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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Maven Repository @ Apache
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 20:50:21 GMT
Jason van Zyl wrote:

>On Thu, 2003-11-06 at 12:49, Leo Simons wrote:
>>Jason van Zyl wrote:
>>>What I would simply like to do is have a directory structure where
>>>projects can place there artifacts and have them rsync'd over to ibiblio
>>>on a regular basis. 

>>It might also be a good idea to subscribe to repository@apache.org and 
>>talk to
>>the people over there about this.
>Yup, I did a week ago when told about its existence. But all I simply
>want is the existing structure to be used for now and I will participate
>as time permits. Why is there a separate mailing list? Doesn't the
>repository fall under the purview of infrastructure?
yes it does; IIRC the repository project is currently a "president's 
committee" that
was charged with figuring out how to integrate jar files into the 
distribution layout.

>>Note that the avalon project already has its artifacts published in a
>>maven-compatible manner (while still following the mirroring 
>>guidelines). One
>>way to extract the jar files only is (I think):
>>rsync -rtlzv \
>>  --exclude='*' \
>>  --include='*.jar' \
>>  www.apache.org::apache-dist/avalon/ \
>>  /local/path/to/repo|
>>This is nice, because it allows the use of all ASF mirrors as maven 
>That sounds like the most sensible plan whereby the infrastructure
>requirements are satisfied and the Maven structure can be satisfied as
>well. Do you think you would have time to help me get this setup?
can't remember the last time I had time for anything....but I'll JFDI :D

It is all rather trivial. AIUI, there's only two things to do:

1) set up a cronjob on ibiblio that runs the appropriate rsync commands
2) get project artifacts in place on the asf dist site in 
maven-compatible layout

IMHO, projects that want their artifacts published should take care of that
themselves. But we can make this terribly easy. Take a look at the attached
bash script; it will automagically retrieve all jar files of all 
top-level projects
and attempt to place them in a sensible location. All you need to do (I 
is set up a crontab on the ibiblio machine that runs this script.

At the moment, this will only actually work for avalon, but its about as 
as we can make things for other projects to manage their maven repository.
Projects that do not wish to include their jars in their main 
distribution layout
still have the option of placing them at the appropriate location in

We could, of course, run this script locally on minotaur to autofill the
java-repository but I'm a bit weary of hacking the distribution directory
like that.

>Ah cool, I think this would be easy enough to setup for any project with
>a few scripts.
indeed. Its trivial. Here's download.cgi:

[leosimons@minotaur ~]$ cat /www/avalon.apache.org/download.cgi
cd /www/www.apache.org/dyn/mirrors
/www/www.apache.org/dyn/mirrors/mirrors.cgi $*

the relevant snippet of download.html:

maven.repo.remote = [preferred]/avalon,http://www.ibiblio.org/maven

finally, a line like this is required in mirrors.conf:

download.cgi = /www/avalon.apache.org/download.html


lemme know if you need anything else.


- Leo

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