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From Ahamed Bauani <bau...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Strange problem with permissions
Date Sun, 28 Nov 2010 20:47:33 GMT
Hello James

>> Apache Official Mirror Carry Files with ownership of user ID 511. As I
>> have no user with ID 511, ls -l command show me direct 511.
> Well it's not a good idea to run the rsync client as root anyway..
I am totally agree with you about not running rsync client as root.
Actually I normally run the rsync client to sync with master server
with user and group ID 'Nobody'. As there is no user with User/Group
on my mirror, it shows the default User ID '511' in numeric value.

My own opinion is not to change any permission or owner shop which we
receive from Master Mirror. Actually the owner value showing on ls -l
command is not big deal. If I create an user, say the name of user is
bdserver with User and Group '511' then ls -l command will show
something like

dxw-r-r  bdserver bdserver 451  <date modifyed> TIMES

Actually I am writing this email to send my Thanks to Mr. James as he
remind all of apache member that 'running rsync in root is not a good

> Ours runs as the user that has write permissions to our FTP mirrors area.
> James.

Cheers & Keep The Apache Project Running. I hope and believe that
Apache will not be 2nd on world wide web server software market (Who
use website hosting there site).  M$ is fighting and expending their
hough money to take the market under control. But we, the dedicated
developers of Apache HTTPD Server Software Developer is more talented
then M$'s Highly Paid Developers. We might not have that much money to
expense to advertise our product, but we have strong team of
developer, lots of volunteer to ready to do any kind of job to improve
Apache and A Big Network of Mirror Servers (Including Hardware, Power,
Bandwidth) Denoted to Project to keep the software best in performance
and absolutely free to user!

Best Wishes to All of Our Apache Family Members.

Regards & Besh Wishes

Noor Ahamed Bauani
Chief Technology Advisor
Dhaka Wireless
An IPv6 Ready ISP in Bangladesh, Need an IPv6 Connectivity? Just Knock us!
HP: +880-1818-BAUANI (SMS Only, No Direct Call Please)
Give Me Sunshine, Give Me Some Rain, Give Me a Chance to Grow up Again

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