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From shath...@e-z.net
Subject Xalan-C Future - New EXSLT and Apache Xalan XPath Functions
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2012 04:25:24 GMT
The GSoC-2012 DateTime functions currently operate on strings.

The current Xalan/XPath/XObject types do not support types other than
the basic XPath-1 data model.

   Ref:  src/xalanc/XPath/XObject.hpp

As we consider XPath-2 and its data model and schema support, there
needs to be some significant architecture refactoring.

In the coming months, I expect the team to integrate the GSoC-2012
DateTime infrastructure as EXSLT/XPath functions for an upcoming
release of Xalan-C/C++.  We will still be limited to the older XPath-1
data model - using strings.

The XPath-2 data model will need to have experimenting done in a branch.
We will also look at what the Xerces-C has done in their XPath research.
With few active people at this time, I don't expect the research to
get very active.

Apache Xalan Extension Functions Namespace - Discussion Issue

The current namespace references the Apache XML project hierarchy.
The Apache XML project has been retired, but the namespace for
Apache Xalan Extension Functions is still being used.  Is there a
desire to deprecate the namespace hierarchy? or continue its
existence.  There are many additional XPath functions of significant
utility that can be incorporated into the Xalan-C product.

The namespace defines what our users put in their xmlns:xxx attributes
for stylesheets when they access our extension functions.  There is
is a significant user investment in the Apache XML namespace
hierarchy - so it may be wise to continue its existence.

Steven J. Hathaway
Xalan Documentation Project

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