializer should
automatically initialize the XPath interpreter.

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Steven J. Hathaway
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