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From Ahamed Bauani <bau...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Strange problem with permissions
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2010 20:42:53 GMT
Hi Alex

This is really unusual issue for a mirror. Something is really wrong.

> Like I said before, I had strange problems with permissions on our mirror.
> Web server user 'apache' couldn't read some files. For instance,
> -rw-------  1 mirrors mirrors      833 Oct 18 10:39 httpd-2.2.17.tar.gz.asc
> -rw-------  1 mirrors mirrors 11575720 Oct 18 10:39
> httpd-2.2.17-win32-src.zip
> -rw-------  1 mirrors mirrors      850 Oct 18 10:39
> httpd-2.2.17-win32-src.zip.asc
> -rw-------  1 mirrors mirrors  1338741 Aug 31 15:00 httpd-2.3.8-deps.tar.bz2
> To fix this issue I added --chmod=Do+rx,Fo+r  to rsync. So from now all
> files will be accessible for 'apache' user.
The way of fixing the problem is nice and temporary. I (probably
others also) want to find out what is the problem making this uncommon
problem. If you have no problem, you can give us details of your
mirror (at least read only access to your mirror)  or if you think
delete all file manually and sync again (If you have available
bandwidth for it). As per my mirror it's only 32GB of disk space.

Let us know if you want us to investigate the issue deeply.

> Thank you for the advices.
> --
Thanks to you also for your way to fix the problem. Remember, we are
here with you with a supportive hand.

> Best regards,
> Alex Tykhonov
> Supportex.net, outsourced system support
> http://supportex.net/


Regards & Besh Wishes

Noor Ahamed Bauani
Chief Technology Advisor
Dhaka Wireless
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