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From "Sander Striker" <stri...@apache.org>
Subject RE: adding jaxme jars
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2004 19:12:03 GMT
> From: Mark R. Diggory [mailto:mdiggory@latte.harvard.edu]
> Sent: Thursday, March 11, 2004 7:52 PM

> Basically, in Maven the difference between "version releases" and "build 
> releases" is designated in the version, not in the artifact id.
> /jaxme/jars/jaxme-<build-date>.jar
> and
> /jaxme/jars/jaxme-<version-no>.jar
> It is important to have your artifactId's match across all versions of 
> an artifact, otherwise they aren't the same "artifact", so
> /jaxme/jars/jaxme-incubator-x.x.jar
> does not share the same artifact id as
> /jaxme/jars/jaxme-SNAPSHOT.jar
> to have them match it would have to be
> /jaxme/jars/jaxme-incubator-SNAPSHOT.jar

Hmm, couldn't the filename and artifact id be decoupled?
> So, if your going to be distributing a "build release" I recommend the 
> naming strategy where all artifactID's match. If the jaxme project is 
> planning to leave the incubator anytime in the future, I would highly 
> recommend you not use the word "incubator" in the artifact id. My 
> personal opinion added to this is that its the same way we don't use 
> "jakarta" in in projects like the Jakarta Commons, because some aspects 
> Jakarta is a Foundry. Incubator is also a Foundry.

Incubator is a bit of a different beast than Jakarta.  Projects in
the Incubator are not 'full fledged ASF projects' yet, they will be
as soon as they leave in Incubator.  The incubation designation
has come up on the general@incubator list.  If this is problematic
for any reason I suggest you bring that up there.

> My future planned strategy to support "build-releases" is to have build 
> releases (daily, weekly builds etc) not be present on:
> /www/www.apache.org/dist/java-repository
> but to actually be present on:
> /www/cvs.apache.org/builds/java-repository

Which is where they belong.  Snapshots don't ever belong on

> Then, to actually use this approach with Maven you'd have to add the 
> cvs.apache.org repository to your Maven client, this makes project 
> dependencies hairy in the Current release of Maven because the contents 
> wouldn't be present at ibiblio. We still have much to decide to do and 
> infrastructure to setup to have this build location.

Is there some roadmap I can read and comment on?
> My current strategy in this case is to have the build-releases in the 
> same project directory as the version releases, then they are all 
> rsynced with ibiblio properly. This is simply because build releases 
> already existed in the repository when we moved the apache contents of 
> ibiblio back to Apache.
> What is the status of jaxme in the incubator? When do they anticipate an 
> official release?

Given there will be future projects in incubator with releases during
incubation, it would be nice if we could accomodate for that.
> Maybe this is a reason enough to push forward the development of the 
> daily/weekly/... build repository. Allowing any more build-releasing in 
> the dist/java-repository is a sensitive issue when it comes to 
> mirroring.  It would be wise for us to stop doing this asap. This is 
> probably a good location where I could use assistance from repository 
> folks in working out these details.


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