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From tomdz <to...@apache.org>
Subject Howto publish a JAR that was not generated by Maven to the m2 repo ?
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2007 06:30:11 GMT
Hi folks,

I want to publish the DdlUtils 1.0 jar to the m2 Maven repository.
Since we're not using Maven at all (plain old Ant :-) ), I have to push 
the artifact manually somehow. FYI, JAR and signature/checksum files are 


The Maven 2 POM I was going to use is here


Since there is probably no manual way without Maven 2 (or is there 
something like 
http://apache.org/dev/release-publishing.html#repo-step-by-step for the 
Maven 2 repo ?), I think I'll have to use Maven 2 to do the deploy.
But, I'm a newbie when it comes to Maven, so could perhaps a kind soul 
give me some tips ? I figured that I probably have to use the deploy 
plugin, e.g. something like:

mvn deploy:deploy-file -DpomFile=pom.xml \
         -Dfile=DdlUtils-1.0.jar \
         -DrepositoryId=m2-ibiblio-rsync-repository \

But I'm not sure about that, and also, do I have to do that for all four 
files (jar, jar.asc, jar.md5, jar.sha) ?


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