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From Ahamed Bauani <bau...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Is possible to lunched Appache mirror in iran
Date Tue, 30 May 2017 22:00:57 GMT
Hello Everyone;

Good Morning ( As per my local timezone) .

Discussion regarding possibility of having an official Apache mirror hosted
on physically on Iran or a mirror administrate by person living/citizen of
Iran is really interesting.

I want to appreciate reply from both Mr. Henk Penning and  Daniel Shahaf
for their concern about allowing mirror listed on official list when it
related to controversial country like Iran. I also think ASF (apache.org)
is big enough organization to not have any gray area just because of
USA-government "may" consider having Iran in official network of
distributing public software. If anyone become interested to host mirror on
country like Iran ASF board should really have clear decision about
allowing them or to reject them as per jurisdiction's laws where foundation
was incorporated. Don't forget about the pressure from local government for
the organization or person taking initiative to host a mirror of US based

I am also not a lawyer or expertise on US law in general. But if visitor
from Iran can access and download data from ASF official site individually,
allowing someone from same network/country for having a mirror ( a local
copy of repository in reality) shouldn't annoyed govt. Also as it is easy
for ASF board to remove listing at any time in case of possible difficulty,
we expect some positive responce on this issue. Please have some 2nd
thought on this.

For the person asked about possibility of having apache mirror on Iran
( Mirror Hostiran <Mirror@hostiran.com>):

I really encourage you to go ahead with your plan for hosting Iranian
mirror of Apache repository even ASF don't listed your mirror as 'official
one'. As per my personal believe first target for any mirror maintainer to
give local community high speed access of mirrored content, second comes
the goodwill & other issue. I really don't know current status of your
network for having access of ASF official site without any problem. If your
network user can visit official site of ASF as like all around world, I
will sagest you to prepare the mirror with official tech and other
guideline of ASF and keep serving your local/nearest visitor like any other
normal mirror on official list. ASF might not give you official status for
really complex scenario of political issue, community living near you, at
least inside your country will have real benefit from your effort. As your
effort is not extraordinary then other visitor of ASF official site, you
are not committing any crime with your mirror for sure. After that time
will say if your mirror can get some place on official mirror list. Even
ASF incorporated and operate under US law, we the big community of Apache
foundation are spread around every corner of our world. Who knows if any
big amount of community member start asking to give your mirror official
status in near future.

Thank you everyone for your effort. It is reality that we live on a world
where strange law, rules, culture divide us. But it is also true, we the
community supporting free software movement is trying to give equal rights
for every human who want freedom.

Let's see where it goes; but first a mirror should pop-up from country in
question to have further development.

Have a nice day!

Regards & Best Wishes

Noor Ahamed Bauani

HP: +880-1818-BAUANI (Text Preferred)
[ Sent from Mobile Device; Kindly Excuse Tyops.]

On Tue, May 30, 2017 at 1:10 PM, Henk P. Penning <penning@uu.nl> wrote:

> On Sun, 28 May 2017, Ahamed Bauani wrote:
> Date: Sun, 28 May 2017 14:33:19 +0200
>> From: Ahamed Bauani <bauani@gmail.com>
>> To: mirrors@apache.org
>> Subject: Re: Is possible to lunched Appache mirror in iran
> Apache Foundation do not influence on any political issue. As long as
>> there is
>> no technical issue with mirrors and all requirement of having an official
>> mirror
>> are meet, everybody welcome to host apache official mirror.
>> Same is for anyone living on Iran.
>> Welcome to the world of freedom.
>> Regards & Best Wishes
>> Noor Ahamed Bauani
> Hi Ahamed Bauani,
>   The Board of the ASF (apache.org) orders me /not/
>   to add mirrors in Iran to the mirror-list.
>   I think the Board is afraid that the USA-government /may/
>   think it is illegal to add mirrors in Iran to the list.
>   It is very expensive to fight the USA-government
>   in court, even if you have done nothing wrong ;
>   so to be safe, it must be avoided.
>   Regards,
>   Henk Penning
> ------------------------------------------------------------   _
> Henk P. Penning, ICT-beta                 R Uithof HFG-406   _/ \_
> Faculty of Science, Utrecht University    T +31 30 253 4106 / \_/ \
> Budapestlaan 6, 3584CD Utrecht, NL        F +31 30 253 4553 \_/ \_/
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