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From Simon Valiquette <v.si...@ieee.org>
Subject Re: MaxClients
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2008 19:40:21 GMT
Kapetanakis Giannis un jour écrivit:
 > Hi all,
 > I'm using Fedora's apache 2.2.9 with prefork MPM.
 > I'm having trouble geting my maximum allowed clients more than 1024.
 > I have set
 > ServerLimit      2048
 > MaxClients       2048
 > But I never see more than 1024 processes of httpd.
 > Soft, hard limit for open files for the apache user is 8192
 > fs.file-max = 372661
 > Any ideas?

   I don't use Fedora, but the first thing I would check is if Apache was 
compiled to support more than 1024 connections.  I guess It is, but I say 
so because I remember that Debian Woody was compiled to support a maximum 
of only 512 users, expecting people that needs more to be able to simply 
recompile Apache.

   Looking at the logs might prove useful too (Apache logs and other logs 
as well).  I would expect the logs to give you some hint of why Apache 
doesn't want to allow you to accept more than 1024 connections, or if It 
is denied by something else like the OS.

   One last possibility is that there is a Firewall, router or something 
that is configured not to allow more than 1024 http connection to your 
server, but that is something very uncommon (I mention it here only 
because you can goes nuts searching if it happens to be the case, but 
search for that only once you eliminated all the other possibilities).

Simon Valiquette

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