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From d...@multitask.com.au
Subject Re: URI Syntax was: Repository
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 23:16:08 GMT
Nick Chalko <nick@chalko.com> wrote on 31/10/2003 09:05:06 AM:

> So here are some open questions.
> How do we pick unique human readable top level directories,  in other 
> words  how do we name the directories for projects ad sub-projects.

Again, only as an example, maven takes the subproject name as the 
top-level name. I'm not altogether happy with it, as it makes the top 
level a very long list.

i.e. in the maven repository, jakarta/commons/beanutils is at 
/commons-beanutils of the repo.

> Should each version have its own subdir?
My personal preference is no. I'm more often looking for a jar, version is 
usually a secondary consideration.

> Should each artifact type have it's own subir?
My preference here is yes.

> Do we support both version and type subdirs.
I'd prefer we make a decision one way or the other for this repository, 
but let the tools be flexible.

> Must every artivact have the version in the file name?
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