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From "Sascha E. Pollok" <mirror-apa...@iphh.net>
Subject Re: Cron <apachemirror@www> /home/apachemirror/bin/mirror cron
Date Sat, 28 Jul 2012 15:54:54 GMT
>>> -------- Originalnachricht --------
>>> Betreff: Cron <apachemirror@www> /home/apachemirror/bin/mirror cron
>>> Datum: 2012-07-28 15:15
>>> Absender: root@heikorichter.name (Cron Daemon)
>>> Empfänger: apachemirror@heikorichter.name
>>> rsync: opendir "/zzz/dir775" (in apache-dist) failed: Permission denied 
>>> (13)
>>> rsync: opendir "/zzz/dir555" (in apache-dist) failed: Permission denied 
>>> (13)
>>> rsync: opendir "/zzz/dir755" (in apache-dist) failed: Permission denied 
>>> (13)
>>> rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) 
>>> (code 23) at main.c(1518) [generator=3.0.9]
>> These directories do not very important. Its making me wonder how
>> (just a guess) totally unrelated things make it to the repository.
> Wether or not the directories and their contents are importent or not is 
> completely irrelevant. The cron daemon does neighter know nor care about the 
> importance and sends me an email with the error messages after every sync 
> run. All mirror admins have that problem and it's just annoying...
>> Of course we could all hide symptoms but thats not what we really want.
>> Especially following our previous discussion fixing rights is not working
>> on the root cause - of course. And even then, the "find" might run after
>> uploads with wrong rights and a client syncing.
>> So errors again.
> Of course that could happen, but running a find command in regular intervals 
> would reduce the count of emails. Every mirror admin would receive a maximum 
> of 1 email before the error is automatically fixed. At the moment we receive 
> several (one for every sync run) until someone with access to the archive 
> master reads their emails and corrects the problem.
>> I bet Henk and the others will eventually come up with a good solution ;-)
> And until they do, a script with find correcting wrong permissions 
> automatically is - in my oppinion - the best solution.

I agree. So not to touch all files and do find do the job, something

  find / -type f ! -perm -o=r -exec chmod o+r {} \;
  find / -type d ! -perm -o=rx -exec chmod o+rx {} \;

Would do it for (in case the problem is a permissions
problem and not uid/gid).

Lets wait for Henk's opinion.

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