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From d...@multitask.com.au
Subject Re: Maven Repository @ Apache
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2003 03:14:52 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi <nicolaken@apache.org> wrote on 07/11/2003 05:36:40 AM:

> I'm sorry you didn't know about it. Dion is on the list since it started 

> IIRC, I thought that he would have told Mavenites about it. Should have 
> checked.

I figured if people were interested they were reading the lists I was.

> > I'd be glad to get involved with the effort but
> > this endeavour strictly relates to Maven and projects here which 
> > to use Maven. It won't change anything that's going on with
> > repository@apache and as I have time I will participate in the effort.
> Good, as over at repository@apache.org we have been discussing exactly 
> along these lines. Furthermore the current Avalon setting is our 
> discussion baseline, so it seems that your current work is pushing in 
> the same direction even if we didn't know of each other's efforts.
> > Right now the emphasis is on Apache projects' artifacts being placed
> > within the Apache infrastructure for use with Maven and not being sent
> > directly to ibiblio.
> I understand, and support it.

I'm not sure of why the above is useful, though. For me, as a maven user, 
I don't point at ibiblio by default anyway, as it's far slower than my 
local mirror. Having Apache host the jars would be less useful to me as a 
user, as I believe it's not as bandwidth capable as ibiblio.

Jason, Nicola,
is there a 'why' to this effort?
dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting
Blog:      http://blogs.codehaus.org/people/dion/
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