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From "B.Baransel BAĞCI" <bag...@itu.edu.tr>
Subject RE: openoffice at apache.org
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2012 17:24:50 GMT

No problem on disk spaces or bandwith for us (ftp.itu.edu.tr). But we prefer
to mirror GPL sofwares. 


B.Baransel BAĞCI
Istanbul Technical University
Office of Information Technologies
System Support Group

Phone: +90 212 285 39 30
Fax  : +90 212 285 69 36
-----Original Message-----
From: Henk P. Penning [mailto:penning@uu.nl] 
Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 12:35 AM
To: mirrors@apache.org
Subject: openoffice at apache.org

Hi Apache Mirrors,

   In june 2011 "openoffice" was established as an ASF Project.
   Since then, many parts of openoffice.org have moved to the
   apache.org (ASF) infrastructure. It is now time to think
   about releasing "Apache OpenOffice".

   One of the options for distributing Apache OpenOffice is to
   put it on the apache mirrors, like all other Apache projects.

   Impact on mirrors :

   -- Space : disk space would go from (currently 40GB) to 80-100 GB.
   -- Bandwidth : will go up a lot ; maybe 100-500 times more.

   We realise that this can be a problem for some mirrors.

   -- We think that disk-space isn't a big problem,
      but tell us if it is.

   -- We think that bandwidth can be a problem
        ... except when you already have an openoffice.org mirror,
        or  when you already mirror lots of other (big) projects.

   If releasing "Apache OpenOffice" on Apache mirrors is a problem
   for you, please let us know.

   -- Remember that nothing is decided yet ; at the moment, we are
      investigating possibilities.

   Thanks, regards,

   Henk Penning -- apache.org infrastructure

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Faculty of Science, Utrecht University T +31 30 253 4106 / \_/ \
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