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From Brett Porter <brett.por...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: long project names & repositories
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2005 01:02:46 GMT
> Ant is still debating whether or not to EOL 1.2 support, following
> Sun's lead. I hadnt been over enthused about -and certainly against
> dropping 1.3 support given how some platforms (e.g. FreeBSD) are still
> 1.3 only.

right... so if we were to roll back the API and the lightweight HTTP
provider to 1.2 (ie, make all the exceptions deal with a Throwable
cause rather than giving it to Exception in the constructor), would
you prefer to be using Wagon in the repository task, or are you going
to maintain your own implementation?

> Your mention of httpclient reminds me how atrociously inconsistent
> java.net is  on the older platforms. As long as servers dont require
> auth or multi cookie support we'll be ok. probably. as long as we dont
> rely on reliable content-length headers or parsing of any error
> responses.

Right. By default, we use the JDK provided code for HTTP (the
"lightweight" wagon). We also have one based on httpclient (which is
what is used in m1), which some people needed behind certain NTLM
proxies that the JDK didn't seem to support (at least until JDK 1.4,
but even then I don't think it worked with all the ones we saw people
trying to use). Switching implementations should just be a
configuration setting.

> I'll look at coding ant and smartfrog support, write the unit tests,
> etc, etc, let you know how it worked.
> one problem I have for both systems is proxies; at work I cant go to
> remote http servers without proxy setup. What does maven do?

wagon has a proxy configuration that it passes on to the JDK stuff as
system properties, or to httpclient as configuration depending on the
implementation you use. The proxy is configured via your main Maven
config file for your user/installation.


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