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From Phil Steitz <p...@steitz.com>
Subject Re: File permissions in java-repository
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2005 06:09:45 GMT
Brett Porter wrote:
> On 10/6/05, Niclas Hedhman <niclas@hedhman.org> wrote:
>>I got the impression you need to modify the POM file itself...
> cp, edit, remove original, rename. It's safer too :)
>>But I also agree with Dion that a "proper" solution is better than a "quick"
>>solution, so indeed push the issue back to the projects, or you are forever
>>stuck in maintaining this.
> I agree too, but have generally done them in tandem.
> Fix in the repository, then file a bug in the project (with a patch)
> to apply to their own project.xml.
> For commons, I am happy to commit any fixes you have. I've previously
> said to the dev list I'd do it and nobody is likely to complain if we
> are improving the usability of their library.

+1 for doing whatever needs to be done to fix commons poms, and as long 
as nothing breaks as a result, I am sure you will get no complaints.

+1 also for following the "correct" sequence for apache projects in 
general - first get source updated, then republish release.  Unless 
these changes are urgently required, I would even prefer to see them 
bundled into actual releases, so that we maintain the correspondence 
between tagged sources and release contents.  That may be extreme and it 
may be legitimate to view "publishing" as different from releasing, or 
metadata as somehow independent of the release, but we should think 
carefully about this and modify our release guidelines if we are going 
to allow it without a vote. If there is any chance that a "republished" 
release will behave any differently from the official voted release, 
then we should not be making these changes without cutting a new release.


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