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From Steve Loughran <steve.lough...@gmail.com>
Subject Maven2 support
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2005 20:00:20 GMT
I am pleased to announce that one of the SmartFrog system tests (the
ones gump doesnt run for security reasons) has just successfully
retrieved its first JAR from the maven2 repository

Download extends Compound {

    sfSyncTerminate true;

    library extends Maven1Library {

     * force repeated downloads here
    commons-logging extends commons-logging-1.0.4  {
        library LAZY PARENT:library;
        downloadAlways true;
        sha1 "f029a2aefe2b3e1517573c580f948caac31b1056";
        md5 "8a507817b28077e0478add944c64586a";

    /** post deployment path */
    absolutePath LAZY commons-logging:absolutePath;

The unit test checks that Download:absolutePath resolves to a JAR that
exists, -which it does- and the sha1, md5 checks are passing: we are
downloading valid data.

I note the maven2 .md5 files are binary. I think I prefer hex, as it
is easier to manually verify. I ended up checking the md5 sum off the
maven1 files.

For the sake of testing, it would be nice if the maven2 repository had
test artifacts that contained ultra-small (a few tens of bytes) files
(for download/bandwidth ease). I'm using commons-logging as it is
small, but the fact it is so ubiquitous broke a unit test (as it was
already there, the rigged-to-fail download didnt fail)

Here is what I'd like
-a 'dotted' project to test that logic
-something without an extension
-something with a ".txt" extension
-some classifier examples
-something with a different .md5 checksum than its real checksum. 

Also, and this is just for generic cool demo effects, who can point me
to a good (AWT/swing) app that the repository has?

I'd like to demo the repository as the open source successor to java
web start: all your favourite OSS apps, all your favourite libraries,
one shared local cache.


NB, next week I'll do ant1.7 support; Maven2 *will* be the default
there. I dont know what we'll do about tools for preparing packages
for upload; maybe a library later will address that.


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