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From Brett Porter <brett.por...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: repository documentation
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2006 23:19:11 GMT
Hi robert,

I promised to do this some time ago, and never got around to it. I
promised to do it for Hen yesterday, and it still fell through. Part
of the hold up is that there is still a little uncertainty about the
best way to locate and use it, and I still have some things to follow
up on that.

Honestly, I don't see much activity happening here in the long run. I
think the group should be folded back into infra@ and the relevant
documentation should appear in the foundation /dev/ site.

I was going to cut it into the maven site first. I'd be starting from
the wiki page with my name on it and a series of emails on this list.

Basically we need docs for:
- how to upload releases to the repository manually (ant users, etc)
- how to automate with Maven 1.x
- how to automate with Maven 2.x

Let me know how you would like to work on this.

- Brett

On 1/11/06, robert burrell donkin <rdonkin@apache.org> wrote:
> i'm making another effort with the developer documentation available in
> foundation and especially with the release related material. one area
> where we're not scaling very well ATM is that projects without old hands
> as release managers are finding it difficult locating the information
> they need.
> AFAIK there isn't anything repository related in the developer
> documentation.
> AIUI the repository team prefers to keep documentation in the wiki. this
> has some advantages and some disadvantages (including the risk of urls
> and content changing).
> does the repository team have an official web site and official
> documentation (or is it all in the wiki)?
> if it's all in the wiki is this a conscious permanent decision or is the
> intention to have a proper web site one day?
> many relatively communities don't really know that the repository team
> exists or what it's role is. i think that it'd be a good idea to add a
> brief description together with appropriate links. anyone want to set me
> out on the right track?
> - robert
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