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From webmas...@netbet.org
Subject Fwd: New mirror subscription
Date Mon, 15 Feb 2016 21:24:15 GMT

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: New mirror subscription
Date: 2016-02-15 21:13
 From: webmaster@netbet.org
To: mirrors-subscribe@apache.org, mirrors@apache.org


My name is John, I am technical administrator and webmaster of 
My primary email contact is: webmaster@netbet.org

We have a server with a 1000 mb bandwidth and it is located in  Germany, 
Dusseldorf datacenter and we did set up a mirror for apache,  we want to 
use opportunity to become an official apache mirror. Want  to support 
community providing server power that we have available.

New mirror address is http://apache.netbet.org

URL of mirror : http://apache.netbet.org
[optional] rsync mirror : rsync://apache.netbet.org/
Country where the mirror is located : Germany
Contact email address :
Update frequency : twice a day
Rsync repository used : main
I use these rsync options : -avz --delete --safe-links 
I have configured my Apache HTTP server as requested (yes/no): yes
I have subscribed the contact address to mirrors@apache.org : (yes/no): 
At the moment, I rsync from the IP address :
I am checking the output from the rsynch job on a regular basis: yes


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