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From "Alex Karasulu" <aok...@bellsouth.net>
Subject RE: Scope/Phasing
Date Sat, 08 Nov 2003 04:33:19 GMT
> My impression is that this is specific to the Maven POM model - which is
> for all intensive purposes meta-data for the purpose of artifact
> generation.  When you are looking at runtime service deployment model
> there are bunch of things that the POM does not address (which is to be
> expected as the POM is not addressing service management).

Yes this is a good point.  Jason you have expressed your own adventures 
In using the repository in this light ;-).  I think you guys agree more
than disagree.  Steve is looking at his own specific layer or application
stacked on top of the baseline as another decorator.

> However, if we look at repository enabled applications in general,
> covering applications such as Maven with a focus on development process
> together with applications such as the avalon-repository with its focus
> on runtime service deployment, you draw from these common information
> model requirements and potential common services that map into a shared
> abstraction.  It's that common abstraction which is a subject I'm
> interested in.
> >This idea has been thoroughly discussed in Maven-land.
> >
> Based on the dev@maven (which I've been following closely since
> Febraury) the discussions are properly grounded on the development
> process abstraction.  I think we are talking about something more
> generic both in terms of meta information and services.  However, if we
> dig down, there are clealy common facilities.  In fact this (common
> facilities) is where a lot of value can be gained.
> What this basically comes down to is probably something like:
>           Maven                        Avalon
>   (development process focus)   (service deployment focus)
>             |                             |
>             |                             |
>             -------------------------------------------
>                           |
>                   Java Langauge Focus
>                           |
>                           |
>                           -------------------------
>                                        |
>                        Repository Aware Application Focus

And this is a great picture.  At the lowest level we need an API to get
at the content and query the repository for the meta data.  All apps 
independent of language can build on these services.

> Can you give me a URL to the Wagon iniative?

Yeah I'm still ignorant ;-).


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