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From shath...@e-z.net
Subject Help requested to build Xalan-C for Unix platforms
Date Sat, 08 Sep 2012 21:57:43 GMT
Hi Xalan-C Users

We could use your assistance with building the Xalan 1.11
library from the subversion repository including the Xalan
command line XSLT processor.  Of special interest is support
for Solaris, Aix, HPUX, and Mac OS/X platforms.  Other Unix/Posix
platforms would also be nice.

You can post your results to mailing list (c-users@xml.apache.org).

Sources can be retrieved from the Apache Subversion repository at:


You don't need to do extensive testing.  The library has
undergone extensive testing.  The only testing I would like
confirmed is that the Xalan command-line processor will accept
a stylesheet and an XML file, returning a transformed result.

I have a need to qualify some of the Unix build documentation
for platforms other than Linux and FreeBSD.

Items I would like confirmed for documentation are:

[1] Identify the build platform

  -- Hardware
  -- Operating System
  -- Development Environment
  -- Compiler Version

[2] Identify the runConfigure parameters needed to
perform a successful build.

I can then publish this information to be used with the
Xalan-C 1.11 source distribution package.

I would like to have this information incorporated into the
documentation in three weeks (End of September).

The supported Xerces-C package is version 3.1.1 {prefered}.
You can also use the Xerces-C subversion sources.


Linux x86_64 GCC 4.5

FreeBSD 9 with BSD/C
(Xalan Requires GNU Make)
(Xerces is ok with BSD Make)

Windows VS-2003 VC7.1
Windows VS-2005 VC8
Windows VS-2008 VC9
Windows VS-2010 VC10


Add the GSoC-2012 EXSLT DateAndTime Library XPath functions.

Migrate the Unix build configuration to GNU AutoMake tools.


The official XALAN website is (http://xalan.apache.org).

My committer's website is (http://www.apache.org/~shathaway).
This is where I prototype proposed website changes for review.
I also have some preliminary distribution files here.

Steven J. Hathaway
Xalan Documentation Project

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