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From Alexander Ryumshin <m...@ua.fm>
Subject Re: Out of date mirrors for April
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2008 16:34:36 GMT

Please drop apache.net.ua, it's no longer maintained and will not be
working under this domain.
Thank you.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008, 3:57:05 PM, you wrote:

G> Below mirrors are not updating and/or not found.

G> Those that maintain these Mirrors please correct or let me know here
G> what's happening. (I had to double dot the domains due to a rather
G> excessive Spam score set by my ISP :/

G> apache..planetmirror..com..au
G> apache..scarlet..be
G> uni-sofia..bg
G> mirror..styx..cz
G> apache..mirrors..centurionhosting..net
G> mirror..brad..bz
G> apache..basemirror..de
G> apache..unixteam..org
G> apache..yubis..org
G> mirror..inter..net..il
G> apache..lt
G> mirror..w3media..nl
G> mirror..psigrid..gov..ph
G> apache..rediska..ru
G> chl..chalmers..se
G> mirror..in..th
G> godel..cs.bilgi..edu..tr
G> apache..net..ua

G> So, theres 20 sites there, I'm not going to email each of those
G> individually to the relative contact addresses, because those addresses
G> should be subscribed to this list as is a requirement of being a mirror.

G> Therefore, I will just remove any of the above after 1 week if I get no
G> reply. So , please reply and let me know whats happening.

G> Thanks

G> Gav...

Best regards,
 Alexander                            mailto:mizi@ua.fm

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