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From Xavier Hanin ...@jayasoft.fr>
Subject Re: how do mavey & ivy deal with composite jars
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2006 00:25:07 GMT
Steve Loughran wrote:

> I have yet another question on the topic of dependency logic.
> Imagine I have a jar, call it j2ee-1.5.jar. This hypothetical JAR
> would include a lot of other things, that are available on their own,
> like mail.jar, activation.jar, jacc.jar, jta.jar, persistence-api.jar,
> etc.
> 1. Is there anyway to declare in the metadata that this is the case;
> that importing one jar gives you all the other artifacts?

This is not addressed in Ivy for the moment. No user has requested such 
a feature until now, maybe it's because most of our users use a private 
repository, in which they can choose to declare your hypothetic j2ee jar 
as a virtual module, with only dependencies on all the other stuff, but 
no publication of a single jar. In this case it's as easy to add a 
dependency on the whole j2ee without really getting it as a single jar. 
At least this is what we do in our own use of Ivy (not for j2ee, but for 
spring for example).
But the idea is interesting, I will certainly add a jira issue for it 
(unless you want to add it yourself?)

> 2. Has anyone looked at automatically discovering this incorporation
> by way of rummaging around the JAR files?

Not for the moment, but I plan to work on tools trying to extract useful 
information out of jars if I find enough time. So it may be part of my 
investigation. If you plan to work on that too, may be we can try to 
share our efforts?


> -steve

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