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From "Brian E. Fox" <bri...@reply.infinity.nu>
Subject releases using incubator artifacts
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2007 10:15:36 GMT
I recently came across an issue using the apache-activemq 4.1.1. This
artifact has a dependency on activeio-core:3.0.0-incubator. This
artifact does not exist on central but on the incubator repository. The
repo is added via the pom so it works for normal builds. 


However, in a corp environment, this incubator may not be accessible
because of proxies, etc and would need to be added to the repo man or
access list.


So the question is 2 fold:

1.      Why are incubator artifacts in a separate repository? Is it
because we don't trust them somehow? (they are an elevated form of a
snapshot in a sense)

2.      If we don't trust them, how can we then allow actual releases
into central that depend on these untrusted artifacts?


It seems to me that we either need to allow the incubator artifacts into
central, or we don't allow artifacts depending on incubator artifacts
into central, it shouldn't be both.



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