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From "Henk P. Penning" <he...@cs.uu.nl>
Subject Re: Maven repository policies
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 15:05:25 GMT
On Tue, 26 Jul 2005, Phil Steitz wrote:

> Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2005 07:12:20 -0700
> From: Phil Steitz <phil@steitz.com>
> To: repository@apache.org
> Subject: Re: Maven repository policies

> Brett Porter wrote:

> > - what should be the archive policy? People often use older releases
> > from the repository, and require them for historical builds. If we want
> > to archive them from this repository to archive.apache.org, they still
> > need to be on ibiblio, so this needs to be managed with the deletion
> > policy above.
> Ambivalent on this one - I don't see a compelling reason to separate
> archived releases in the repository.  Is there an official apache
> archive policy? Maybe I am missing something.

  Everything in 'dist/' is rsynced to 100+ mirrors plus many other
  sites that (periodically) pick up everything. Keeping 'dist/' small
  saves a lot in bandwidth and machine load due to rsync filesystem
  scans. Also, mirrors should only have to carry 'current' stuff,
  not a big chunk of apache history.

  Everything made available in 'www.apache.org/dist/' is
  automatically rsynced to 'archive.apache.org' (no deletes).
  The 'old' stuff is always available there.

  The policy is to keep 'current' stuff in 'dist/' (a few recent
  versions) and delete 'old' stuff from 'dist/' as soon as possible.

> Phil


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