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From Steve Loughran <steve.lough...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Maven and repository@apache.org
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2005 14:04:49 GMT
On Wed, 5 Jan 2005 23:42:30 +1100, Brett Porter <brett.porter@gmail.com> wrote:
> > JAR signing needs retrofitting to existing files, but has
> > the advantage that JVMs integrate with it and you can do other tricks
> > (like put http://ibiblio.org.../artifact.jar on the classpath with
> > security turned on)
> That I haven't looked into, but would also be a good, but optional
> feature. I think this is more of a build feature than a repository
> feature? In fact, I'm sure we already do this for JNLP.

yes, its a build feature. But if every jar was signed then you can
verify that it hasnt been tampered with, without having to verify MD5s
against those of a remote https site, etc etc. But it is
side-effecting on the jar.

> > 2. licenses. not just auto-download of .LICENSE files, but ideally
> > some way to do click-through that even Sun are happy with.
> Yeah, there's a low hundreds JIRA entry for that (ie OLD :) I think
> even that wouldn't fly with Sun IIRC but it doesn't hurt to ask.

I've been talking to Jesse Glick of the Netbeans team; they have some
public server with their own ant tasks to click-through licensing
every fetch -and provide a key for automated builds if you can justify

What I'd like is

-license only appears if there is a change in the .LICENSE file
-in ant, the popup license would be managed so that IDEs, Cruise
control can do their own thing.
-you could register a set of licenses you always accept :
That'd need every license to be represented with a family and a
version, which means an XML file if I am not mistaken.


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