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From "Michal Maczka" <mmac...@interia.pl>
Subject RE: Processing Versions
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2003 19:30:19 GMT

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Adam R. B. Jack [mailto:ajack@trysybase.com]
> Sent: Monday, November 10, 2003 5:11 PM
> To: repository@apache.org
> Subject: Re: Processing Versions
> > [...] and repository
> > possibly won't be limited to project hosted at ASF.
> This is why we need the Wiki, the e-mail archives are too hard to comsume.
> It was agreed a while ago that this is for Apache software, we
> aren't trying
> to solve this problem for everybody else. We need to stop going back over
> closed discussions to make simple progress.

I wrote:

".. repository [...] won't be limited to projects hosted at ASF."

In requirement list I can see:
"ASF Repository shall not
Host any artifact in violation of a license, or IPR. "

And if anything was discussed before -  above statement reflects well the
temporary decision which was made and all the limitation which
were considered. (temporary in that sense that anything is not written on
the stone)

So I don't see anything which mentions that artifacts "produced" outside ASF
will be not hosted in ASF repository.
It's just "NO" to "no kosher" artifacts (in sense of license) in that
repository. So it will be our problem if we would like
to consider any constrains for version names (which IMHO are  no realistic
in short term (if ever) even inside ASF) .
That's why I strongly believe that any discussion about artifact versioning
simply should not take place.

And we should assume that

version = pchar*


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