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From shath...@e-z.net
Subject Xalan-C Broken Website Links
Date Sun, 30 Sep 2012 20:30:29 GMT

Here is a list of outstanding Xalan-C/C++ website links I am
currently trying to fix.

FILE: whatsnew.html

Changes for Xalan-C++ version 1.8

Major updates since version 1.7 include:

    * Upgrade from Xerces-C 2.4 to Xerces-C 2.5.
    * Provide build support for Cygwin and HP-UX 11.00 on Itanium.
Although binary distributions are not provided for the Cygwin
environment and HP-UX 11.00 on Itanium platform, the build
configuration files provided in the source distribution can be used to
build on these platforms.
    * Project files for supporting Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. Although
a binary distribution for the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET is not
provided in this release, Visual Studio solution files are provided in
the Windows source distribution for those who choose to build on this
platform. Please see "Step for doing a Windows Build with Visual
Studio .NET" for details.
    * Additional changes to Xerces Deprecated DOM support. This is another
step towards phasing out the support for Xerces Deprecated DOM. Users
are encouraged to modify their applications to interface with the new
Xerces DOM support. For more information on the effects of these
changes to your build environment, please see "Steps for doing a Build
with Xerces Deprecated DOM Support"
    * Implemented optimizations to significantly improve the throughput of
the ICU-enabled "format-number" function.
    * Changes in the XML Serializer. The serializer will no longer put a
newline after the xml header tag unless indent="yes".


Bad Link For: build_instruct.html#dotNet
Bad Link For: whatsnew.html#xercesdepdom


Changes for Xalan-C++ version 1.7

Major updates since version 1.6 include:

    * Message Localization Support. This feature enables Xalan-C++ to
issue diagnostic messages in languages other than the default language
(English). In order to utilize this feature, the user must provide a
version of the Xalan-C++ message catalog that has been translated in
their language of choice. For more information on how to exploit this
feature, please see Steps for doing a Build with Message Localization
    * Build, packaging, and installation improvements. Changes to the
Xalan-C++ makefiles now allow for a more flexible build, packaging,
and install process. Each step in a typical build process can be
invoked by specifying the appropriate target, for example to build the
executable, and/or samples, or install the build at user-specified
location. For more information on building Xalan-C++, please see Steps
for doing a Unix build .
    * Deprecated DOM Support. The XercesBridge classes have been marked
deprecated and moved into an exclusive directory within the
xalanc/XercesParserLiaison directory called 'Deprecated'. If your
application is dependent on these classes to interface with the
deprecated Xerces DOM you must alter your include directive with the
'Deprecated' directory. For example:

      #include "xalanc/XercesParserLiaison/XercesDocumentBridge.hpp"

      should be changed to:


    * Upgrade from Xerces-C 2.3 to Xerces-C 2.4.
    * Porting of ThreadSafe example to UNIX platform.
    * Implementation of EXSLT string extension functions encode-uri() and
    * Implementation of EXSLT dynamic extension function evaluate().
    * Implementation of EXSLT date-time extension function date-time().


Bad Link For: whatsnew.html#locale
Bad Link For: whatsnew.html#unix


Changes for Xalan-C++ version 1.6

Major updates since version 1.5 include:

    * Directory "sane include" reorganization. A new sub-directory called
'xalanc' has been added to the src directory (for source distribution
packages) and include directory (for binary distribution packages).
New source files which include Xalan headers will need to be modified
to include the 'xalanc' prefix in the header path. For example:

      #include <XPath/XObject.hpp>

      will need to be changed to

      #include <xalanc/XPath/XObject.hpp>

      For Windows users, all project files have been modified to reflect
this change. For UNIX users, please see Steps for doing a UNIX build
for migration considerations.


Bad Link For: whatsnew.html#unix


Changes for Xalan-C++ version 1.4

Major updates since version 1.3 include:

    * The Xalan-C++ distributions no longer include the Xerces-C++ headers
and libraries. Accordingly, you must download the appropriate
Xerces-C++ distribution (see Downloading what you need.
    * 64-bit build for HP-11; untested 64-bit support for Solaris and AIX.
    * New Linux platform and compiler: Redhat 7.2 with gcc 3.1.
    * STLport is no longer required on any of our supported platforms.
    * Alpha support for a number of EXSLT functions.
    * ParsedSourceWrappers, a sample that illustrates how to perform
transformations with input in the form of a pre-built XalanDOM or


Bad Link For: whatsnew.html#64

File: download.html
Downloading Xalan-C++
This section is being rewritten for Xalan-C/C++ Version 1.11. You can find
the old Version 1.10 here.

We are providing a source package, a documentation package, and some
compiled binary packages.

The binary packages are currently for Windows systems. We can use your
help creating binary packages for UNIX and Linux systems.


Bad Link For: <a href="../old/xalan-c">Version 1.10</a> here.
    Should be: <a href="../old/xalan-c/index.html">Version 1.10</a>

File: buildlibs.html

We don't have persons yet committed to build binary distribution releases.

You can get more information on the Xerces-C/C++ distributions at
the http://xml.apache.org/xerces-c web site.

Bad Link For: http://xml.apache.org/xerces-c web site.

File: builddocs.html

Building the Xalan-C Web Pages

This section shows how to build the documentation products for Xalan-C/C++.
This is a subproject of the ASF XALAN PMC.

The XALAN PMC project web page [http://xalan.apache.org] is a top-level page
with branches to the subprojects that include the Java and C/C++ code

The Xalan-C/C++ home web page [http://xml.apache.org/xalan-c] is the content
construction that is being described here.

The Apache StyleBook Java program is no longer needed to create useful web
pages. You should have a standard XSLT transform utility. The "Xalan"
command-line program distributed with Xalan-C works just fine.

Bad Link For: http://xml.apache.org/xalan-c

Bad Link For: ../old/xalan-c
Should be:    ../old/xalan-c/index.html
  or          http://xalan.apache.org/old/xalan-c/index.html

File: usagepatterns.html

Working with XPath expressions

XSL stylesheets use XPath expressions to select nodes, specify conditions,
and generate text for the result tree. XPath provides an API that you can
call directly. For example, you may want to select nodes programmatically
and do your own processing without a stylesheet. Xalan-C++ provides an
XPathEvaluator interface to simplify the process of executing XPath

For an example that executes XPath expressions against XML source files,
see SimpleXPathAPI (takes advantage of the XPathEvaluator interface) and

Bad Link For: samples.html#xpathwrapper

Enabling ICU support for encoding

If you want to enable ICU support for encoding, you must integrate ICU
with your
Xerces-C++ build. Xerces-C++ uses ICU for input encoding.
See Building ICU for Xerces-C++.

Once you have integrated the ICU with Xerces-C++, Xalan-C++
automatically uses ICU support for output encoding
(the xsl:output encoding attribute).


Bad Link For:  http://xml.apache.org/xerces-c/build.html#BuildICU


   1. Define the XALAN_USE_ICU environment variable.

   2. Set the XALANROOT environment variable to the path to to the ICU root
      (unless you have copied the ICU library to /usr/lib).

   3. Rebuild the Xalan library (libxalan-c.so.111 for Linux,
      for AIX, libxalan-c.sl.111.0 for HP-UX 11, and libxalan-c1_11.so for

   4. Be sure the Xalan library is on the library path
      (LD_LIBRARY_PATH for Red Hat Linux, LIBPATH for AIX, SHLIB_PATH for
HP-UX 11,
      LD_LIBRARY_PATH for Solaris).

Bad Link For: build_instruct.html#unix

File: faq.html

19. Problems Using Sun's Forte/Workshop Compiler with code containing
Why won't XSLTInputSource work with std::istrstream on Sun Solaris using
Forte/Sun Workshop compiler?

There is a bug in Sun's C++ standard library implementation;
[see this bug].
The short answer is that you need to get a patch. The bug report includes the
code for a simple program which you can use to see if your environment
has the bug. There is also a link to the patch.

Bad Link For: http://nagoya.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=14176
The bugzilla resources are no longer available since 2005.

Resolve by: Remove this section from the Faq.
Or note: Comple Xalan-C with SunStudio. {REWRITE THIS ANSWER}

File: Navigation "Testing" -> Bad Link

Steven J. Hathaway
Xalan Documentation Project

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