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From Dennis Lundberg <denn...@apache.org>
Subject How do I relocate an artifact?
Date Sun, 02 Jul 2006 22:39:25 GMT
Hello list

This is my first post to this list. Please let me know if these 
questions are inappropriate for this list.

Being a committer at jakarta-commons, I have started the work on 
relocating the artifacts for commons to a new groupId. At present all 
released artifacts for commons components are deployed to the ASF 
java-repository (from here on I will call it the Maven 1 repository). 
The artifacts are deployed there in a commons-<component_name> directory.

We would like to relocate our artifacts to the new structure and use a 
groupId of org.apache.commons. Discussions about this has been held [1] 
on commons-dev@jakarta.apache.org. Brett Porter and Carlos Sanchez have 
been helpful in the discussions and have recommended what needs to be 

I have done the necessary testing and would now like to take the next 
step. There is one question that remains unanswered, and that is which 
repository to make the change in: Maven 1 or Maven 2.

The tests I have made have all been done using Maven 2 and a local Maven 
2 repository. How would I go about relocation something in the Maven 1 
repo? The Maven 1 pom does not seem to have a relocation element, like 
the Maven 2 pom have.

Another thing that I wondered about, as I read about publishing 
artifacts,  is signing. The old pom will have to be changed, on way or 
the other, to include the relocation info. Does that mean that it needs 
to be re-signed?


Dennis Lundberg

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