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From "Jean T. Anderson" <...@bristowhill.com>
Subject Re: Charter for Apache women list: women@apache.org
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 02:58:17 GMT
Down below is a modification of the charter for the women@apache.org 
list first posted at 

. This works in Susan Wu's suggestions from 


Regarding this:

   If you are interested in joining, please send an email to 
women-subscribe@apache.org, with a brief sentence or two describing who 
you are.

I wondered if the "brief sentence or two" would be passed through to the 
moderation request. I didn't have time to pursue that today and will try 
to do so tomorrow.



This is the operational list intended for helping women become active in 
projects at Apache.

1. Support a community dialogue with the women we want to help get
    more involved. Those on the list who are more knowledgeable about
    the ASF can help those who are less knowledgeable understand what
    Apache is and how to do things at Apache.
2. Provide a place where women who are involved at the ASF, and
    women who are not (but perhaps would like to be), can share
    experiences and discuss both obstacles and successful approaches
    to getting involved.
3. Provide a place where other interested parties at the ASF, such
    as women-{strategic_name_tdb}@apache.org, can become aware of
    those discussions and issues.
4. Provide a comfortable forum for women to discuss issues relating
    to Apache that they feel particularly apply to their gender.
5. Provide a forum in which women can be supported and encouraged
    by each other (and others) in endeavours to become or continue
    involved at the ASF.
6. Adapt to such currently-unanticipated future goals or objectives
    as may seem appropriate as time passes.

1. Non-committers may subscribe
2. Subscriptions are moderated until the list decides otherwise
3. The list is publicly archived

Mail list description:

The Apache Software Foundation is looking to start a new mailing list 
for women!

The goal of the women@apache.org mailing list is to foster greater 
participation by women in the ASF community.  The list provides a 
supportive, encouraging forum to help women become more involved in ASF 
projects.  The list is open to all genders - you might be a woman who 
wants to become more involved or you might be someone who would just 
like to help create a welcoming environment.  Subscriptions are 
moderated, but public archives are available.

If you are interested in joining, please send an email to 
women-subscribe@apache.org, with a brief sentence or two describing who 
you are.

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