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From Dennis Lundberg <denn...@apache.org>
Subject Questions about setting up a mirror
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2006 22:06:01 GMT

I've approached my employer about setting up a Maven central repository 
mirror there. They are open to the idea, but have a couple of questions 
that they would like to have answered before going any further. I hope 
you can help me to give them solid answers:

1. What kind of bandwidth are we talking about? For example, how much 
data gets downloaded from central during a 24 hour period? An 
approximation will do just fine.

The total size of the data to store shouldn't be a problem. I've seen 
figures in the 10-20 gigabytes range. I hope that is still somewhat 

2. Are they (my employer) in any danger in the legal section? What would 
happen if a piece of software was uploaded to central and then synced to 
our mirror, and that software violated a license agreement or a law 
somewhere? I know that procedure is followed before anything gets 
uploaded, but they still want this to be clear.

Dennis Lundberg

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