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From Noel Butler <noel.but...@ausics.net>
Subject Re: OpenOffice 4.0 On Mirrors
Date Sat, 27 Jul 2013 02:35:30 GMT

On Fri, 2013-07-26 at 08:11 -0400, Rob Weir wrote:

> If I recall correctly there was a note that went out to this list back
> in May 2012 (or around then) asking about preferences for mirroring
> Apache OpenOffice.  Our binaries take up quite a bit of space.  Each
> release is 150MB per binary * 20+ languages * 4 platforms.   (And
> we're adding more languages with each release.)  The response was that
> this would be a challenge for many mirrors so we decided not to send
> out the binaries to all of them.  Instead we distribute source and SDK
> packages via the Apache mirrors and binaries via SourceForge.
> But I also recall that there was some mechanism set up for those who
> wanted to mirror OpenOffice, even if that was just a subset of the
> mirror operators.

That was probably:

From: 	Daniel Shahaf 
To: 	Apache Mirror Operators
Subject: 	Opt-out from mirroring resource-intensive projects
Date: 	20/04/12 19:37:04

By popular demand, we have implemented an opt-out option: mirror
operators that are unable to mirror Apache OpenOffice due to its disk or
bandwidth requirements may do so by changing the rsync source from:





The problem  is, rsync.apache.org::apache-dist  is binary empty
rsync -v rsync.apache.org::apache-dist/openoffice/4.0.0/binaries/en-GB/
receiving file list ... done
drwxrwxr-x          38 2013/07/18 19:21:45 .

sent 33 bytes  received 49 bytes  32.80 bytes/sec
total size is 0  speedup is 0.00

Unless there was another thread with an updated decision that I was
unable to find.

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