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From Ben Walding <...@walding.com>
Subject Re: adding jaxme jars
Date Fri, 12 Mar 2004 00:15:31 GMT
One side effect of changing groupIds around after they have been 
mirrored is that ibiblio's maven repo now has jaxme stuff slotted into 
both /jaxme and /apache-jaxme.  Once someone has decided which way it 
should be, we'll need to remove the old cruft.  Mark, I leave this chore 
in your hands!



robert burrell donkin wrote:

> i have a jelly tag library that uses jaxme (the apache JAXB 
> implementation currently under incubation) that i'd like to commit 
> into jakarta-commons. AIUI the right way to make ASF jars available 
> for use in mavenized builds is to upload them into the apache repository.
> is this correct and is there any documentation about the right way to 
> do this?
> - robert

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