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From Alex Tykhonov <mirr...@supportex.net>
Subject Re: Strange problem with permissions
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2010 20:57:47 GMT
Hello Ahamed

Could you please show the permissions for these files on your mirror?
They are in httpd directory. I would really appreciate it.
So is it possible for your web server user to access them?

11/30/2010 22:42, Ahamed Bauani wrote:
> This is really unusual issue for a mirror. Something is really wrong.
>> Like I said before, I had strange problems with permissions on our mirror.
>> Web server user 'apache' couldn't read some files. For instance,
>> -rw-------  1 mirrors mirrors      833 Oct 18 10:39 httpd-2.2.17.tar.gz.asc
>> -rw-------  1 mirrors mirrors 11575720 Oct 18 10:39
>> httpd-2.2.17-win32-src.zip
>> -rw-------  1 mirrors mirrors      850 Oct 18 10:39
>> httpd-2.2.17-win32-src.zip.asc
>> -rw-------  1 mirrors mirrors  1338741 Aug 31 15:00 httpd-2.3.8-deps.tar.bz2
>> To fix this issue I added --chmod=Do+rx,Fo+r  to rsync. So from now all
>> files will be accessible for 'apache' user.
> The way of fixing the problem is nice and temporary. I (probably
> others also) want to find out what is the problem making this uncommon
> problem. If you have no problem, you can give us details of your
> mirror (at least read only access to your mirror)  or if you think
> delete all file manually and sync again (If you have available
> bandwidth for it). As per my mirror it's only 32GB of disk space.
> Let us know if you want us to investigate the issue deeply.
Best regards,
Alex Tykhonov
Supportex.net, outsourced system support

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