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From Phil Steitz <p...@steitz.com>
Subject commons-pool
Date Tue, 09 Jun 2009 00:20:51 GMT
I am in process of cutting a release of commons pool.   We have never 
cut an m2 release of [pool].  Can someone please do the incantations 
necessary to get commons-pool/commons-pool added to the m2-rsynch repo?

To answer the obvious question, this is a .x release, so it does not 
make sense at this point to "civilize" the artifact names.

I see that http://repo1.maven.org/maven2/commons-pool/commons-pool 
contains a bunch of non-released cruft as does the maven-matadata.xml 
there.  I guess this came from the old "apache repo" and there is 
nothing that we can do to delete the unreleased jars, correct?  Will the 
maven-metadata.xml that I put in m2-rsynch at least overwrite the 
version on repo1? 



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