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From Michal Maczka <mmac...@interia.pl>
Subject Re: [proposal] java artifact specifier v0.1
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2003 10:04:51 GMT
peter@realityforge.org wrote:

>From: "Tim Anderson" <tma@netspace.net.au>
>>'type' is there to logically group artifacts, to aid users browsing
>>the repository. For products with many artifacts, this makes navigating
>>the repository easier.
>So the sole purpose of this is to make navigation easier? Isn't that what
>the groupID is meant to be used for? How does type/groupID differ in their
Yes - you are right they don't differ in this purpose. 
But it doesn't mean that one of them is not need. I think that 
repository is "easily navigated"
when both "groupId" and "type" directories co-exits.

(replaying to you other email)

>"type" seems to be a rather artificial component. There should be 
> no artefacts 
> with the same name but different types thus no conflicts if they 
> are in the 
> same directory.
> ie Why not have
>   http://repo.apache.org/apache/ant/1.5.4/ant-1.5.4.jar
>   http://repo.apache.org/apache/ant/1.5.4/ant-1.5.4.jar.md5
>   http://repo.apache.org/apache/ant/1.5.4/ant-optional-1.5.4.jar
>   http://repo.apache.org/apache/ant/1.5.4/ant-optional-1.5.4.jar.md5
>   http://repo.apache.org/apache/ant/1.5.4/ant-bin-1.5.4.zip
>   http://repo.apache.org/apache/ant/1.5.4/ant-bin-1.5.4.zip.md5
>   http://repo.apache.org/apache/ant/1.5.4/ant-bin-1.5.4.tar.gz
>   http://repo.apache.org/apache/ant/1.5.4/ant-bin-1.5.4.tar.gz.asc
>   http://repo.apache.org/apache/ant/1.5.4/ant-src-1.5.4.zip
>   http://repo.apache.org/apache/ant/1.5.4/ant-src-1.5.4.zip.md5
>   http://repo.apache.org/apache/ant/1.5.4/ant-src-1.5.4.tar.gz
>   http://repo.apache.org/apache/ant/1.5.4/ant-src-1.5.4.tar.gz.asc
>   http://repo.apache.org/apache/ant/1.5.4/LICENSE-1.5.4.txt
>   http://repo.apache.org/apache/ant/1.5.4/KEYS-1.5.4
> Also "stype" seems like another artificial distinction. Is not 
> two artefacts 
> with different "stype"s just two different artefacts.

You intuition is correct. But as I understand - we are trying to apply more analytical approach
split strings like ant-src-1.5.4.zip.md5 into smaller pieces so for example nobody uses 


at the same time,

Nobody in fact uses  - http://repo.apache.org/apache/ant/1.5.4/src-ant-1.5.4.tar.gz.asc
(at least very rarely) but we just want to describe more precisely what 
ant-bin-1.5.4.zip means and differentiate it from (e.g.) bin-ant-1.5.4.zip.

So it's like we want to formalize some intuitions and pratices.



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