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From Kelly Davis <kldav...@gmail.com>
Subject Index for http://repository.apache.org/snapshots/ appears to be invalid
Date Fri, 21 Aug 2009 14:52:08 GMT
I have our local Nexus server pointed at the apache snapshots repo and
I have been having problems with some maven builds beginning on August
17, with some plugin artifacts not being found. For example, when I
run the java doc report it says it can't find
maven-javadoc-plugin-2.6.1-SNAPSHOT.jar. I can navigate my browser to
and find the artifact, but if in Nexus I search for the artifact, it
doesn't find it. Browsing the index shows that the only version it
sees is 2.5.1-SNAPSHOT. I have tried re-indexing and it doesn't help.
I inspected the index file and it doesn't look like it has the
2.6.1-SNAPSHOT version in it. I think the problem with the build is
that it is looking at
which indicates that the 2.6.1-SNAPSHOT version is the latest, but
then our copy of Nexus looks at its index and doesn't find that
version. Specifying a release version of the maven-javadoc-plugin
works fine, but I have become accustomed to not specifying the


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