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From Sergio Fernández <sergio.fernan...@redlink.co>
Subject Re: DOAP format question
Date Mon, 11 May 2015 12:21:33 GMT

On Mon, May 11, 2015 at 1:13 PM, sebb <sebbaz@gmail.com> wrote:
> There is some special-case XSL code which does this conversion.
> If the rdf:resource URL does not end in ".rdf", then the the http://
> and .apache.org/ header and trailer are stripped off, leaving
> "commons"
> This is then assumed to be the name of an RDF file in data_files/

Then such " assumption" is a custom patch, it' d need to be know by any
other tool. Therefore no external tool is able to process such data.

> > RDF is a directly-label graph data model that uses URIs as names.
> Therefore
> > the URI you put as as value of a property has a meaning, you should be
> able
> > to directly fetch it, but not having such implicit rules where files a
> > located in a svn. I guess apply that would mean a major restructuration
> of
> > the current DOAP data, but that's something I can help to do to all PMCs.
> Changing it now would be very time-consuming and tedious.
> However, if this were to be done, I suggest dropping the data_files
> directory entirely and insisting that PMCs host their own PMC data
> files. This would mean adding a new script to create a basic PMC file.

We can provides some infrastructure, either to validate or create whatever
in the right way.

> Another aspect of this is where the RDF files are stored.
> These need to be under the control of the project, and it makes sense
> to keep them under source control (SC).
> However SC URLs tend to change, thus breaking the project build.
> Therefore I suggest it would be best if the RDF files were stored
> under the website URL - which is much less prone to change, and
> redirects can deal with any required changes.
> Website source is nowadays stored in SC anyway.

FMPOV the cleanest approach would be to serve all that files from each web

> Another aspect is that DOAP files are not useful in source/binary releases.

We can workout a DOAP extension for such feature.

I just need time ;-)


Sergio Fernández
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Redlink GmbH
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