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From David Blevins <david.blev...@visi.com>
Subject fix-permissions.sh and sudo
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2007 19:18:06 GMT
I'm not sure if this is the right list for this, so feel free to move  
it to one or the other.

I think we should sudo enable the fix-permission.sh[1] script as  
running this script is something a monkey could do, so why not have  
the monkey trying to deploy something do that work.  It pains me to  
have to bug Joe or someone else root enabled to do such trival things.

I'm willing to put some work into this and am asking for feedback.   
Namely, who should be able to run this script and on which parts of  
the snapshot repo?

IMHO, anyone should be able to run it on any part of the snapshot  
repo and we can just leave it on people's honor to stick to areas  
they know.  Alone those lines we could simply cripple the script so  
it can't run on org/apache preventing any mistakes -- not that there  
would be any real consequences to those mistakes.

Most people just move the offending directory aside and deploy their  
stuff anyway when they find something a peer had deployed with  
default perms which do not allow anyone else but them to write.  Of  
course then someone with root has to go and clean up the "backed up"  
directory and as well the project looses any previously deployed snaps.

Seems if we sudo enabled the fix-permissions.sh we could allow people  
to do what they are already doing, but more appropriately and without  
bugging a root.



[1] /www/people.apache.org/repo/m2-snapshot-repository/fix- 

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