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From Zin UDA <...@jaist.ac.jp>
Subject Re: Unusual Traffic
Date Tue, 12 May 2009 10:18:28 GMT

Henk P. Penning wrote:
>   this is what 'download accelerators' do : set up a lot of connections,
>   each getting a different chunk of the same big file ; exit code 206 ;
>   they are often badly written.
>   I was told that (in 206 cases) the apache server doesn't correctly report
>   the actual number of bytes transfered ; and that it over-estimates ;
>   that is, the number of bytes reported can far exceed the actual
>   number of bytes transfered.

I think so, too.

In my sentient, Apache httpd is going to logging requested volume as 
'%b'. And honest download accelerators request their required chunk
  download acceleratorswith 'Range' header, that include startpoint and 
endpoint. But some evil  request their required chunk without endpoint, 
and they will reset connection after finishing chunk download. In this 
case, httpd will miss the volume of provided.

But it is just my sentient. I don't know this is correct or not. And I 
don't know this is apache httpd's specification or problem.

Followings are our site's status.
> Current Time: Tuesday, 12-May-2009 18:58:30 JST
> Restart Time: Thursday, 07-May-2009 18:01:24 JST
> Parent Server Generation: 0
> Server uptime: 5 days 57 minutes 6 seconds
> Total accesses: 21116770 - Total Traffic: 6880246.5 GB
> CPU Usage: u3944.67 s40891.6 cu0 cs0 - 10.3% CPU load
> 48.5 requests/sec - 15.8 GB/second - 333.6 MB/request
> 2507 requests currently being processed, 565 idle workers

This indicate avarage output is 15.8GB/s! But this is not correct, our 
server don't have such a great network interface. :p Correct bandwidth 
is about 500Mbps.

Zin UDA <zin@jaist.ac.jp>

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