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From Steve Loughran <steve.lough...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Making a redist of all the javax.* packages
Date Mon, 02 Jan 2006 16:10:58 GMT
On 1/2/06, Mark Thomas <markt@apache.org> wrote:
> Steve Loughran wrote:
> > I am fed up with setting up javax.* stuff into local repositories, and
> > with OSS projects cant even legally host them in our own SCM repos.
> >
> > What I can do is redistribute *an application* which contains all the
> > JARs, and presumably the license files.
> Indeed you can but the licence for at least some of the javax.*
> prevents what is being proposed.
> The servlet licence file just says it can be distributed as part of a
> program but the javamail licence requires (amongst other things) that:
> - the program adds significant and primary functionality
> - the jar file is distributed for the sole purpose of running your program
> What is being proposed breaches both of these requirements.


I'd better include a functional app then, hadnt I.

A redist that includes the javax stuff and uses the m2 ant tasks to
pull down the other bits of my example webapp will suffice.

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