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From "Tim Anderson" <...@netspace.net.au>
Subject RE: Use of '/' in ???-specifier's
Date Wed, 19 Nov 2003 04:09:51 GMT
> From: Nick Chalko [mailto:nick@chalko.com]
> Noel J. Bergman wrote:
> >Seems to me
> >that there is limited utility to being able to parse the URI,
> and that the
> >real key is having meta-data with which to assemble it.  But others don't
> >seem to agree with that view.  They want to parse semantic
> information from
> >the URI.
> >
> The semantic information is there in the URL,  org. project. version,
> artifact type, name,  release type etc.
> People WILL try to parse it.   I think it would be a Good Idea to make
> it easy to parse at least the major pieces into discrete chunks.
> Assuming most people will simply replace "/" with "-" or "_"  the issue
> is not one off URL length or URL readability, it seems to be mostly
> about  the browseablity of of directories.
> In other words have all the  apache projects under the apache dir, or
> under subdirs of apache.
> I think the convience of knowing exactly where org, project, and
> version  start and stop is worth the cost to browseablity.

The proposals aim to structure the repository such that:
1. artifacts can easily be located by users
2. artifacts can easily be located by tools

For [2], the intention is that a maven-like approach
will be used for artifact resolution i.e, the
user specifies enough criteria to enable a tool
to unambigously locate an artifact.
This approach doesn't require artifact URIs to be parsed.

For advocates of URI parsing, what problems are you trying
to solve?


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