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From "Carlos Sanchez" <car...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Setting up a private mirror of the main repository
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2006 20:40:45 GMT
maven-proxy would cache the stuff on demand. I don't see a strong
reason to get the whole enchilada.

A mirror list of ibiblio is here

On 4/7/06, Henri Yandell <flamefew@gmail.com> wrote:
> wget --mirror, curl or similar tool I'm guessing.
> Though as they wouldn't want to limit it to just ASF software (I
> presume), they'd be wanting to mirror the ibiblio one.
> There's something called the maven-proxy (Carlos on this list may have
> been the author actually), which they could hook up and it would
> slowly be building a local repository of the ones tey use. Depends
> whether their mistrust is based on availability or security.
> If security - they should get the signed zip/tar.gzs and pull the jars
> out themselves.
> Hen
> On 4/5/06, Steve Loughran <steve.loughran@gmail.com> wrote:
> > How would I go about setting up a private mirror of the repository?
> > that is, one behind a firewall for internal use only? I know someone
> > who (probably) has the disk space and would like to deal with mistrust
> > from dev teams of trusting remote servers.
> >
> > -steve
> >

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